Short birthday story   added 3 years ago
  By: Coriunn  Age: 23  Country: Canada

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Categories: Steady Partner, Identified partner, Oral Sex, Romantic Setting/Exotic
Tags: surprise
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic
   Leaning back against your pillow you close your eyes with a slight smile on your face considering it is your birthday and you have been showed how much you are loved by everyone.  Relaxing you let out a sigh and nearly drift off to sleep when you hear a slight creak to your right. Debating about opening your eyes or not you feel a tongue lick up your neck to your ear where the bottom is sucked on for a bit. Opening your mouth to talk you feel a finger brush across your bottom lip and a tongue lick your top lip. Attempting to reach up, your hands are pressed back down onto the sheets while the words “Sit back and relax” are whispered in your ear. Chuckling as that was what you WERE doing you feel two hands slide up your chest taking your shirt with them while light kisses slowly follow the same path. Sitting up so your shirt can get taken off your lips get tugged on by another set of lips as soon as your shirt hits the floor. Opening your mouth you feel a tongue barely slide in to lick yours before you are pushed back down onto your own bed now, finally, shirtless.
            Licking at your neck I let both my hands slide down your chest and across your stomach once before returning to the start and stopping at your collarbone. Lightly biting your neck I tug on both your nipples at the same time while sliding a leg in between both of yours as the sheets by now have been removed. Kissing downwards I press my tongue against a nipple and brushing my thumb against the other. Sucking on the other I let both my hands slide down your stomach to rest on the top of your shorts. Blowing cold air across the skin freshly sucked I squeeze your cock through your shorts, smiling when you suck in air.  Leaning close to your ear I whisper “More?” while sliding my hands down, pulling your shorts down to your knees and trailing my hand up your leg but resting it on your thigh. Waiting for a ‘yes’ answer I lick your nipples again before sitting up, let the fun begin.
            With your entire focus on your sense of touch and the room being to dark to see you only feel my next move which happens to be my fingers brushing back and forth against your thighs. As your focus is centered there you moan when a tongue licks the bottom of your cock and both hands slide away. Groaning a “yes” when one hand squeezes your cock and slowly slides up while a tongue slowly licks at your balls your hips shift up and can’t help it but place your hand on top of mine. Kissing the top of your hand a press it back to the sheets so you have something to hold onto. Sliding my hand up and down your cock I barely touch it slowly getting a tighter grip while listening to your breathing as it gets heavier and heavier. Stroking your cock faster and faster I lick the head of your cock liking the moan I wring out of you and swallowing the pre-cum I have managed to wring out you thus far. Covering your cock with both hands I spread my fingers wide sucking and licking at the skin in between them while every now and than sliding my hands up and down your cock. Letting go I stroke your cock with one hand going faster and faster and pressing my lips to the head of your cock, letting my tongue dart out to lick you. With your cock so hard now and my thirst only slightly slated I suck some of your cock in my mouth sucking on it and squeezing your cock harder with my hand. Letting most of your cock slide out of my mouth before sucking more of it in my mouth my fingers brush against your balls. Sliding the rest of your cock in my mouth I press my tongue against it, running it up and down the length of you. Running my mouth up and down the length of you I squeeze your balls lightly when you cum yelling. Licking up everything as you catch your breath a kiss your forehead and whisper “Happy birthday, hope you enjoyed your present.”

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