The deadly cards - Part 1   added 3 years ago
  By: fuckinpussy  Age: 25  Country: Indonesia

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It was a sunny Sunday morning, walking towards my cousin’s house, I felt excited. My name is Danielle and I’m 18, my cousin is 20 and he’s smoking hot! I always fantasize about incest with him, dress the hottest when I’m with him. I feel like such a slut, and it is either he is really dumb for not noticing my actions or he just doesn’t want to ruin our relationship as cousins, but today I am making sure I can make him nuts for me, no matter what.


I wore a lacey, black bra that shaped my breasts fairly and a white top that you can faintly see through. I wore my brand new miniskirt that I intended to wear just for him. It was a really short skirt just below my wet pussy, I was sure all the guys were checking me out when I was walking. A few minutes later, I was at his doorstep, I rang the doorbell waiting and imagining what was going to happen next. As he opened the door, I saw his bare chest, his abs harder than the last time I saw him. “Hey, Danielle” He said as he flashed me one of his most charming smiles. “What brings you here?” I think he saw me staring at his marvelous abs because he said. “Oh, sorry I just finished taking a bath.” “Hi Rob, I was interested in playing some games with you, like the old days, what do you say?” I replied, just as I planned. “Sure,” Rob said. “I miss the old days, how we used to hang out every day.” He told me as he led me inside the old house. He told me to get comfortable and I sat on the couch as he put on something to wear.


A few minutes later he returned and brought some cards we could play with. “I have an idea.” I told him. “We can play a game that a friend of mine taught me.” He nodded in approval. “So, first we each get 7 cards, just like a normal card game we would have to put out our cards, but if you lose you will have to strip off one garment from your body. The last one with the most clothes on wins.” Rob hesitated but he finally said yes to the game. He shuffled the cards and dealt them one by one, as I saw my cards I got a few good cards and a lot of lame ones. A smile appeared on my face, as I glanced at my cousin he was smiling too, maybe he got a joker, I thought. The first card went out by me, I sent out my king with hearts, and my cousin lost to me, he decided to strip off his shirt.

The next card I put out was my 5 diamonds, he won and I took of my shirt revealing my sexy lacey black bra. I looked down at his crotch and saw “little Robbie” standing upright. A few cards later, he had stripped off to his underwear and I have stripped off to my bra and panties. The last card I had was a winner, and he took off his underwear and revealed his big bulging penis. “I forgot to tell you one thing. The loser gets to do ANYTHING to the winner.”

I teased him with my perfectly shaped ass, swinging them as I was walking around. I sat beside him on the couch and started to play with his hair. He finally made his move and unhooked my bra, showing my nipples standing hard and fully erect. “You’re gorgeous Danielle.” He said. I started masturbating his penis and he moaned softly, a few minutes later he came and I swiftly put his cock inside my mouth devouring his seed and swallowing it all. “Deelicious.” I purred out. He was pulling down my panties at the moment and I let him. “Should we proceed to the bedroom?” he said. Without any words, he carried me to his bedroom, where it all got so much better.

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