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I climbed stiffly up onto the table and lay down gently.  That last fuck session with my boyfriend in the car had really messed up my back and I need a massage, badly!

At the time, having him fuck my ass from behind, leaning against his seat with both our doors open to block us from view by others was so hot!  He had one arm around my waist and the other hand wrapped around my hair pulling my head back as he pulled me back roughly against him and rammed his dick hard into my ass. God damn his dick felt great being rammed into my ass outside the bar in the parking lot. It made my pussy so wet having sex in a public place where anyone could walk by and see us!!  My pussy juices were flowing so much it was running down my leg and dripping onto the thong on the ground that he had just ripped off me before spinning me around, spreading my ass cheeks and pulling me back onto his rock hard dick.

But now, two days later my back and neck were feeling the pain and I needed this massage so that I would be able to move again.

The massage therapist had had me fill out her intake form and had asked me several questions trying to get an idea of what was wrong so she would know what to start working on.  I had answered no to all of her previous questions, had I fallen, had I been in a car accident, had I lifted something wrong….no, no and no.  I didn’t want to tell her what I had done, but as she was behind the curtain and I was getting undressed, she asked THE question….any crazy sex lately?

“Uh, well, uh, yeah, as a matter of fact, just the other night, I think that’s why my back and neck hurt.  I’m ready now.” I said as I pulled the sheet up over my back, laying face down as she’d instructed me to do.

She came back into the room and moved over to turn on the music. 

“I’m not asking because I’m a pervert or anything” she said as I heard her move towards me.  “It’s one of the things they teach us to ask when we’re in school, when the answer to all the other standard questions  are no’s. Ok, I’m going to lay a heating pad on your back for a minute and while  the pad goes to work loosening up your muscles, I’m going to review your form. Ok, nothing here that is recent and we need to address….ok, you didn’t mark any of the check mark boxes saying there are any parts of your body that you don’t want massaged, is that right?”

“Whatever you need to massage to get the pain and stiffness to go away is fair game,” I told her.

“Ok, well the heating pad has had some time to loosen things up, so I’ll get started.”

She put some lotion on my back and slowly started to work on the muscles in my back and shoulders working the lotion into my sore muscles and loosening up the knots. She worked quietly for awhile, every once in awhile making a comment like “Oh yeah, I can feel the tightness here” or “let me know if I hurt you”.  After ten or fifteen minutes she said, “Your neck muscles are really tight, was he pulling your hair from behind by any chance?” I was glad my face was buried in the head rest, as I could feel myself blushing a bit. 

“Uh yeah, how did you know?”

“I can tell by the muscles that are knotted up which way your head was pulled and by what I’m seeing he was pulling your head back pretty hard.” She continued massaging for a bit more and then moved further down towards my lower back.  She massaged there for a few minutes and then said, “Man, these muscles here are really tight too. He must have really been bending you back like a bow string, and the gluteus muscles in your ass are tight too. I’m going to work on these muscles for a bit because they’re connected to your hips and that’s probably why you’re in pain when you walk.”

She started digging her fingers into the muscles in my ass and rubbing my lower back.  Laying there feeling her rubbing my ass muscles and remembering how they had gotten that way to begin with, I felt my pussy start to get wet.  I tried to think of something else but the more she massaged, the wetter I seemed to get. 

She said “I’m just going to roll this blanket down a little farther so I can get to these lower muscles.”

I shifted a little to try and hide that my pussy was getting all wet.  She didn’t say anything, and continued massaging my ass.  I lay there and felt her massaging the muscles on the sides of my ass and then she reached down and massaged the muscles where they connect to my legs.  By now I could feel myself lying in a puddle of my own pussy juices and I could feel myself starting to shift around under her magical hands.  I tried to stop but by then my pussy had a mind of its own and wanted to be touched and it wanted it badly. 

She still didn’t say anything but I could feel the tone of the massage had changed, now instead of digging into and kneading the muscles, she was just lightly rubbing her hands up and down my back and ass like she was trying to smooth my skin.  I felt her hands on both my ass checks and felt her pull them slightly apart and then I felt her run her finger up and down the crack of my ass.

“I can feel the muscles here and they’re pretty tight too, I’ll need to loosen these muscles up too,” and at that I felt her slid a finger into my ass.  I just about flew off the massage bed, my back arched so hard.  I moaned and pushed my ass back against her finger, begging for more.  “Oh yeah” she said, “these muscles are wayyy too tight, I’m going to need to definitely spend some time working on this”.  She inserted a second finger and then a third.  God damn her fingers felt good in my ass!!  I was moaning and thrashing on the table, pushing back against her fingers trying to get them as far up my ass as I could.

She worked her fingers in and out of my ass for several long minutes before pulling them out and walking away.  “I’m going to need to have you move,” she said and came back over to me, “ lift up your right side” she said, and as I did so, she slid a wedge under me and then did so on the left side too.  This lifted my ass up even higher than it had already been.  “Now I need you to slide down here” she said as I felt her pull me back towards her.

I slid down until my pussy was hanging off the edge of the table and my ass was stuck up in the air.  “Your muscles are so tight, I’m really going to need to spend some time working the knots out,” she told me.  “I need to get better access to them so I can give them the attention they need.”

My pussy was so sopping wet by this time that I swear somewhere inside me a faucet had been turned on.  She slid a couple of fingers into my pussy and got them wet and then proceeded to slide them back into my ass. She then slid a few into my pussy and let her thumb rest against my clit.  She moved her hand back and forth and up and down, fucking my ass, my pussy and rubbing my clit all at the same time.  She did this for several minutes and I was moaning and bucking back against her hand and trying to grind my pussy against her thumb.  She pulled her hand out of me and then I felt her breath against my pussy. “This muscle here needs particular attention, it’s very, very tight right now” and then I felt her slide her tongue into my pussy.  Oh My God! She slowly licked up and down my slit, at one point burying her nose in my asshole before pulling my ass cheeks wide and sliding her tongue into my ass as well. 

By this time I was moaning and groaning and lifting my ass off the table towards her mouth, begging and pleading with her to make me cum. I was so close and I needed it, I wanted it, I begged her for it.  “Do you feel the muscles loosening up?” she asked me.

“YES! YES! OH GOD, YES!” I screamed. 

“Ok, I think I’ve almost got them loose for you,” she said, and then pulled my ass towards her face, shoving her fingers in my ass and mashing her face up against my pussy, pushing her tongue into my pussy as far as she could as she turned her head back and forth grinding her face between my ass cheeks and rubbing my clit furiously with the thumb of her other hand.

I felt cum squirt out of my pussy and my stomach clinch as I bucked against her face for several seconds as my orgasm rocked through me.

After a few minutes of laying there on the table trying to get my breath back, I felt her pull the blanket back up over my back and smooth it over me before she said “Ok, your hour is up, I’ll be behind the curtain while you get dressed.” 

I laid there for a couple of minute gathering my wits and then got up and got dressed.  I was surprised that I was moving much better now and was no longer feeling the tightness and soreness I had felt when I had arrived.

I told her I was dressed and she came back into the room.  “Thanks for coming to see me,” she said. “I hope you’re feeling better, and don’t hesitate to come back and see me whenever you need to,” and with that she handed me a bottle of water and walked me out of the office.

I’m definitely going to have to have my boyfriend have some more crazy sex with me so I have an excuse to go back and get another massage!

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