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Categories: Force/Rape, S-M / Domination / submissive, The Fetishists
Tags: bbw Boss
Location: An office
Roleplay: Boss/Secretary
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

i m to my office late at night my boss coming out of her office and said:

-I m going now will you stay?

 -Yes i have a job to finish.Goodnight


She is gone then i m using my computer to watch some porn and jerking

But my boss left her car keys at her office and when she comes back she see me jerking and says

-MMMMM you have a job to finish

i tried to cover my self and say

-Emmm i

-Don't say anything

then she starts licking belly-button

i love these kind of woman she is 180cm about 38age and blond with blue eyes big g boobs and a beautiful big ass

i m 170 only

then she pull off my trouser's belt and tied to my throat and says

-Lets take a walk me and my doggy

she takes me to the toilet and says

-ouf i ve got to pee and starts doing her "job"

when she is done she grabs the toilet paper and throw it to the rubbish

-ooops we have no paper and i want to be clean

she takes my head and says

-let me see your tongue 

and she takes my tongue and use it for toilet paper

i 'm thinking -ooo i lave the taste of her pussy with her pee

-You re a good doggy so let me do this

and she stars a hard blowjob and lick my balls and she bites my cock's head

-Ok i believe that you re ready come on do your job

She is standing at four and lets me fuck her pussy

-O mistress thank you

-Harder bitch boy harder

i fuck her the harder i can and she says

-My pussy isn't hungry anymore but my ass is

so i start to fuck her big ass i love the sense of fucking o tied asshole

-come on harder bitch harder

-o mistress i m gonna cum i m gonna cum inside your beautiful ass o take it mistress

-Then she stands at her two legs and says

-Did i gave you the permission to cum

-emmm i m sorry

she throws me down and she starts a face siting  

-Tell bitch boy that you re not worthy

-tell it now 

i tried hard but her ass don't let me

-Ok bitch open your mouth this is for you

and then she starts farting out my cum all over my face

-Drink it bitch now

i drink all my cum off her ass

She is now satisfied she stands and says

-i m going bitch clean up these mess 

-Yes mistress

She is going and she knows that from now i will be her eternal bitch





Sorry for my English if you like my fantasy tell it to me i ve got more that i can imagine 

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