Loost my virginity to my next door neighbour   added 4 years ago
  By: Lillyxox  Age: 26  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Big Black man
Tags: lost mY virginity to next door Neighbour
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Well he just moved in next door and he is gorgeous basecly the first day he moved me and him
Had a good nice chat he is 25 and I am 16. I went to the shop and saw him again I couldn't believe he was there I was a little shy but got over it after we walk home togeva and we talk for a long time we exchanged number we have been talking on the phone all night and obviously he is sexy and mature nothing like theguys in school our friend ship had go on for about 2 months and I started having feelings for him and he new I did he would call me babe and I would respond to it By saying babe back then I told him 1 night to meet me outside that day my parent went away I told him I was alone and my sister was out at a friend party and she wouldn't be home now so he came over we was in my living room we was talking and charting laughing for a long time I ask him again if he had a girlfriend he said NO! I told him obviously his not going to tell me the he said if I wanted to know to come sit next to him do I did.

I the realised I was to close to him and I so wanted to kiss him I then told him to come in my room incase my sister came I didn't want her to catch us because she told me she like him but I never told her I was talking to him or she would kill me. So we went upstairs so we sat on the bed and he asked me if I have brough anyone in my room before and I told him no then he asked me if I was sure and I told him yes because I'm still a virgin the he said he doesnt believe me then I said I was a virgin I swear down on my life then he told me to prove it I said how can I prove it then he told me to come to him.

I approach him then he started to slowly touch me My tits and he kiss my stomach and he move my underwear to the side and started to touch my pussy and he started to lick it every time he was touching me I keeps on asking him watch he was doing and he keept on telling me to shhh!! He I was confuse thinking in my head is this how I want to lose my virginity I told him to stop because as I was thinking his fingers was starting to go in my pussy and I felt this pain then he said he will take it easy and to not worry so I just laid the on my bed and took it I was so scared and confused he stared to licke me it was so nice I felt Like I was in heaving I was so wet the he undone his belt I heard the noise but I couldn't talk because he was still liking me the he stude up and told me to suck his dick.

Here I was I told him I never suck on someone before he said babe just do what you know.. So went down and stated sucking him for about 5min then he grab me and put me on my bed and he came on top of me I told him I don't think I'm ready he said to me to not worry he will take it easy he fingerd me for couple of second I was in pain for a bit then HIS HUGE DUCK PLUNGED INTO KY VIRGINA THEN I SCREAM SO LOUD HE PUT HIS HAND OVER MY MOUTH I WAS TRYING TO PUSH HIM BUT HIS WEIGHT WAS ALL ON ME HE WAS HINCH AND I WAS SMALL TINNY BELLOW HIM.. He started to hump me slow then he started doing so fast it got faster and faster then I started feeling all the juiciness of sex it was so nice the he doggyed me he we did about an hour on the sex then he Busted inside me....

I was kind of in pain I just laid there on the bed with him and we ended up sleeping we woke up the next day he kissed me and said he will SEe me later.... And left........ :)

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