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I had a business trip back home. Half way around the world, 30 hours in transit, and then another two hour car ride to get to where my parents still lived. The trip was exhausting but I was looking forward to getting back to the old neighborhood and just being home. I got in and dropped my bags in my old room, then spent some time with my parents.

I was exhausted so I decided to hitting the sack early. Or so I thought. I stripped off my clothes, and climbed between the sheets naked as usual, then closed my eyes and tried to sleep. Turns out jet-lag had me awake most of the night. I grabbed my iPad and started cruising some of my favorite porn sites passing the time. Soon enough I noticed my wife was online and messaged her. We spoke for a while catching up on what happened during the day.

I was feeling quite horny so I asked my wife to take her clothes off. She scowled at me and said no. “Come on, please...” I said. Reluctantly she took her night gown off and tossed it to one side. “Now your panties” I urged. Again she refused. I leaned back so that she could see how hard I was. Slowly I stroked myself a bit. I could see her watching me as I did, and thought she might get lost in the moment. I closed my eyes and massaged my balls a bit, squeezing them. She leaned forward a bit to get a better view. Slowly my middle finger approached my asshole, still stroking myself. Her eyes were wide. “Please... take your panties off and let me see you pussy.” “No!” she shot back angrily. I stopped what I was doing and moved my iPad so she could only see my face, and my less than happy expression. We talked for a few moments more before I turned off the chat and I managed to catch a few hours sleep.

The next morning I was up and about. I had a big breakfast, a hot shower, and a full body shave. Then I went off to the local cafe to grab a cup of ambition. Luckily it was Saturday so I didn’t have to focus on anything. I was standing outside the cafe when a car pulled up from out of state. A woman got out of the car, and I did a double take, realizing that she was my ex-girlfriend and ex-neighbor.

“Hi!” I sad.

“Hi...” she said looking at me. “Oh! Hi!” she exclaimed, realizing who I was. “What are you doing here?” she asked, then looked embarrassed, “I mean... what brings you back... you know... I didn’t mean...”

I smiled back at her. “It’s ok, I know what you meant. I’m back on business for a few days, and figured I’d stop back home.”

“Ohhh good. Mom and dad are away and asked me to come back and check on the house.” She explained. “There was a storm and they are afraid that there may have been some damage. Come on over this afternoon, we can sit and visit.” I said I would and we parted ways.

That afternoon we sat outside in the hot spring sun sipping glasses of wine and catching up on the past twenty years. We were reclining on the outdoor lounge chairs.

“So... “ she said, looking off into the distance. “Why did we never get back together.” she said softly.

“Well, I got involved with that horrible relationship... and you met your husband.” I said.

“Yeh... I suppose.”

“Besides, I always got the impression that we wouldn’t really be compatible... when it came to sex.” The wine had me admitting things I wouldn’t have otherwise.

She blushed a bit. Then biting her bottom lip asked, “In what ways.”

“Well, there was the time we were making out, and I slipped my hand down the front of your pants, and you jumped up and put the breaks on.” She nodded. And well.... I always got the idea that you were fairly conservative.”

She nodded. “Tell me more...” her attention was focused on me. My mind wandered to all the things that I wanted to do to her. I could feel myself getting hard, straining against the material of my jeans.

“Well, I enjoy porn.” I said, gauging her reaction. She nodded hesitantly. “I hate body hair, especially pubic hair.” She shifted uncomfortably. “I love oral sex.” she swallowed hard. “Both receiving, and giving.” Her eyes widened with the thought that I could actually enjoy giving oral sex. “And.... “ I hesitated.

“And?” she urged. “Come on, tell me.” she pleaded.

“Well.... I enjoy anal sex as well.” Her eyes widened.

“Well, you are right.” she said softly. “I am conservative. I’ve never done any of that.” She sucked down the rest of her drink. Then she got up and went in the house. “Back in a few min.” she said. “Don’t go away.”

I watched her ass as she walked away from me, imagining shoving my cock between her ass cheeks. I looked down and could see that my erection was clearly visible down the side of my leg, clearly outlined against my jeans. There was nothing left to the imagination.

I turned back away from the door, sipping my own wine. She came back, carrying a full glass of wine, a fresh bottle, and naked from the waist down. My eyes widened. She approached me, straddling the foot of the lounge and sitting down on my lap facing me.

“You know...” she said. “I’ve never done any of those things you spoke about.” She glanced down to her full bush. “Never even shaved down there.” she said timidly. “But I would have for you. I was so jealous of your girlfriends...”

She reached down into my lap and stroked my erection. I was painfully hard. She reached for my belt and started undoing it. Then fumbled as she unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped me. Her hands were trembling as she opened the front of my jeans. She stood up, grabbing the sides of my jeans with her hands and tugging them down. I lifted myself up a bit letting them slide down. Her eyes widened and she smiled when she saw my smooth public are, and my smooth cock standing up, dripping with pre-cum.

I opened my legs allowing her to sit down facing me again. She grabbed my cock with one hand, and ran her other hand over my smooth pubic area, up my chest, back down to my balls. “mmmmm.... nice” she said softly.

She leaned down, very tentatively, licking a drop of pre-cum off the tip of my hard-on. “I’ve never...” she started to say. Then she leaned down and put her lips around the tip of my cock. She moved her tongue around slowly, not quite knowing what to do. I couldn’t believe it, where was a nearly fourty year old woman giving her first blow job ever, and I was the lucky recipient. She moved slowly at first, and was quite awkward. Occasionally she would scrape my with her teeth slightly, or she would go too slow, or too fast, but eventually she settled into a rhythm. At one point she took me to deep and gaged slightly. But soon she was bobbing her head up and down on me. One of her hands was on my shaft, preventing her from taking me in to deep, and adding a stroking to the blow job. Before long my head was rolling backwards and my breathing was getting fast.

She squeezed my balls slightly. The added sensation tipped me over the edge and I erupted into her mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise as I filled her with my cum. She backed off a bit, but kept me in her mouth, still stroking me slowly. Her eyes were watering from the shock of my load. Spent, I could feel my cock softening quickly. She looked confused for a moment, then closed her eyes and swallowed. It took her several tries before her mouth was empty and I slipped out from between her lips.

I grabbed her face, and pulled her close to me, kissing her. Her lips parted and tour tongues locked in a passionate kiss, accented by the taste of my own cum. She fell into my arms and we kissed for a while. My hands ran down her body, over her bare ass, around her thighs, I rolled her over slightly, trailing my fingers through her pubic hair. Suddenly she opened her eyes and stood up. Then rushed off into the house. When she came back she had jeans on again.

“Time for you to go home.” She said flatly.

“But.... “ I started.

“Go on. I said it’s time for you to go home.”

I wasn’t quite sure about this turn of events, but she was most adamant that she wanted me to leave. So I stood up, pulled on my jeans, and slowly walked to the door. Once there she stopped me and kissed me again, passionately. I could still taste my cum on her. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into me. I could feel the tension in her body, and the longing as my hands ran up her chest and caressed her tits.

She pushed me away again. “Go.” she said firmly. I could see the conflict in her eyes as she watched me walk away, closing the door slowly.

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