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Categories: Virgins/Young women, The Audience / Voyeur, Prostitutes, Cuckolded
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Hooker/me
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

It's my birthday. Lana drives (as usual). We're going to help her friend move a TV with its own gravitational field. It's getting late, the sun won't be out another hour, and after this dullness I got roped into, it's party time.


Car turns off the main road, up a short driveway into a lot. Awful lot of doors at this place. Glancing around, I see why: evidently, Marnie from work is residing at the Daisy Motel (vacancy). We walk over to the west-facing wall of the two-storey horseshoe of a building, and my mind is too numb to notice, at first, that Lana is opening the door to room 103 with a key on a fob that's not hers, rather than, say, knocking on the door.


Eyes adjust to the darker room. Small, dark paint on the walls, some kind of funky tropical-aquarium theme. Mirrors on the walls. Mirror on the ceiling. Girl in the bed.


That quick succession of observations and I'm back to proper awareness. The girl looks really young to be working at Lana's office. And, I am totally staring at the pink rhinestone-encrusted hearts with barbells through them that pierce her little, very exposed, tits.


"This is Jessica, and she's eighteen years old," says Lana with a smile, walking toward the bed. Jessica, laying on her back, propped up on her elbows behind her, raises her left arm a little and gives me a sexy wave and a pouting smile. Lana reaches into her purse and pulls out an envelope which she places on the bedside table, and a dollar-store self-adhesive bow which she affixes to Jessica's soft flat stomach. "She's your toy."


Ten minutes later, Lana's been sitting in the chair in the corner, sometimes fiddling with her phone, sometimes watching me touch this young little thing in the naughtiest places (tattoo artists are among the many who have beat me there; eighteen, and what a slut) while she lapdances me. She's had my fly undone for a while now, but somehow my rock hard cock gets harder when she starts pulling my shorts off and her short brown hair tickles the tops of my thighs. At the next ten minute mark, Lana's not fiddling anymore---not with her phone, at any rate. Me, I'm getting the greatest blowjob of my life (aren't they all?).


Then, Jessica holds my hand and lures me up off the bed, and walks over to the oversized window between the corner where Lana sits and the door. Lana's smiling wide now, as she rubs herself through her soaked thong. Jessica turns the rod for the vertical blinds: a third open, as I flinch in my nakedness, her "oopsie" look turns into a devilish smile and she turns the rod again, and again, and finally pushes the whole set all the way over. She puts her hands up against the glass, her body on glaring display in the setting sun for the occupants of most of the other rooms and the parking lot, and sticks her tiny, amazing ass directly out at me.


It's a good thiing she's wearing six-inch heels, because it's the perfect height for my cock to plunge deep into her hot, loose pussy, and fuck her like an animal for everyone to see while my wife, out of their view, comes so hard she cries. Jessica's moans turn into ever louder screams, and bring me over the edge in no time. Right as I thrust for the finish, her ass, which has been pounding back at me rhythmically, yields forward as she presses her tits and body against the glass, as I grab her narrow hips and hold her pussy tight around my cock and gush into her.


A gentleman with a great view steps out of his car and tips his hat, which says happy birthday more so than the abrupt shutting of two sets of blinds.

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