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So, it had been another Friday night outing with the girls from work. As always things got a little wild as the alcohol began to flow.  This time we had gone out to one of the more upscale clubs in the area, the kind that hires only the sexiest waitresses and puts them in barely there uniforms. Being the only guy at the table I was getting a lot of attention from our server. She was a very buxom girl and was showing a lot of cleavage. Every time she would come to the table she would always stand close to me, put her arm around me, and take my order first. And of course my drinks were always the first to arrive. 

 Now I was in no way under the illusion that this was happening because I was just so irresistible, it was obvious she had been doing this for a wile and knew how to milk the biggest tip possible from the guys. This did not go unnoticed by the girls and it was long before the cattiness began. 

 “Why doesn’t she just push your face in there and motor boat you already” Lynette said.

  The girls all laughed and joined in on the joking, but I could tell she was getting really annoyed. Lynette always has been an attention whore, and she immediately hates any other woman that can turn a man’s head.  At one point she starting getting loud almost yelling,
 “Your nothing special, I got big tits too, see!” then she pulled open her blouse flashing the bar. Her left tit popped out of her bra giving every one an eye full of pink hard nipple. 

 I thought it was funny, but it quickly brought the night to a close as the other girls started calming her down and requested the check. 

 At some point during the night, before all this happened I had been talking with Elaine about a problem she was having at her house. Her sink was leaking pretty bad. Her and her husband had split a few years ago. I could definitely see why, she was a real ball buster and always kept him under her thumb. I am surprise he had hung in there as long as he did, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. She said she was afraid at how much it was going to cost for a plumber. I told her that I cold come over on Saturday and replace the faucet for her, it would be no problem. So we made plans for me to come by the next day. 

I got to Elaine’s place at just before eleven the next morning. Elaine met me at the door, it was unusual to see her dressed so casual. At work she was always completely covered, never letting the least bit of skin show. But today she was in dove shorts and a somewhat skimpy tank top. Even thought she still looked rather matronly with her hair pinned up. She called to her son Taylor to come and help me with the sink. As we got under way she said she had to run out to the store to pick up a few things and left us alone to work on the sink. 

 It was a small job and there wasn’t much for Taylor to do, so we just made small talk as he handed me the tools that I needed. He had just graduated from high school, so I asked him how his summer was going and was he looking forward to college. He said that he was looking forward to getting out of this house. I could tell he was probably just as tired of his mother’s ball busting ways as his father had been and just as eager to take off. 

 We were just cleaning up when Elaine had returned from the store. She was happy to see that everything was fixed and working now. 

 “You must have enjoyed last night” she said with a chuckle as she waived her chest back and forth at me.
 Obviously he was referring to Lynette’s little show at the club.
“What do you mean?” I said with a sly smirk. 

 “Oh, having two big breasted girls falling all over you like that, I’m sure that was fun?” she said, this time she had grabbed a handful of her tit in each hand and was juggling them back and forth. 

 “Mom!” Taylor said in shock of his Mom’s behavior. 

 “What Taylor, you would love to have two woman putting their breast in your face, and one of them was Lynette and I know how much of a crush you have on her.” She was laughing. 

 I could see Taylor’s embarrassment growing; his ears were turning bright red. 

 “Aww are you embarrassed, it is ok that you like big boobies” she was saying in a mocking voice now.

She moved closer to him still jiggling her tits in each hand and got them right in his face. She had gyrated them so much that they were almost spilling out now.  Elaine is what some would call large and in charge, and like most big woman she had big floppy tits to bounce around. 

“Mom!” he said again, as he pulled back from her. This time I could hear the anger in his voice, but at the same time I could see the rise in his shorts. Elaine saw it too. 

 “Awww, look he is getting excited.  I better stop I know you have never seen boobies before, wouldn’t want you to get to excited and cause a mess” she said with an evil grin. 

 I kind of felt bad for the boy, I wouldn’t’ have been surprised if he didn’t wait till the end of summer to take off and get out on his own. 

 That was when he blurted it out “you don’t know nothing, I have seen tits before”

 “Where?’ she snapped back in anger now. 

“I’ve seen Tina’s tits and they’re bigger than yours!” he yelled.

 “That whore that moved in with your father? How the hell did you see her tits?” She was pissed now, I just stepped back and watched the show. 

 “The day I ran off from you, he didn’t know I had gone over to his place. I saw her sucking his dick. Maybe if you had been as good at it as she is he would have stuck around.”

 “What did you say to me, what did you just say to your mother?” she snapped with that she ripped her top down exposing her great big, milky tits complete with hard nipples. 

 “I’ve got great tits, much better that that skanky whore of your father’s”

 I could see that the look of anger that had been on Taylor’s face turned to one of fear. I must admit that I was a little afraid now myself, and cornered between the two of them and the kitchen sink. I had no way to escape this night mare. It was like having front row seats at the Jerry Springer show.  

“And trust me little boy, I know how to please a man!” and that’s when the attention turned to me. I took a step back as her eyes met mine. 

“Watch this” she said as she yanked down my shorts with one thrust and sucked my cock into her mouth. She was sucking and slurping so hard, taking all of her anger put on my cock. 

 I froze in shock, nothing moving except for my cock growing in her mouth as she rammed it down her thought, drooling and slurping as she went.

Taylor was in complete shock too, he just stood there watching, eyes wide, mouth open, not able to move or say a thing.

By now my cock was so hard it was throbbing as she sucked on it like a hungry little piggy. I began to grab her by the head and face fuck her losing myself in the pleasure and completely forgetting that her son stood there watching the whole thing. 

 Finally she pulled back gasping for air as he let my cock pop out of her mouth.  Drool was dripping down her chin onto her massive tits as she looked to her son saying “see how much he likes it, bet that skanky whore wasn’t pleasing your father like that.”

 “I see you like it too” Elaine said pulling him close to us. Then just had she done to me she pulled down his shorts freeing hi throbbing cock. She took him into her hungry wet mouth and began sucking him just as hard as she had me. I couldn’t believe it, there I stood with this woman stoking my cock as she was deep throughting her own son. Then she started to go back and forth sucking on my cock for a while and then going back to her son’s cock. She was panting and moaning like a bitch in heat as she gagged on our cocks. 

Then she pulled us closer and took us both into her fat mouth at the same time. She swirled her tongue around the head of both our cocks as the drool ran out her mouth and between her tits like a wave rushing down a valley.

 It was too much for Taylor and I could feel his cock start throb against mine, and then he exploded in her mouth.  He let out a loud moan and his body began to shutter as his cum poured out of him. I could feel its warmth as it flooded around my cock filling his mother’s mouth. It sent me over the edge and I began to add my own cum to his, sending ribbons squirting down her thought. She tried to swallow it all, but it was to much and she spat out our cocks gagging as our cum continued to fly painting her face and tits in a sticky mess. 

 No one said anything as we all just stood there looking at on another in disbelief at what had just happened. Finally I broke the silence, “ I should be going I think.”

“Yea, thanks for coming over and fixing the faucet” Elaine said. 

No problem, any time.” I said. “See you at work on Monday” and I let myself out. 

 Funny thing, Taylor decided to go to the local university and didn’t go away for college after all.

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