Meeting the neighbors: a friend in need   added 3 years ago
  By: sxycableguy  Age: 31  Country: United States

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This is my first crack at this so bear with me: Comments definitely welcome:


I met you in the hallway when you moved into the apartment building, such a vision of loveliness, I couldn't wait to see you again. Being the social type, I did the neighborly thing and stopped by to ask if there was anything you wanted or needed. 


After helping re-arrange some furniture and discussing the unfortunate decision of your ex-boy friend to break up right before the move, I offered a dinner of Chinese take-out. After consuming both the sesame chicken and a bottle of wine, things got more interesting. Soon one thing led to another and I carried your shapely and scantily clad body in my muscular arms to your bed, and lay you down gently on the mattress.


I climbed onto the bed next to you, softly kissing your neck, tasting g your flesh. I ease your pink camisole top off of you, revealing your firm breasts and the firm pink nipples. I kiss you collarbone, softly, working my way down your body . I move down, taking your left tit in my mouth, licking and sucking on the tender flesh and flicking the hyper-sensitive nipple with my tongue. I repeat the same process with the right breast, arousing you further.


Then I proceed to create a trail of kisses down your stomach, moving closer and closer to  your most sensitive areas. I move past your waist and actually start working my way up your inner thighs with soft caresses from my tongue. Moving closer and closer to your sweet center, I trace along the outside of your soft pussy lips with my tongue, before slowly spreading them apart with my finger tips. I proceed to stick my tongue insider your moist depths, tasting your heavenly juices. I continue to stimulate your most sensitive flesh, getting closer and closer to your clitoris. Then I take your clitoris in my mouth and flick it back and forth with my tongue, teasing the extremely sensitive nub.


I continue to flick back and forth on your clitoris with my tongue while easing a finger inside you, sliding it slowly in and out. Then I add a second as i feel your muscles start to tense. I continue to finger your moist pussy as your hips start to buck and juices start to flow. I continue licking and sucking on your clitoris until you literally beg me to stop so that you can recover from the orgasmic bliss.


 As you recover, I leave a note with my number and an offer for a second dinner date in the future... but that's another story.



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