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  By: stonejay68  Age: 42  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Masturbation, Oral Sex
Tags: cunnilingus
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
 Now this is more of an exert than a story as such,but i thought it was high time i shared. Pleasse forgive any mistakes and my slightly unconventional writing style.....

As i walk back into the room you're sitting on the edge of the large bed, you look up and smile at me as i come and stand before really are all that i could have hoped you'd be...and more...much more.....
As you look up at me smiling you slide your skirt up slowly revealing the your amazing legs,the soft flesh of your inner thighs and then your skimpy,sexy black panties....i can feel my cock swelling uncomfortably in my look soooo good!
"Do you like what you see?" ask me ...smiling up at me..
Oh i ever!!
I sink to my knees and run my hands up the length of your legs feeling your soft smooth skin shiver as they slide behind you and taking a firm grip on your amazing buttocks squeezing their soft flesh between my strong fingers as i pull you towards me,
 then gripping the back of your panties i slip them down and over your ankles and toss them over my shoulder.

Then looking up into your beautiful face i gently open your legs and run my tongue upwards..up the soft flesh of your inner moan and toss your head back....then exhale as i reach your already moist pussy...
You moan as my tongue parts your labia and runs upwards then up and over your clitoris , slipping down again my tongue gently lapping like a dog feeling your wetness grow, my tongue flicking,then sucking you,tasting you......then licking two of my fingers and slide them into your moist,juicy and then out again licking them as i taste juicy and sweet...
I begin to slide my fingers in and out of your juicy,salty but oh so sweet vagina moving deeper and deeper with each stroke whilst with my other hand i begin to run circles around your clitoris one finger gently vibrating its tip..every touch a delight sending waves of pleasure pulsing through your body...licking...fingering...sucking...flicking..fucking you with my tongue and fingers....
oooooohhh yyyeeessss!!!

You start to grind your hips,your ass cheeks clenching, lifting you off the bed as you press your pussy into my face, one hand locked in my hair guiding my tongue.
You throw your head back again the pace of your grinding ass increasing,responding to my tongue and skillful fingers..uuummmmm...fucking my fingers delving deeper..moving faster...uuuuhhh,uuuhhhh...your taste filling my senses driving me wild with lust.
I feel your legs tense under my touch as the first spasms of your impending climax sweep through your body...waves of uncontrollable ecstacy....uhh...uhh.....uuuurrrrrrgggggghhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm...he he...your lost in a dark world of lust and heaving flesh as you squirt hot juices into my face and greedy, hungy tongue lashing heightening your pleasure as i suck your pussy,swallowing your sweet cum...mmmmmmm...i could eat you for hours....but now i have other things on my mind

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