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Location: A resort
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Nature: Romantic

My friend Richard sent me this. I have no idea if it's original or he edited another work but it was so hot I thought i'd share it here;




Tina was glad that winter was finally coming to an end. Those cold, rainy days in Boston were driving her nuts. The days were short. The skies were dark. The winds were cold. Richard was no happier. For the last few weeks, he had been in Glasgow, Scotland, away from Tina and very, very lonely. Richard found himself thinking about the few weeks past he had spent with Tina, dreaming especially intensely about her eyes. What he would give to be with her right now. He holding her, she touching him, the way only Tina could. It was late, but suddenly the urge to call overcame Richard. But just as he reached for the phone, it rang. “Hello?” “Richard it’s me. Tina. Richard could feel his heart begin to pound. He could hardly believe his luck. “I’ve been thinking,” she said. “It’s cold and nasty here. What would you say we take a little break? Just you and me. We can take a trip to ocean like it’s spring break. What do you say?”

The mere thought of seeing Tina again was getting Richard hard. He remembered the last time they’d been together, when she practically tore off his clothes in a fit of romantic passion. He had to control himself to get out his answer:

Just name the time and place and I’m there, bonnie lass he said. Tina was beginning to smile, too. It had been weeks and she still couldn’t forget richard abs, and his strong arms. It was hard to forget about Richard. Now they both had something to look forward to. “Tell you what,” she whispered. “Let’s meet in 7 Sands. I’ll book the Presidential suite. Sound good to you?”

“Sounds great,” murmured Richard. “I’ll see you on Friday.” The sun was putting out extra effort for Tina and Richard. As Richard stepped out of his taxi, he could feel the humidity melting on his broad, muscular chest. He could feel his Black boxer shorts clinging to his body, sticking to him, the way he imagined Tina would be in just a few short hours. He hurried up to the room that they had reserved. The Presidential Suite, just as he’d imagined. As Richard entered the suite, he noticed a bottle of chilled champagne and Cold beers on the table, along with a vase filled with a dozen red roses and a tray of chocolate candy. Alongside the vase was a silver platter filled with Steak and chips and an envelope which read “To Richard my love”. He opened the note and immediately recognized Tinas handwriting: If you’re reading this note, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be feeling my touch.”

Richard felt a shiver of excitement run through him. He was about to turn to the bathroom when all of a sudden, he felt a pair of hands reach around him from behind. He knew that touch well. His skin felt electrified at their touch. The hands began rubbing, gently at first, and then more firmly, working their way down under his shorts. Slowly, Richard reached back under her dress and felt Tinas wet, warm pussy. He moaned softly as she kissed his neck, her hands all the while rubbing his chest while he stroked her wet, steaming pussy.

“Hi baby,” Tina whispered. “Glad to be here?” “Mmmm,” Richard sighed, reaching back and caressing the back of Tinas neck. “Then turn around and show me,” she smiled. Richard was only too glad to oblige. She turned to Richard and smiled, slowly lowering herself to her knees, her hands rubbing over his abs while gazing up at him. Silently, as if in a daze, she began to unbuckle his pants, removing his jeans as she knelt.

I want…., she stammered, “no…no….I NEED…to suck your dick,” she purred, pulling out Richards large, plumped cock and stroking it with her hands. He didn’t have time to respond, as Tina transformed into a sexual animal before his eyes. Gone was the demure, pretty girl from RLC. In her place was a tigress, determined to consume every inch of his hot, swollen dick. Tina licked it, sucked it, taking it into her mouth as far down as she could possibly swallow it. Richards eyes rolled into the back of his head as he felt her warm, wet lips wrap around his shaft. He could feel her tongue slipping and sliding, gliding up and down his dick with an increasing intensity. Softly at first, and then with every fourth stroke, deeply and strongly, all the way down to his balls.

“Easy, bonnie lass Richard whispered, almost unconsciously, running his hands through her black hair, “we’ve got all night.” Reluctantly, Tina pulled his cock out of her mouth. In a dreamy-eyed state, she looked at her lover. She never could get enough of him. She pulled off her Tight black hot pants and vest top and stood before him, a naked vision of perfection, shaking her black hair about as if to invite him to attack. She was an insatiable tigress with only one thing one her mind: fucking Richard until he couldn’t cum any more.

Richards dick was as stiff as a rod, still gleaming from Tinas sucking. He lifted his t shirt from over his head and threw it across the room and motioned Tina over to the table. He popped open the champagne, sending the cork a few feet away, where it landed on the floor. Tina reached for a glass, but before she could touch it, Richard grabbed her hand.

“Uh, uh, bonnie lass, he grinned, this champagne isn’t for drinking. Label says it’s only to be served while eating.” With that, Richard grabbed the bottle in one hand and took Tina in his other arm. Laying her down gently on the floor, he stood up and began tipping the ice cold champagne until it spilled over the lip, cascading toward the floor, directly on to Tinas firm, erect nipples. Tina squealed as the icy champagne trickled over her hot, sweaty body. She could feel the bubbles tingling as they crawled along her belly and into the deeper reaches of her pussy. Richard righted the bottle and set it down beside them. Kneeling between her legs, he began to lick the champagne around her thighs, lapping up every drop with his warm, wet tongue, inching his way closer and closer to Tinas pulsating clit. He began licking it. Then sucking it. Kissing her pussy until it was soaking and swelling with anticipation. Tina began to writhe around on the floor, moaning and begging, “Give me your cock. I need to suck it. Still licking her pussy and never letting up, Richard pulled Tina on top of him. She had gotten her wish: his rock hard dick was standing in front of her face. With Richard continuing to tongue between her legs, Tina once again began to suck Richards balls. First the left, then the right. She opened her mouth as wide as she could, determined to stuff them into her mouth. Richard grunted in pleasure, losing his mind as he became harder and bigger, driving his tongue as deep into Tinas pussy as he could. Darting in and out, he played with her lips, licking the juices that had mixed with the champagne. He could feel Tinas tongue on his balls, driving him crazy. He began to lick even further around Tinas cunt, drooling and licking around her ass until finally rimming her in quick, teasing movements. Intertwined head to tail, they writhed on the floor, heads bobbing, tongues licking, lips sucking. Moving in rhythm, locked in synchronization while slithering in sweat and champagne. Faster. Deeper. Harder. Until Tina began to wail, “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! I want to cum with you in my mouth!”

With that, Richard exploded and flooded Tinas mouth with his cum. Frantically, Tina continued sucking as her entire body convulsed, one shock after another. Richard shot load after load, Tina shook time after time, each of them sucking and licking until both were exhausted, completely spent of energy. Then they fell silent, with only soft classical music playing faintly in the background.

“You are amazing,” Richard said softly, stroking Tinas tousled black hair. “You’re not so bad yourself,” smiled Tina gazing into RICHARDS blue eyes. "Well thats a good start to our spring break, Tina giggled 

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