Married, but Sissy Guy sucks his friend\'s cock   added 3 years ago
  By: sammyhe252525  Age: 39  Country: South Africa

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An elaboration of my other story about Jeff. We were purely platonic pals from high school. Two straight guys regularly meeting up and having a good time, or so it seemed on the outside. You see, through a number of opportunities to spy his porn stash, I realised he was gay.

I, on the other hand, an happily married and hetero. Or is it slightly bi? You see, I've had a lingerie and panty fetish from my teens. I am now mid thirties and it still turns me on to fuck and back.

I've played with one guy before, when I was in my teens, and ended up sucking his cock, but he didn't cum. Through all of this, my cock was red, throbbing and dripping pre-cum through a stolen thong.

I have no desire to cheat on my wife, but Jeff... well he is hot. He is trim with very little body fat. He exercies regularly and for a guy, by my standards, he is cute. He is also extremely trustworthy and it doesn't hurt that he has his own place!

As a result, when he returned my call to catch up - I leapt at the opportunity to visit him. Before I did that though, I figured it would be a massive turn on to get an outfit first. I wanted him to catch me in lingerie. I wanted him to force my hand and show him what I was wearing. What a sissy slut I was. I wanted all of this even though I knew it was unlikely. Gay guys want butch, hot, strong guys. They don't want a guy dressed as a girl!

I didn't care though. I wanted to act out my fantasy. So I did. I was shaking and trembling in the store, picking out silky strappy slip, red lacey boyshort panties and a pair of thigh high stockings. Before leaving the mall, I visited the men's room undressed completely. I put it all on, and pulled my jeans and sweater on over everything.

By the time I got on the road, on the way to visit Jeff, I was a mess. A small wet spot had formed on the front of my jeans and I could feel precum wetness in my panties around my shaven balls and cock.

Jeff welcomed me into his new place and showed me around. I hadn't seen it before. Despite not seeing each other for a long time, we were getting along well. It was great to talk to him again. The only problem was that I couldn't focus, I was so horny.

Before long, I noticed that while we were chatting, he kept glancing at my chest and feet. My face reddened as I realised why - he could see my stockings above my shoes and socks, and my sweater had shifted to expose silk and shoulder straps.

I was tense. I didn't know what was going to come next. When a lull in the conversation presented itself, he offered to get me a drink. I asked for a glass of water, which he quickly returned with, but then stumbled. Or did he? I was soaked, and not in a good way.

Jeff was very apologetic, and offered to put my sweater and jeans in the dryer. I didn't know what to say and tried to excuse myself but before I even realised it, Jeff responded with "Is it because you're wearing lingerie?". I shamefully responded yes - my face on fire.

"Take off your clothes, or I tell your wife Charlene. Or does she know already?"

"She doesn't." I mumbled in reply.

I started to strip. I had no choice. A moment later he had raised my silk slip and was fingering my panties, examining them. Jeff's hands were on my cock! I didn't know where to look, but my eyes wandered down and noticed his crotch growing. It was an out of body experience as I felt myself drop to my knees and pull his pants down.
A glorious cock almost hit my on the nose, and I took it in my mouth. It was probably five minutes later, but it felt like two seconds before Jeff's hot cum was spurting down my throat! I pulled his jerking spurting cock out of my mouth and let it spray the last few remnants onto my slip!

It was heaven!

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