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  By: Stormy  Age: 38  Country: United States

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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome
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Roleplay: Cop/Prisoner
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I’m on the way home from a day at the beach, wearing my bikini top and a very short skirt.  I have taken my bikini bottoms off because they were wet so I’m wearing nothing under the skirt.  I’m speeding along enjoying the warm sun on my skin, paying no attention at all to what is going on around me.  I’m on a very deserted country road now since I live way out in the boonies.  I suddenly hear a siren and notice a cop right behind me.  I look down and realize I’m going 20 MPH over the speed limit…oops! 

I pull over and get my id out for him and sit there waiting, watching him in my mirror.  He’s tall, dark hair and HOT as hell!!!  He walks up to me and asks for my id.  I hand it to him and wait as I feel his eyes lingering on my tits.  He goes back to his car for a few minutes then returns.  He asks me to step out of my car and he looks around to be sure we are alone.

He sneers at me and says he thinks I might be hiding a weapon so he needs to search me.   “Where could I possibly be hiding a weapon?” I ask.  He grabs my arm and spins me around pushing me toward his car.  He tells me to place my hands on the car and he proceeds to search me roughly.  When he gets to my waist, he kicks my feet apart and moves down each leg.  As he comes back up he runs his hands under my skirt.  I hear him suck in a breath as he realizes I have nothing on under the skirt.  He continues the search, running his fingers across my slit and chuckles as he feels my wetness.

“I think I need to search you further,” he states with a smile.  He pushes me through the woods a bit until we are concealed from anyone who might pass by.  Then he stops me and tells me to take off my clothes.  I comply quickly…after all, there isn’t much to remove.  He stands there staring at me for a moment.  Then moves slowly forward.  He grips my nipples and twists them hard.  I inhale sharply and nearly drop to my knees.  It hurts so good.  He releases one of my nipples but keeps a firm grip on the other one.  Moving his free hand down to my pussy, he abruptly rams 3 fingers into me and I cry out.

He laughs and forces me to my knees.  As I’m kneeling there in front of him, he unzips his pants and takes out his big cock.  He tells me to take it all in my mouth and grabs a fistful of hair and rams his dick in my mouth.  I suck at him eagerly and swallow his load as he shoots it into my mouth.  Just as I finish sucking him off, I hear a car stop by the road.  A moment later, another cop appears and says, “Am I too late for the party?”

I am still on my knees and the first cop moves behind me and shoves me forward into doggy position.  The second cop moves in front of me and unzips his pants.  I know what is expected of me and immediately start sucking him.  Soon I feel the first cop pushing his cock into my dripping wet pussy and moan.  He slams into me harder and harder and I’m loving this full feeling.  As the guy in my mouth explodes his cum in my mouth he grabs one of my nipples and squeezes it hard.  This sends me over the edge and I cum along with him.  The cop pounding my pussy cums a few minutes later and shoves me onto the ground as he finishes.  They let me rest for a few minutes, then the first guy tells me I must get them both hard again.  I try my best, sucking on one and rubbing my hands on the other, then alternating to the other one.  Eventually they are both hard again.  One guy lays on his back and tells me to mount him.  I do so immediately and then the other guy starts playing with my asshole.  I know what is coming and begin to cry.  I can take a lot and enjoy it but this is NOT something I have ever wanted.  I beg him not to and promise to fuck him again as soon as I’m done with this guy.  He tells me that isn’t good enough and starts to shove his dick into my tight asshole.  I cry out and he continues to pull back and shove in a bit further each time.  I’m screaming in pain by the time he gets his dick all the way in me.  They have a rhythm going now and since both of them have gotten off a couple of times already, this time it goes on for a long time.  They both have huge dicks and I feel like I’m being torn in half.  Just as I begin to feel like I can’t take it anymore, it ends. 

They both get up and walk away leaving me dripping with their cum and lying there wondering if I will even be able to walk back to my car.

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