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Categories: Big Black man, Identified partner
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Location: A Public place
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I groggily reach over and answer my cell phone.  “Hello?” I whisper with a sleep filled voice.

“Fifteen minutes, Castaway’s”, he disconnects.

I glance at the clock next to the bed, 5:45 am.  I roll out of bed, pull on my flared flowered skirt, no panties, my yellow tank, and slide my feet into sandals.  I quickly brush my teeth and run a comb thru my hair before pulling it back into a pony tail.  I grab my keys and hurry out to my car. Ten minutes to get there.

I pull up in the parking lot of Castaways Bar and Grill, the parking lot is completely empty at this time of the morning and I sit and watch the planes land and take off at the small airport across the street, as the sun peaks up over the hills and bathes the parking lot in early golden light.

His truck pulls in and stops beside me.  I get out and walk to the front of my car as he gets out of his truck, his big black dick already hard and hanging out of his shorts.

He walks up to me, turns me around and pushes me onto the hood of my car, face down.  He kicks my legs apart with his foot, reaches down and flips my skirt up, grabs my hips and impales me on his dick.  My hands reach out and grab the slots in my hood anchoring myself, as he slides his dick in and out of my pussy, giving any pilots who look down a nice show.  After several minutes he wraps my pony tail around his wrist and pulls my head back, using his other arm to pull my hips away from the car so he can reach around and finger my clit.  He’s slamming into my pussy harder now and I am breathing faster and panting as I feel my stomach muscles tightening.  I cum hard, biting my lip and hold onto the hood tightly as he now grabs my hair with both hands and slams into my pussy hard and fast sliding me up and down the hood with his thrusts.

Several minutes later I hear him groan and he shoves into me hard spurting his cum deep into my pussy.  He stands like this for a minute as his dick shoots load after load inside me, before stepping back, pulling my skirt down and walking to his truck without speaking a word.

I climb back into my car, cum leaking out of my pussy, down my legs and all over my seat.  He turns one way and I turn the other, back to the house to crawl back into bed and back to sleep until my alarm goes off and I have to get up and go to work.

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