Not My Usual Night With Master   added 3 years ago
  By: sluttybitch097  Age: 21  Country: United States

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Categories: Identified partner, S-M / Domination / submissive, Oral Sex, Young boys
Tags: passionate vibrator
Location: The beach
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I get home to our little apartment. As usual I'm home first and go to take a shower. I relish my showers. Totally alone. I usually masturbate when I'm in the shower only because he can say nothing about it. Master hasn't banned it...yet.  


Of coarse as usual he has come home while I was pleasing myself and layed out my evening wear. I can never tell what he has in store for me. Tonight it is black corset that will barely cover tits, black pumps, and of coarse my collar and leash. I quickly put it on and sit on the bed with my but resting just above my feet and hand in front of me. 


 He comes in our  room. I can smell his hot body. He makes no sexual moves towards me and instead takes my leash leads me off from the bed into the Living room. I think is going to be one of those couch nights and head there on all fours. He pulls harshly on my leash.


"No! We are going for a walk. All pets have walks. You have been working very hard so I thought you could use some winding down time." He pulls me toward the door. This is when I realize he has this bag in his hand I have never seen before, He walk the way to the elevator. I am so wet by this point. in the elevator he moves my thong just enough to stick a vibrating egg my pussy. "Just in case you were not already wet my pet."


The elevator takes us all the way down to the lobby. It's late and at this point I'm really hoping that no one will see me. He heads for the front door. I start to resist. Then I can feel the egg speed up in side me. I decide it is in my best interest to do as he says. Once outside I start to wonder where on earth could he be taking me. We walk across the street to the boardwalk that leads to beach.


There are always super hot surfers here. I can see several coming to and from the waves at the pavilion. My master keeps a level high held head and takes me all the way up the ramp to the pavilion. I can feel the hurtful looks coming from the surfers. They are all making mocking noises at me. 


Master stops and address them all. "Anyone of you want her you can have her. No catch. She is all yours." I can hardly see what he is doing behind me but I can feel my leash tightening. Master is now in  front of me. He must of tied me up. He reaches  down into my pussy and takes out the egg. "All yours boys." He walked over to a bench sat down and pulled out a glass of champagne, my favorite, and began drinking and watching.


Most of them truly were boys. Really young men.  Although there were a few of an older generation. The youngest were shy and so were the oldest, it was the middle aged that approached. The first didn't even say anything he just pulled me up and slammed me against the poll I was tied to. He plunged his hard erect dick right into me. He began slamming into me will all his strength. He didn't last long. He pulled out and came all over my breasts. 


There was no hesitation. It was one of the younger boys next. This one threw me to the hard wood deck and began rubbing his dick all in between my breasts. Meanwhile another young boy was fucking me in the ass while sucking my pussy. He was thrusting hard and it hurt really bad. Yet the pleasure from him lightly tonguing my clit and pussy totally had me ready to cum right there. Both boys started to cum and and went in my hair and my breasts.


Then it was the older guys turn he wanted his cock sucked. I had only done it once with my master like two nights before. He said I wasn't very good and that I needed lots of practice. I started with his shaft and gave it a good gentle lick.Then I went for his slit and flicked my tongue across there. I did this numerous times until I thought he was ready. Then I suddenly took in his hole cock and did my best to serve him. Apparently, he liked he came on my breasts and in my hair just like the others. Then they all put their wet suits back on and headed for the waves and left me all tied up.


"Good show, good show. I 'm very pleased with you my little slut. Now if you want to go to sleep in bed tonight you will make love to this bottle and cum. If you do not then you will sleep here tonight."

I then took the empty bottle and rammed it up my pussy and far as it would allow. I then made love to that bottle so hard. I looked up to my master, looked him in the eyes, I tried so hard to convey across the space between us that I wished so hard that it was him and not a bottle I making love to. I longed for his dick to be inside me. I stared romantically to him in much the same way I did the night of our senior prom. I then came all over the bottle violently. He took my leash, left the bottle, and took me back to our apartment.  


Feeling spent I layed out on the bed. Master then took me by my leash and made love to me. For the first time he came inside me and it felt so good! I slept the whole night with his dick buried deep inside me. 

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