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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, Being Taped, Force/Rape
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Location: In the forest
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

I think I am the only 20 year old virgin in America.  I’m in college and it seems that everyone is having sex except me.  Not that I want to…I just wish others weren’t so easy.  I can’t even go out on a date without a guy expecting me to put out because all the other girls do.  But I plan to stick to my strict morals and stay a virgin until I am married.


I am at the library working on research for a paper that is due next week.  I enjoy the research and lose track of time. Before I know it, the library is closing and I must leave.  It was a beautiful, warm, fall day when I came here so I walked instead of driving.  That means I have to walk back to my dorm room across campus.  It’s dark and getting cooler.  I don’t have a jacket with me and the cool night air brings my nipples to attention.  I hate this…I always feel so exposed when that happens.  I just walk faster with my arms across my chest hoping nobody will notice.

I get to the path that runs along the edge of the woods and start to walk a little faster.  I hear a group of guys behind me but they are at a distance so I’m not worried about it.  As I continue along the path, their voices fade away and I don’t hear the footsteps on the concrete path behind me anymore.  I begin to relax and slow my pace a bit.

Just as I relax someone leaps from the woods and grabs me, slapping a hand across my mouth to keep me from screaming.  He drags me into the woods where his 2 friends are waiting for me.  “Hey Tommy, her tits are happy to see us,” laughs one of the guys as he pinches my nipple very hard.  The 3 of them drag me deeper into the woods as I struggle to get away.  They are strong and much bigger than my tiny frame but I fight anyway.  I try to kick one of them and miss, he grabs my tit and squeezes incredibly hard.  “If you try that again I will rip your tip off, bitch” he says in a cold, calm voice.  I continue to struggle but cannot get away from them.  We keep moving deeper into the woods.

We come upon a small cabin.  Apparently they knew about this place, because one of them says “there’s the cabin, let’s get her inside.”  They drag me toward this cabin and I know things are going to get much worse if they get me in there.  I thrash and jerk trying to get away but it’s no use.  They drag me into the cabin and throw me to the floor.  As I struggle to rise from the floor, I notice the one named Tommy takes a key out of his pants and locks the new looking deadbolt lock on the door.  I am trapped in here with no way out.

As I start to get to my feet, one of them helps me up and I start to think maybe he will help me.  Then he rips my shirt off and jerks my tits out of my bra.  As he does this his friend laughs, ‘don’t tear them off til we’re done with them, Jake.’  I cry out and beg them to stop.  They ignore me and Tommy goes behind me and unhooks my bra taking it off me.  Now I’m standing there topless.  They all play with my nipples for a while.  Tommy seems to like biting them and I cry out because his bites are HARD.  Jake likes twisting them.  And the other guy, I don’t know his name, seems to like taking pictures and video of the whole thing.  He does occasionally reach a hand in and pinch my nipples or slap them.  I continue to cry and beg them to stop.

I’m beginning to hope and pray that they will be satisfied with just playing with my tits for a while.  After all, we’ve been here for almost an hour and that’s all they have done so far.  Maybe I can get out of this without too much harm.  As soon as that thought entered my mind, I hear Jake say, “Hey Chris, let’s get these pants off her and get down to business.”  I begin to scream and beg them to stop.  “I’m a virgin, please don’t hurt me.  I’ll do anything else you want, just please don’t hurt me.”  They all laugh at this and Tommy says, “Damn….that’s gonna make fucking you even better.  You’ll be so tight!”  I cry harder and try to fight them off but Jake grabs my arms and holds them behind my back as he ties them together.  I don’t know what he used to tie my arms, I didn’t see anything in his hands, but nonetheless, my hands are tied.  I try kicking at them but Chris grabs my ankles and he and Jake lift me as Tommy unbuttons my pants and slides them along with my panties down my legs and off.  Now I’m completely naked and crying hysterically.  They drag me over to a bed and quickly release my arms only to tie them to the headrail of the bed.  They splay my legs and tie each leg to a bed post.

“Now the fun begins” laughs Jake.  Tommy goes back to biting my nipples and Jake moves between my legs, he spits in his hand and rubs it on his gigantic dick.  As he moves toward me, I beg him to stop and he slaps my pussy hard.  I cry out and before I can recover he is shoving his cock in my tight pussy.  It hurts terribly and I scream repeatedly as he continues to move out and then shove forward again…going a little deeper each time.  I’m bleeding now and the sight of my virgin blood turns him on even more.  He rams me harder and faster.  Chris is recording the whole thing on his cell phone and he reaches over and twists my nipple occasionally.  Jake says he is close and tells me to open my mouth and swallow it all.  I do as I’m told and he squirts in my mouth.  I nearly gag but I swallow it all.  He laughs.  Chris is still recording but says he’s going next and hands off the phone to Jake.  

Tommy never seems to tire of torturing my nipples.  He works one of them with his mouth while twisting and pinching and pulling the other one.  Then he swaps to the other one.  Suddenly he stops and says he has something that will be even more fun.  He gets off the bed and goes to the other side of the room.  He returns a moment later with clamps.  I’ve never seen these things before and don’t know what they are until he attaches them to my nipples.  I scream and they all laugh.  He leaves the clamps on me and leaves again.  He returns with the little lead weights used in fishing and says “let’s get her on her hands and knees.”  They untie me and position me on my hands and knees.  The position change makes the clamps hurt even more and I don’t think I can take it.  Then he adds the weights to the clamps and taps them to make them swing back and forth.  I nearly pass out from the pain but he slaps my face hard and says ‘you aren’t allowed to pass out.  I don’t want you to miss a second of this.’

Chris positions himself between my legs and starts to fuck my pussy.  I am so sore and bruised from Jake’s pounding that I cry out again.  Tommy grabs the weights and pulls, stretching my nipples further than I knew they could be stretched.  I continue to scream and cry.  My pain seems to spur them on.  Chris continues to pound my abused pussy and Tommy says “I’m getting her other cherry.”  When he says this, Chris pulls out of me and lays on his back telling me to mount him.  I hesitate and he grabs the weights and pulls until I do as I’m told.  As he does this Tommy moves behind me and I beg more to avoid this violation.  “Your not gonna be a virgin in any way when we are done with you,”  he says with a smirk.  Tommy starts to rub my asshole and enters it partially with his finger.  I scream.  I wonder how am I going to take his monster dick if his finger hurts this bad.  Soon I find out.  He moves his dick to my asshole and starts to push in.  I cry out and beg him to stop.  He ignores me and continues to push forward.  When I feel like there is no more room inside me for anything, he says “the head’s in now.”  Oh my God!!!  That means there are still 8 inches to go!  He shoves hard and fast and I pass out.  They slow the pace and Chris slaps my face until I come to.  As soon as I’m alert again, they start pounding me again.  All this time, Jake is recording this and pulling on the clamps attached to my nipples.  I continue to cry and beg for mercy but none is to be had.

They finally seem to be done and all 3 of them leave the bed and get beer out of the refrigerator.  I am left in my blood and their cum as they drink.  It’s finally over and I am relieved but in tremendous pain.  They have not removed the clamps from my nipples and I am afraid to do it for fear of their reprisals.  I just lay there crying.  Tommy comes over and removes the clamps and tells me to get cleaned up.  I go to the bathroom and clean myself as best I can but every touch is painful.  I stay in the bathroom a long time hoping they will go away.  Finally Jake says ‘get out here, bitch.’  I timidly step out of the bathroom.  He says ‘Get out of here before we tag you some more.  I run.

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