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Lisa woke up with her hands between her thighs.god she was horny,"serves ya self right" she said out loud. last night when she had got in to bed she heard one of the guys who lived next door wanking.david and the boys had gone fishing for the weekend and she was left alone. so while she lay there listening to him wanking, lisa had a wank her self..and now this morning she was really horny.Lisa reached over to her bedside drawer and took out her jelly vibrator, she moved her silk PJ shorts to the side and started to play with her throbbing clit.she then thrust 2 fingers in her wet pussy.."mmm" she moaned and started to move her fingers in and out of it fast then slow. this was not enough for lisa so she took the vibrator and switched it on the buzzzz filled the quiet room.she slipped her PJ bottoms down her legs and kicked them off and they landed just by her feet.Lisa moved her legs wide a part and moved between her pussy lips with the vibrator.
Meanwhile...Outside on the flat roof John was washing the bedroom windows.who ever had rented this place before had not cleaned them for a while. as it was a nice day john had decieded to clean them..but he could not keep his mind on the job at hand. last night while having a wank, he heard his neighbour Lisa wanking as well. some times at night he could hear her and her hubby fucking.and he heard lisa moaning.the thought of her sitting on her hubbys cock, had got him hard imaging that lisa was sucking his cock while she rode her hubbys. john's cock was getting hard in his joggers just thinking of the night before. He gave his cock a rub through his joggers. he heard a noise that jolted him to the presant. he could here a moaning comming from Lisa's bedroom window.he walked over to her side of the flat roof and luck was on his side, the net curtain was up at the corner.
John peered in and the sight that greeted him made his cock grow even harder. Laying on the bed half naked was lisa with her legs wide open, and between her legs she was moving a pink ribbed vibrator in and out of her pussy. John grabbed his cock and started to fondle it through the thin material.he wished that lisa big breasts were visable. he would of loved to see them naked, a few times when she had been outside and bending down in the garden they looked like they would spill out.he noticed that her nipples were straining against the silky material.John's mouth grew dry at the thought of his tounge licking them in to hard buds.john continued to watch the scene in front of him...
Lisa could feel her orgsam building her pussy muscles gripped the ribbed vibrator tighter. she let out a loud moan as her orgsam took over her.she bucked her hips in the air as though she was fucking someone and not her plastic toy.lisa's orgsam started to lisa removed the vibrator a movement caught her eye.As she started to focus after cumming she noticed that someone had been watching her. Lisa put her toy on the bed and got up and walked towards the window,she pulled back the net curtain and she saw John, one of the young sexy guys from next door, he had his hand on his crotch, he quickly turned to he did Lisa noticed his hard cock. Lisa opended the big side window," looks like you enjoyed the free show" she said. " sorry i didn't mean to be nosey" he said.
"well you best come in, it would be a pity to waste such a big bulge like that" she smiled 
Lisa opened the bedroom window wider and John climbed in,it was bit difficult with his cock being so hard but he finally jumped in down on to the bedroom floor. as he did this he noticed that lisa's vibrator was still wet. in one swift move lisa pulled down johns joggers. "ooooo" lisa said in suprise John was  not wearing any undies, there was a drop of precum from John's cock.  " you bad boy" she said as she started to fondle his hard cock straining against his belly.  lisa then bent down and started to kiss Johns cock, his cock twitched a she did this. John let out a little moan." ooo you like that dont you" lisa said."uhhhuhh" was all John managed to say. He was looking down the front of lisa's PJ top and saw the most delightful sight, of lisa's full rounded breasts and could see her erect pink nipples.the sight of them and lisa kissing his cock was making him loose control...then lisa took his hard throbbing cock in her hands..the coolness of her hands made him jump a little. but it felt good..then lisa stuck out her tounge and licked the drop of precum that had just leaked out of the top..Lisa licked it off with her tounge and swallowed it..she then opened her mouth as wide as it would go, and  took  johns cock in one big gulp..she swirled her tounge around the engorged head.Johns cock jerked in her mouth.she then held the base with one hand and started to move her head up and down his cock..and her hand did the same.
John moved forward and pushed his cock in further making sure that he didn't choke lisa.
Meanwhile   While Lisa was sucking Johns cock, Outside on the flat roof stood Jayson, he was looking for John, And found John being sucked off by Lisa their neighbour. John and Jayson had often joked about what it would be like to have a threesum with their sexy neighbour, when they were drunk or high. but never thought that it would ever happen. Jaysons cock was hard from watching his mate having his cock sucked. 
Jayson was getting turned on by the sight before him.Johns cock was big and meaty and he wanted to suck it"fuck where had that come from" he thought...Jayson cound not contain himself any longer he climbed in the bedroom window, just as John moved around....
 Lisa stopped sucking Johns cock. "turn around" she said. John turned a round for lisa, as he did this Jayson his housemate climbed through the open window. john was shocked at first. Lisa was not phased by jayson showing up and carried on with what she was doing. "move your legs apart" she asked. John was heisdent at first. but jayson bent down in front of him and moved them apart, lisa prised his arse cheeks apart and started to rim Johns pucked little hole.."oh fuck yes"he moaned out as lisa licked his arse hole and then pulled his cheeks  apart as far as she could then got her tounge and started to dart it in and out of his pucked little hole. John was pushing himself on to her tounge and lisa knew that he wanted more. jayson could not resist the bouncing cock in front of his face. he took johns cock and licked the head, Lisa then opened a bottle of lube that was on the bed..and let is trickle between his arse cheeks and down the crack of his arse..then she took her finger and stuck it just insdie his arse."fuck yesss" John ground out he had never felt so turned on before,he had never had another guy suck his cock before,but it felt right. Jayson then licked down his shaft as lisa moved her finger in and out for a bit, then moved her finger deeper..John was wriggling against lisa's finger.."suck his cock harder"she told Jayson as lisa fucked his arse with her finger..then when she knew that john was really relaxed she took the jelly vibrator and poured the lube on to it ,and inserted the head just inside his arse hole..and just let it rest there for bit till john got used to the girth of it in his tight little hole. john was so turned on he was moaning and groaning and thrusting himself back on to the lisa pushed it further in to his arse.then she turned it on to the gentle low speed,john felt the pulse fill his arse and the sensations made him fill full and the pressure hurt a litttle but it also felt good."fuck my arse" he shouted so lisa started to move the vibrator in and out as fast as she could. john started to fuck jaysons mouth..his balls were aching as the cum massed in them, the pressure of the vibrator was uncomfortable but the sensation felt good. "suck my cock harder"he ground out between moans and groans."fuck my arse"he moaned at Lisa, Lisa turned the speed up on the vibrator and move it in and out of john arsehole that had gotten slacker after having the vibrator inside it.Lisa then bent down and licked down the cleft of his arse cheeks as she worked the vibrator in him.Jaysons own cock was throbbing and ached from not be relieved..but he was so in to sucking johns cock to take care of his own needs.then jayson felt john jerk and twitch and knew that he was going to cum.."fuck i'm going to cum" john shouted.the cum spurted in to jaysons he did this jayson came in his boxers.a wet patch appeared on the front of his joggers. he had never sucked a cock before and it took him by suprise the cum leaked down the side of his mouth it started salty and was not very pleasant. lisa continued to work the vibrator in Johns arse..john kept pumping his cock in jaysons mouth.after john had shot his last load.he pulled his cock from jaysons mouth.Lisa pulled the vibrator from johns arse and moved in front of jayson and started to lck the cum that was dripping down the side of his mouth..jayson opened hos mouth and french kissed Lisa and let john cum trickle in to her mouth Lisa swallowed it"fuck u taste good she said..
She looked down at the front of jaysons joggers and said" i think you need to both clean up" the showers this way and led them to the shower and said "ive got plans for you 2 and they all laughed......

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