Short Surprise   added 3 years ago
  By: Coriunn  Age: 23  Country: Canada

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Categories: Oral Sex, Steady Partner, Identified partner
Tags: surprise
Location: Anywhere
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Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

You hear a rustle but just ignore it as you figure it’s the breeze coming in through the open window and rustling the sheets. Rolling onto your back you nearly fall asleep when something rests down across your eyes and you lift one hand up to brush it away when you feel skin. Opening your eyes you realize all you see is blackness and immediately try and lift the hand off of the blindfold so you can see what’s happening but the hand won’t budge. Feeling a ring and hoping your guess is right you turn your head to the right hoping that I’m on that side of the bed. “Baby?”
            “Ssshhh.” Is all your hear as two finger press against your lips to quiet your speech followed by a lips being pressed to your neck and a tongue slowly darting out to lave at it slowly till you hand drops down and you tilt your head so I can lick the any spot I want. Feeling a gush of cold air across your chest you realize I have tugged off the sheet and you start sitting up but feel a finger brush against a nipple and you moan. Receiving a kiss on your neck you start to complain when you sense warm air being breathed right onto the same finger that’s playing havoc with you. Groaning when my tongue presses against your nipple and the other is being tugged with my extra hand you feel your cock start to harden at just the thought of where I could be going next. Jumping when I lightly nip you, you shudder as cold air once again brushes across your chest.

            Waiting in anticipation you feel two fingers trail down your left arm all the way into your palm and two other fingers travel across your jaw line but stops below your chin while a thumb brushes against your bottom lip as both hands leave. Quieting your breathing you try and listen for my next move but only feel a tongue press against the side of your cock making you jump and moan “Yeah right there baby” but reach out with your hand as the contact disappears. Reaching you go to take off the blindfold being to turned on to not do anything when a light kiss against your balls and you stall in your task as my tongue caresses the bottom of them and my lips hold them in place as you move a little closer wanting to experience my warm mouth wrapped around. Gritting your teeth against the wait you let out a low growl when I suck them into my mouth and rub my tongue against them from underneath pressing them to the roof of my mouth while tugging on them at the same time. Gasping when two hands squeeze your cock you shift your hips a little causing another tug on your balls securely being licked and pressed inside my mouth.

            Moaning when my hands slowly pump up and down on your cock you twitch when I lightly bite your balls and lick them before moving my mouth off of them. Focusing on your sense of touch you feel my thumbs press into your cock and travel upwards at the same time before my hands clasp around you and continue to stroke you. Spreading my fingers my tongue darts in between them tasting you till pre-cum squirts out into my waiting mouth as my tongue rubs against the head of your cock. You can’t contain a moan when I swirl my tongue around you lapping up anything that I might have missed my hands squeeze more out of you which I continue to swallow it all up. Letting go with my top hand I leave my tongue against you as I slowly suck more of your cock into my mouth letting my tongue slide all the way down you and than slowly I run it up again. Rubbing a thumb against a nipple I try to wring another moan out of you while I slowly devour cock. Letting you draw out of my mouth my thumb runs slowly up the side and rubs against your other nipple making it wet with the juices it had collected and pucker as the breeze hits it. Sucking your cock fully into my mouth I rub my tongue against it as I continue to taste you letting my teeth brush against you causing you jump and fist your hands in the sheets. Letting my free hand trail fingers against your balls and lightly tug on them making you cum as I pinch your nipple and close my mouth a little on your cock. Squeezing your balls I lap the head of your cock till all you’re doing is breathing hard. Lying on top of you but dividing my weight by leaning on my arm and I reach up tug off the blindfold winking when you look up “Surprise.”

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