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Location: A bed
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Pete felt very groggy as he woke to a throbbing headache and a throbbing cock. He also realised that the latter was being sucked. He lay there with his eyes shut enjoying the sensations of his cock being thoroughly licked and sucked. His eyes flew open as he soon realised that it was not Lisa sucking his throbbing cock.
“Morning sexy” Lisa said. Pete turned to the side and Lisa was lying beside him, Pete looked down and saw their new neighbour Charlie sucking his cock, Pete’s head and cock both throbbed at the same time; Lisa started to suck Pete’s nipples as Charlie licked across Pete’s arsehole. Pete’s arse twitched, Charlie’s hand was squeezing Pete’s cock as he licked his arsehole, he then felt Charlie’s tongue poke in the tight hole, Charlie let go of Pete’s cock and pulled his arse cheeks a part so he could poke his tongue in as far as it would go.
Lisa sucked Pete’s nipple and pinched the other one. Pete was groaning as he was being aroused in all areas of his body, he started to thrust his cock in to open air, he then moved his hand to his cock and started to wank himself off. Charlie then slid his finger in to Pete’s arsehole down to the knuckle; Pete’s arse clenched the finger. Pete’s cock started to leak precum. Charlie was finger fucking his arse and rubbing his prostrate. Charlie then took his cock back in his mouth, and sucked it hard; Pete thrust it deep in his mouth, 
“Suck me harder” Pete groaned as Charlie sucked his cock harder, and flicked his tongue across the slit. Pete turned and saw Lisa was playing with her clit and pussy. She took her fingers from her pussy and fed them to Pete. He sucked Lisa’s juices from her fingers. They tasted so good, Pete wanted more. Pete felt his balls tighten and felt his cum mass in his balls; he gave one last thrust as his cum shot in to Charlie’s mouth.
Charlie did his best to swallow as much as he could but as Pete kept coming his cum dripped out of the corner of Charlie’s lips. After Pete shot his last load of cum in Charlie’s mouth, Charlie leaned over and kissed Lisa deeply sharing the last of Pete’s cum with her. Lisa stuck her tongue in Charlie’s mouth and tasted Pete’s salty cum and kissed him deep lapping every last bit up. Pete groaned at the sight of Lisa and Charlie sharing his cum.
As Lisa and Charlie were kissing Pete moved from underneath them and got up and went to the bathroom, Charlie and Lisa didn’t even notice, as they continued kissing, Charlie moved between Lisa’s legs and continued to rub Lisa’s clit. Her moans vibrated through their kiss. Charlie’s hard cock was poking Lisa in the stomach, she reached down and took the circumcised cock in her hand and rubbed across the slit, Charlie groaned and then slipped two fingers in her wet pussy, He found her g spot and started to rub it. As Charlie rubbed her g spot Lisa wanked his cock.
Pete came back from the bathroom with a tube of lube in his hand and watched Charlie and Lisa kissing, he watched Lisa wanking Charlie off, his cock grew hard at the sight of them masturbating each other. Pete took his cock and started to wank his own cock off, he then walked over to the bed, and lay down. Throwing the lube on the bed
“Come and sit on my face Lisa” he groaned.
Lisa shuffled over to were Pete was laying and moved over him on her knees, Pete’s face was covered by Lisa’s arse and pussy, he stuck his tongue out as she lowered her shaved pussy over his face, he could feel the course stubble scratching his cheeks. He pulled her outer lips apart so he could get his tongue deep in her. Lisa groaned as his wet tongue licked across her clit and wet entrance to her pussy, her juices running down on Pete’s tongue and face.
Charlie moved to the side of them both wanking his hard cock, he needed to cum so bad, he then was a stride Pete’s lower half of his body.
“Suck my cock” he moaned at Lisa, she moved herself forward and took Charlie’s purple head in her mouth,
”Fuuckk” Charlie groaned out as she swirled her tongue around the head, and across the slit, licking his precum. That was oozing out of the top. Charlie picked the lube up and squirted some on his hand, and took Pete’s hard cock and smothered it in the lube, Pete bucked underneath Lisa and Charlie, he loved sucking Lisa’s clit her sweet tasting juices run over his tongue, and he knew that when she came, they would squirt over him, the thought of that, and Charlie’s cool hands on his cock made his cock throb and his arse twitch, as Lisa sucked Charlie off. His hands gripped Pete’s cock tight, Pete jerked at the contact.
Charlie then moved his arse over Pete’s cock, he then lowered his arsehole over Pete’s throbbing cockhead, pulling Lisa a little forward thrusting her arse closer to Pete’s tongue he licked from her clit to her arse, he took his fingers and slid one in her tight arsehole forcing it past the tight muscle, ”oh fuck yes” she groaned out she pushed back on his finger forcing it further in her tight hole, he then took his other fingers and started to finger fuck her pussy rubbing her g spot and clit at the same time, Lisa started to ride his tongue as he licked her clit then nibbled it, her juices were pouring out of her. Pete’s face was soaking wet, Lisa was so turned on she sucked harder on Charlie hot throbbing cock. Charlie didn’t know how much long he could hold back, as he pushed himself on Pete’s cock.
Pete could not take anymore, and he thrust his cock deep in Charlie’s arse, they both let out loud groans together, Pete’s cock forced past his tight sphincter muscle and the pleasure of being gripped tight. Made Pete’s balls tighten and tingle. Charlie moved up slowly on Pete’s cock causing pressure and pain. Pete thrust up again this time touching Charlie’s prostrate. They started to fuck in time with one another. The sight in front of Lisa’s face was too much. She sucked hard on Charlie’s cock as petes fingers moved in and out of her two holes, her pussy muscles started to contract as her orgasm ripped through her pussy causing her to grip Pete’s finger deep in her arse, she squirted all over petes tongue, he was licking her so hard his tongue began to ache, Lisa coming over his face was too much for Pete, he felt his own orgasm approaching as Charlie’s arse tighten round his cock, he then felt Charlie thrust deep in Lisa’s mouth as he came deep in her.
Pete could hear Lisa slurping as she swallowed Charlie’s cum. “oh Fuck Yes “Charlie screamed as he came deep in her mouth. Then Pete moaned Fuck as his cum shot deep in to Charlie’s tight hole, causing Charlie’s arse to grip him tight. All three kept coming. Pete and Charlie gave one last thrust as their cocks started to soften, Charlie’s plopped out of Lisa mouth first, he felt Pete’s grown soft in his arse that to plopped out causing cum to leak out of his hole, Lisa scooped it up on her finger n licked it up.
“Mmmmm” she moaned .Lisa then lifted herself off of Pete and turned round and started to lick her juices from Pete’s wet face kissing him as she went.
“How’s the hangover now” Charlie smiled as he looked at Lisa and Pete Kissing.
“What hangover” Pete grinned back
Charlie winked at Pete as he got off the bed and said.
“I’ll Catch you two later” and walked out the room….

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