My New Master Part 2   added 3 years ago
  By: sluttybitch097  Age: 21  Country: United States

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Identified partner, Anal Sex
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-Now open your eyes and look at me. I did as I was told. Now do as I say or I will punish you.

-Yes master.

-When ever you do wrong I will punish you without hesitation. When you do right I will reward you without hesitation. Through all of this just remember: I love you.

-Yes Master. Then I feel backwards on the bed and felt my back arch. I moaned so loud for my pussy began throbbing so hard something inside me began vibrating.

-Oh you like it? It is my gift for you. Its a vibrator. We are going to go and have fun today. We are both going to teach each other. Now when we are alone you see this? This is your collar. All my pets have one. Now be a good little slut and put it on.

-Yes Master. I did as I was told. Felt on edge as if I was going to orgasm right their. There was a part of me that wanted to for him and another that was scared and did not know what to do.


-Good slut. Now put your clothes back on and get your skate board. And lets go for a ride. I did as I was told. He hid the collar and leash in my jacket. I rode my board and he rode his I convinced him to buy his board our sophomore year so we could ride together. We never have before now.


I found it quite difficult to board with the vibrator in me. We rode for about an hour all over town. We went to the school and met some friends the whole time he was watching me, waiting to see if I would break and tell someone what he had done. But I didn't. Several hours later we were back at his house. And I went to the restroom. I couldn't take it any more! I was on edge. I was going to lose it. I pulled down my bikini bottoms and stuck my hand in my pussy and began feeling for the vibrator. It was too far in their. I couldn't reach. Then suddenly I was back on the floor again. I was orgasming. It felt so good to finally release.

-Good try my sweet. But I control you. I will have to train you now wont I? Oh are you orgasming? No No No that wont due. You cum when I say you cum. He turned it up higher. My back arched as far as it would go. I began moaning so hard a deep throaty moan.

-Good you stopped. He turned it off. Finally I was free. He pulled my leash and dragged me to his bedroom. I have plenty of toys for you my little slut but why don't you play with me for a while. Take all your clothes off now.

I looked over at my phone no messages.
-Don't worry your parents are not. They think you are spending the night with me. And you are. Now take your clothes off.

-Yes Master. I have to admit this did turn me on. After I finished with all my clothes except my collar and leash he gave me another order.

-Now on all fours put your light little ass in the air and your face on the mattress.

-Yes Master. I didn't make eye contact and did as I was told. I heard his pants unzip. I heard them fall to the floor. Then I felt him inside me. Inside my asshole. He began fucking me in the ass. I could feel Master inside me fucking me raw and hard. He had my hips between his hands. I found myself fall into a rhythm with his raw thrusts. Suddenly I felt empty and he pulled out of me.

He grabbed me by my collar and turned me over onto my back. He reached into my pussy and pulled out the vibrator. It felt so weird to be suddenly empty on the inside. Then he shoved his cock inside me. I was already wet and verge of orgasm from the raw butt fuck so he went easily inside me taking my virginity. From then on I was his. I always would be, and he was mine. My Master. God now I'm even calling him Master in mind. I'm totally changed.

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