A Letter From Richard   added 3 years ago
  By: LadyEleanor  Age: 35  Country: United States

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Identified partner, Steady Partner
Tags: powerful sensations couple Control
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

Always interesting and sexy to read what the other half was thinking. This is what Richard wrote me afterwards;


 I wanted you, to fuck you out of uncontrollable lust. You are sexual, an organic, sensate being with a single need and desire. I wanted you to feel a spasm around my cock and come from being pounded like this, fucked hard until you came. It was so good, hard but not too much, and a shock went up your back this time, up your spine into your head and exploding in a star that made you see spots as your hands twitched uncontrollably and you would know your legs would be jerking around a lot if they weren't being held down, restrained.


I kept fucking you after your orgasm, and you felt something else coming, some kind of motion, and had an incoherent flash of wild lust mixed with sudden terror. You felt a shot of adrenaline and some kind of hormone blast through your body and you shook all over. I pounded you again, and you came, this time unexpectedly and very hard; it took your breath away for a few seconds, and you flipped under my hands, trying without success to fight me without meaning to. You knew that at this point in time, right now, you wanted to be dominated and controlled, fucked and used for your body. I held you down while you came and struggled in a blind haze, fucking you brutally and roughly. You felt wetness rippling on your thighs and knew you were aroused as your body was reacting out of control. Your mind was going blank when I bent over you, tightened my grip on your body to the point of discomfort, and came inside you. I gasped, fucking you while hot cum spurted inside your pussy and wet body, holding your legs and body down. That hurt, just enough, keeping you in the moment, and the mix of my semen shooting inside you and the wetness and sweat, the sensual loss of time, all confused with mild pain, made you yell out loud.


It went out of control, and fighting me while I fucked and came in you, spurting semen in and on you, fucking. You were coated with your own wetness, sweat, and my cum. You felt drops of the mixture slide gently across your thigh and come to rest under your body, making the bed wet in small spots. You knew it smelled like pussy and cum. I stayed inside you for a little bit, finishing off, emptying out the last of myself, and you came down from your state slowly, trembling and breathing hard, feelng warm and sexual.

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