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Categories: Anal Sex, The Audience / Voyeur, Identified partner, Oral Sex, Being Taped, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: facefuck degrading wet humilation Group Video
Location: A main street
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I have disobeyed and now I must be punished.

He walks me down the street, collar around my neck and a leash attached to the collar.  I do not have any clothes on and as he walks me slowly down the busy street, people stop and stare at him leading me naked down the street wearing only my five inch stiletto heels, hands bound behind my back and a black collar around my neck. Some people giggle, some stare open mouthed and some pull out cameras and start taking pictures and filming this to show their friends. 

He was very insistent that I am not allowed to look down and hide my face, I must keep my chin up and look everyone in the eye and I am not allowed to cum, no matter what. 

Several men walk by and shout things out to my master. Things like “Damn right man!”, “Show her who’s the boss!” and several other very lewd comments.  He asks them if they are in need of my services and several of them say yes and walk toward us eagerly.

He has told me that I must let anyone do anything they want to me, let them touch me any way they chose and I must not pull away, show any hesitancy, or speak, or my punishment will be even more severe.

He stops and tells the men that I am at their command and am there to service them in any way they desire. 

The men gather round me in a circle and I stand silent looking each one in the eye as they stand for a minute not sure if this is a joke or not.  My master tells them it’s not a joke and orders me to get on my knees, and open my mouth wide.  I do as I am told, kneeling on the sidewalk and opening my mouth.  Several of the men already have their dicks out and start to line up to fuck my mouth.  The first one steps up, grabs the back of my head to hold me still and shoves his dick deep into my mouth gagging me.  He fucks my mouth hard and fast.  I am making gagging noises and saliva starts to run down my chin.  He pulls his dick out and squirts his cum all over my face. 

We now have an audience and I hear people on their phones telling people to “get down here and see this”, and “you’re not going to believe this!”  I see cell phone’s being held above the crowds head as my public humiliation is recorded for posterity.

The next man in line steps up and shoves his dick in my mouth, wrapping his hands in my hair and fucking my mouth hard, his pelvis pumping into my face as he grinds his sweaty pubic hair into my nose.  The man cums after several minutes, shooting it all over my face and breasts.  I have long spit trails hanging out of my mouth, dripping down my breasts and cum all over my face. 

The next man in line steps up lifts his dick up and tells me to suck his balls.  I bend my head back obediently and take his balls into my mouth sucking and licking them as he starts pulling roughly on his dick.  He pulls me off his balls and tells me to spit in his hand.  I spit and he pushes my mouth back to his balls and uses my spit as lubrication to pull on his dick.  Several minutes later he groans, shooting his cum into the air and letting it land in my hair.

People in the crowd are now shouting suggestions of what should be done to me next.  Someone pulls me up by my elbow and the crowd parts as I am directed over to a bench at the bus stop.  A woman sits down on the bench, hikes her skirt up and pulls her panties off.  She spreads her legs wide open and tells me to lick her pussy. I start to kneel when I feel a hard sharp slap on my ass.

“No one told you to kneel” my master says.  “Bend over and lick her pussy standing up, and don’t you dare lose your balance.”

I spread my legs wide to give myself balance and move forward, bending at the waist, hands grasping my elbows behind my back and lean into her pussy my weight balanced on my feet and my tongue.  My ass is now up in the air facing the street giving everyone driving past me an unobstructed view of my pussy and ass, that is until the bus pulls up and I feel everyone in the bus’ eyes on me as I stand bent over busily licking the woman’s pussy.  She is now holding my head tightly, holding my mouth and tongue against her clit as she moans and grinds her pussy into my face.  I feel myself losing my balance as she pulls me hard against her and I stumble trying to keep my balance but failing. 

I know that I am going to face punishment for losing my balance and as the woman screams and thrashes against my mouth I hear my master tell the crowd I must be punished further for not obeying him.  The woman is finished and my master pulls me upright and pulls me towards the garbage can sitting on the corner.  He pushes my face into the garbage can, kicks my legs apart and then asks who wants to punish me next.

I hear someone say they are next and I feel my ass cheeks being spread apart and before I can prepare myself a fist is shoved roughly into my ass.  I turn my head and try to keep from being smothered in the garbage, tears running down my cheeks as the fist is shoved into my ass repeatedly and I hear the crowd yelling and shouting encouragement to my punisher.   My ass is on fire and the pain is terrible when the fist is finally pulled out and then shoved into my pussy.  The crowd is shouting loudly, excited by my humiliation.  The fisting continues for several minutes and then stops.  I am pulled out of the garbage can by my hair and my master tells me how disgusting and filthy I am.

I have bits of food and things in my hair and stuck to my face, joining the cum that was already there.

“Who wants her next?” my master asks. 

Hands are reaching out from all sides of me, pinching me, grabbing at my tits, rubbing my pussy, squeezing my ass.

I am pulled back over to the bus bench and a man sits down, his dick sticking out of his zipper.  I am pulled forward to sit on his dick.  He scoots down so that even though I am impaled on his dick, my knees are on the edge of the seat and someone steps up behind me shoving a dick into my ass as well. 

I am fucked hard in the ass and the man whose dick is in my pussy holds my hips tightly as he jerks his hips upward sharply over and over.  A pussy appears at face level from the back of the bench and my hair is grabbed and my mouth is guided towards it.  I am licking and sucking on the clit in front of me when the woman is suddenly shoved forward into my mouth.  I hear her grunt and I can feel the dick in her pussy hitting my chin as I lick her clit.  I am fucked like this for several minutes before the woman cums and the man fucking her pulls his dick out of her pussy and shoves it in my mouth. 

“Lick it clean,” I am ordered, so I stick my tongue out and lick her juices off his dick.  Once I have licked it clean, he shoves it deep down my throat gagging me with his cum.

The men fucking my pussy and ass finish and I am pulled upwards again.

The crowd starts to disperse and my master pulls the leash on my collar to let me know I need to walk again.

I am now walking down the street with cum, spit and garbage all over my face, cum from my pussy and ass dripping down my legs. 

People are still stopping and taking pictures of me with cell phones and cameras, and people walking by reach out and pinch or grab body parts as they pass us.

My master walks me up the path to the small city park and leads me over to a small pipe about 5” around and sticking up out of the ground about a foot and a half with a rounded metal cap at the tip.

“Fuck it” he says.  I walk forward and position myself above it, then lower myself onto it. I awkwardly slide myself up and down on the pole.  My master pulls his dick from his pants and waves it in my face. 

“Make me cum, and then you may cum” he says.

I lick and suck his dick trying hard to make him cum but each time he gets close, he pulls his dick from my mouth and slaps it all over my face getting cum and garbage all over it before sticking it back in my mouth again. 

We have again gathered a crowd and this one watches in silence as I suck his dick, bobbing my head up and down on him and sliding myself up and down on the pole.  The clamp that holds the rounded tip on the pipe is rubbing the inside of my pussy causing friction and I feel the tightness starting to build inside me.

My master can tell and he again admonishes me that I am not allowed to cum until I have made him cum first.  I frantically bob my head up and down on his dick as I feverishly fuck the pipe and my master finally takes pity on me and grabs my head shoving his dick all the way down my throat, my nose mashed into his pubic hair as he rewards me with his cum and I slam myself down on the pipe, shoving it as deeply as I can, grinding my pussy into the ground and cuming in great screaming waves.  I sit slumped on the pipe, energy spent as the crowd applauds my performance.

My master then pulls me up off the pipe, unties my arms and stands in front of me tilting my chin up so he can look me in the eye.


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