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  By: awakened_angel18  Age: 21  Country: United States

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Categories: Cyber Sex
Tags: fuck Bed undressing darkness
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic
This is a fantasy of mine that I sent in a text to my boyfriend one night..thought it was worthy of admiration.

We\'re in a dark room. You can't see me..but you can feel me breathing, telling you how badly I want to please you..every little part of me is pulsing and my body is on vibrate for you..my mind about to envelop itself in the desires I have to make you beg for me... I\'m slowly circling you playing with the edge of your shirt..you feel my fingertips lightly sweep up and down your spine...then you feel me circling back around to face you..I put my fingers to your lips and lightly kiss each one of them as you feel my hands lifting your shirt from your chest..I kiss you one last time this time deep and passionately..then I softly kiss my way down you as my hands slide down your chest to the end of your tummy and I kiss your tummy as I unbutton your jeans and reach inside them to pull out your dick..I hold it in my hands and play with it like it were a little treasure..Feeling it\'s every vain..then you feel me slide it into my little warm mouth..my tongue slipping down the side...I suck you lightly then pull you out to lick you..making little patterns with the tip of my tongue..I slide you back into my mouth and suck you gently...my heart is beating so hard you can hear it..you get excited because you know and can feel how excited I am as I suck you harder..a little faster each time a minute passes..I slow my pace as I pull you out and kiss my way back up..making my way to your neck..I kiss you one last time where I ended...then I circle you again...teasing you about how badly I want you to strip me down...you hear something lightly fall to the floor..then another.. and again..then you suddenly feel my naked skin brush against you as I tell you what I desire...and then..you hear my last words almost like a whisper...\"Take me\"... You pull me against you and lift me from the ground and begin kissing my shivering little lips..as we fall backwards onto a soft firm bed..you lay me down and begin caressing my warm pulsing body and kiss me from my lips to my navel..You take your tongue and kiss the insides of my thighs making your way to my soft little wet pussy...you take your sweet time..you feel me squirm..and breathe little moaning breaths...You crawl up my body and lightly kiss my neck as you gently push yourself inside me..I moan..and grasp your shoulder blades as I hold you close against my breasts...and you go faster..you hear me make beautiful little sounds that send chills down your back..and the faster and deeper you get the tighter I grasp you..holding onto you as if I never want it to end..you lift my leg over your shoulder and thrust deeply into me..You fuck me slowly and deeply and I grasp the sheets..my mind is lost in the ecstasy...my desires and yours are being fulfilled in the darkness...we\'re getting close to the end..our bodies both sweating and shaking...and you kiss me one last time so passionately...at the finish I hold you close against my chest..and whisper into your ear...\"Zachary James..you\'re fucking amazing\"

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