No one can help you with your fantasy like some good BFF\'S!   added 4 years ago
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I didn’t know I was such a slut or that I was attracted to girls as well as boys until a few years ago, I mean yah there were plenty of times growing up when I would find myself getting a little excited when in the shower with the other girls after gym, some of them looked really tasty and I felt a little guilty fantasizing about being with them at night or when I was fooling around with one of my boyfriends, but after reading some of the info online I figured it was just normal hormones and I might as well deal with it and enjoy myself. I mean it’s wasn’t like I only wanted to be with girls, I dated and fooled around with a few guys and occasionally if they were really good would suck them off.

When I still lived with my mom and dad they would go out, I would undress and lay in bed looking at myself in my big mirror caressing my small breasts and starring at my smooth pussy (I like to keep it shaved), wondering what it would be like to make love to another girl, or be used in a gangbang, or of course the fantasies of different guys or teachers or rock stars fucking me any way they wanted.

 Usually on those nights I would get so excited that I would even start to play with myself until I climaxed shoving my fingers deep inside my pussy, then I would first bring them to my face so I could smell myself and then would start to lick my tangy juices off.  On some nights if mom and dad were going to be out late, I would go into their bedroom and steal the fake cock and other toys they kept and would fuck myself silly, making sure to clean them and put them back where I found them like a good little girl and then would have to make sure to at least get my clothes on and in my bed before mom and dad got home.

It would kill them if they knew I sometimes watched them late at night when they thought I was asleep, a few times I watched or would listen again fingering myself or riding my giant teddy to a earth moving orgasm thinking about my Dad making my Mom his personal slut.  Dad has a nice big cock I would say at least 8 inches one night I even saw him slide it up mom’s butt while she shoved that beautiful dildo inside her pussy! One night I even fantasized what it would be like if Mom and Dad decided to help their poor horny little pumpkin

But maybe I’ll write about that a little later ;)

Anyway, like I said for some reason I kept finding myself fantasizing being with a girl and maybe a guy at the same time. Sometimes it would get so real I would feel myself starting to so wet that I would have to go into the bathroom and relieve myself by playing with my clit and shoving a finger inside myself just to pull it out and suck it clean, this got me wondering; what would a pussy taste like filled with cum? Or for that matter, what would it be like to suck off a cock covered In pussy juice?

I just had to find out, first test was easy, I met up with Tim who I had known since first grade and even though he always wanted to screw me (he even snuck in my bed once) he never got past second base, ok I sucked him once on a dare when we were younger but his folks almost caught us so it doesn’t count, LOL!

Of course he jumped at the chance for us to go out for a little bar hopping , so after meeting up with a few of our friends, Mark , Jennifer, Kyle, Tim, and I partied until about 2 am when we went back to his place and we all went in to keep the party going. It was fun goofing off with the old crew but It turns out I was not the only one who had other motives.

We kept drinking and joking around for an hour or so when I told Jen I had to go to the bathroom (guys in case you didn’t know that meant I really needed to talk to her) so both of us stumbled, half-drunk to Tim’s bathroom. It was pretty nice, with marble counters and matching clean towels hanging. Still buzzing we started giggling and were making little jokes about how cute the bathroom was.

I then asked Jen if she thought Tim was gay since the whole house was done so nicely, she stopped for a moment looking around and blurted out no but he might be bi! At that we started laughing out loud, and walked out laughing while the guys looked at us like we had lost our minds. I sat down next to Tim, and he put his arm around me, and Jen sat down between Mark and Kyle. We looked at each other and busted out laughing.

Tim looked at me and asked what was so funny? I couldn’t help it and blurted out that Jen thought you were Bi, immediately everyone but Tim started busting up as well. Maybe it was the booze or who knows, but after a while I noticed everyone was getting horny. Jen’s nipples were pressing out of the worn t shirt she was wearing, and even though she was talking with me she was playing with the tent poles In Kyle and Marks shorts!

I could feel myself getting a little juicy and looked down to see Tim beginning to pinch my proud nipples through my tank top. That was more than I could handle so I slipped my hand around his waist band and together we dropped his shorts to free his magnificent rock hard cock. Immediately I grabbed it and spun myself around to a kneeling position and took half of it in my mouth tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum my hand around the base and my free hand rubbing my now soaking pussy.

Tim let out a moan and put his hand on my head and slowly started to slide his cock in and out of my mouth, I knew he was going to cum soon and I really wanted to swallow him down but instead I pulled my head back and start to swirl my tongue around the head. First slowly then faster then swallowing half of it again only to pull my head back again to lick the shaft and start my tongue action on the head again.

This show was driving the others crazy Mark and Kyle pulled off their shorts as did Jen and the orgy was on! Kyle first laid on the floor and slid under me so he could start to lick my pussy, while Jen straddled him and in one grunting move shoved his entire member inside her. Then she guided mark over so she could suck him while riding Kyle.

Kyle was licking me deeply now shoving his big tongue deep inside my tight pussy it almost felt like a small penis slipping In and out of me just to rub it’s hard surface against my clit and dive back into my depths. I was now sucking Tim with all I had, swallowing his entire shaft and guiding it down my throat. Jen and I had learned how to do this from her older sister who had told us guys really liked it when we could do this, I know I had become a pro and apparently Jen did too!

She was fucking Kyle with all she had and had already sucked Mark to an explosive orgasm with him Cumming in her mouth and with it still spurting her in the face and some hitting my back! I was completely lost in the moment as kyle kept tongue fucking me, swallowing my juices as I came closer and closer to Cumming myself loving the attention his talented tongue was giving me as I was now gulping Tim’s now leaking cock down my throat sucking it for all I had.

Then Kyle decided to do something a little unexpected and pulled his talented tongue out of my drenched pussy and shoved it in my ass!
Immediately I let out a muffled squeal causing Tim to lose control and with a thrust began to blow what seemed like gallons of sweet sticky cum in my mouth. I became a woman possessed, as Kyle tongue fucked my virgin ass hole my mouth filled to capacity and he was still Cumming! It started to leak around the sides as I swallowed some, it was sweet, bitter, and all I could think was how much I wished it was In my ass right now!

I swallowed a little more but then still in the moment let some pulled my mouth off of his cock and swallow some and let the rest dribble out of the corner of my mouth and down to my breasts and on to my tummy. Tricking its way to my legs and with Klyle still tongue fucking my ass I took 2 fingers worth of Tim’s sticky cum and shoved it deep in my swollen pussy, then pulled them back out and started to lick them clean.

Jen still riding Kyle said that looks yummy, and asked if I would like to try it from another, I could only nod as Kyle was now making me quiver as I came time after time, he was now licking me with abandon shifting his tongue from my dripping pussy to my ass shoving his tongue deep In each hole.

Then He started to moan and still tonging me began to pump his seed deep inside Jen’s hungry pussy. Jen then slid off of Kyle and lay on her back next to the couch with her legs open as I released Kyle and we all collapsed exhausted each in their own well satisfied heap.
But it wasn’t over yet, not by a long shot!

It seems Jim had “appropriated” some horny goat weed from a Chinese herbal store  and had actually been feeding it to us in the snacks and drinks he had been serving us so the guys were ready to go in no time. Jen and I quickly protested and told the guys we at least needed a little break but here were 3 hard cocks needing immediate attention again.
That’s when Jen and Kyle had a wicked idea; we would play a game of no holds barred naked truth or dare! Tim and Mark tried to back out but after the harassing and being called pussies they gave in and agreed. We all grabbed more booze and the game began.

Jen started by saying truth or dare to Tim, Tim chose truth. She asked if he was bi, Tim answered of course not! Didn’t you see me face fuck Maiko! Jen answered back yeah but she saw him watching Marks cock pretty closely and she thought for sure he licked his lips. We all started ribbing him when he finally admitted yes he did sometimes think about sucking a cock and taking it in the ass, turned out he even let one of his ex-girlfriends fuck him with a strap on!

I told him that was ok, It was a fantasy to eat cum out of a freshly fucked pussy and that I found Jen particularly hot right now as I could see Kyle’s seed seeping out of her. At that Jen hoped up on the couch and spread her legs and told me to get over here and clean it up then we don’t want to get it all over Tim’s nice couch!

Unsure I crawled over and slowly brought my face closer to her pussy, I had been fantasizing about this for as long as I can remember, Jen hunched down and threw a leg over each of my shoulders and grabbing my head shoved her pussy onto my open mouth!

Immediately I could taste the tangy tart flavor of her along with the salty sweet taste of Kyle’s sperm it tasted so wonderful! Grabbing he ass I began to lick her pussy with all I had, alternating between sucking her hard clit and shoving my tongue deep inside her to scoop out the delicious banquet that was being offered to me.

Jen asked the guys what they were staring at, hadn’t they seen this kind of thing in a porno? Then she told Tim this was his chance to fill his fantasy! If you can’t trust your friends to fuck you who can you trust? Seemed like there were three perfectly good cocks there and none of us would hold it against him if he went for it, if he didn’t like it we could stop but if he did we were all now fuck buddies so what the hell.

She then added to start it off and to show your not completely gay why don’t you come over here and fuck Maiko while she eats my pussy? She won’t mind and I know you have always wanted to. Tim needed no more prodding and while I was still eating out Jen, he positioned himself behind me and after spit lubing his cock started sliding it slowly inside me.

Could feel my hungry pussy start tightening around the shaft hungrily gulping him in, but Jen wasn’t done, next she commanded either Mark or Kyle to come around so Tim could suck their cock and the other was to fuck him in the ass while he fucked me. Nervously they looked at each other still stroking their full hardon’s .

Jen began to shame them asking what kind of friends they were and if they were going to fuck each other instead. Then to sweeten the pot she told them her and I would let them fuck us any way and any time they wanted to after we were done. With a hell yeah from both of them Mark walked over to Mark and jokingly told him no teeth as he guided his member into Tim’s mouth as Tim continued to fuck me slowly and methodically slowly shoving my face deeper into Jen’s pussy as I continued to lick and suck her with all I had.

Kyle being the adventurous one knelt behind Tim and spit lubed his cock and started to guide it into Tim first pressing hard against Tim’s puckered ass. Tim stopped his thrusts and spit Mark out of his mouth being nervous on what was about to happen but Jen told him to relax and he was among friends, and asked me to sit up on the couch with her. She then had Tim move In front of her so she could teach him how to suck a cock.

Mark then came over and knelt so he could get better access to my pussy and started to lick me, I began to run my fingers through his hair as he started paying more attention to my now excited clit. He raised his head as we kissed letting his rough tongue into my mouth. I wondered if he could taste the Kyles cum and Jen’s pussy juice still in my mouth, I wondered if he liked it.

My questions were answered when he pulled away letting out an audible mmmmm I could tell he liked it, as he went back to the work at hand, making me cum again.
I look up at Tim and say It’s ok baby we all love you as Jen expertly instructs him while liking and sucking his cock. Occasionally she messages his balls and starts to slip a finger into his anus.  she then tells Kyle there was something in her purse that might help the situation. He reached in and found a tube of lube and after applying it to his cock came back to Tim and asks him if he’s ready to take it like a man.

Mark is really getting into this and starts to slide a finger into me as he continues to lick me out, he then starts to slide first one finger and then the other In my ass! I begin to squirm, allowing him to go deeper. It seems Kyle’s expert tongue readied me for more! But I am not the only one who is ready as Jen lays down on the floor and Tim positions himself to slide his now throbbing cock into her waiting mouth, this puts him into the perfect position to allow Kyle free access to his ass which Kyle waists no time.

As he walks up he looks over to Mark and I and with a wink says I’ll be over there in a minute.  Jen is still sucking Tim and rubbing his balls while inserting two fingers when Kyle replaces her fingers with his, he has the lube on them and starts to slide the lube up Tim’s asshole getting it well lubed for the pounding it was about to get.
Tim’s face was beginning to get beat red when Kyle lubed up his shaft and after first popping the head in, grabbed Tim’s hips and shoved himself into Tim’s virgin ass. Kyle exclaims your as tight as a teenager! And begins to fuck Tim’s ass with wild abandon, Mark hearing what was happening stopped fingering my ass and pulled me off the couch and then bent me over.

Kyle tossed the lube over to him and in two seconds greased my ass and was slowly sliding the head into my ass! I tried to protest and get away but he shoved my face into the couch and with a grunt the tip started  to penetrate my pucker. i half tried to stop him by tightening my ass but the lube that slut Jen had was too much and slowly I felt the tip then the huge head slip in.

I wasn’t sure I really wanted this and as I looked over to Tim I could tell he wasn’t sure as well but he also looked like he was sort of enjoying it. I squirm a little thinking I still might be getting out of it but once the head is in, the rest is pretty easy, so I start to settle in to the ass pounding I am now receiving. I notice Kyle is really starting to get into it and I figure if he can do it so can I so I start to meet Marks strokes fucking him back as he shoves deeper into my ass.

Mark grabs my hips and starts to fuck me harder and harder he then pulls me off the couch so I can bend down further I can feel his sack slapping against my swollen pussy as he fucks me wildly now. I start grunting and he starts to tell me to beg I obey and ask him to please fuck my ass, he tells me Jen and I are just a couple of sluts and he’s going to make her lick out my ass while he fucks hers and he may invite a few more of his friends to fuck us if we are good.

Tim is really starting to get into it as well as Kyle is now pounding his ass with everything he has, he looks over to Mark and comments what a bunch of sluts we have here. Then he starts to cum deep inside Tim as Tim’s starts to dump his load down Jen’s throat, she starts to gag and some begins to spill out but she swallows it down as best she can. Surprisingly I start to cum with Mark pounding deep into me and with a shout he starts to pump his scalding hot sperm into my ass , I never have felt so filled! A little steam of cum trickles out my asshole and he pulls out and again we all are an exhausted heap.

We spend the rest of the week trying every kind of position possible, Jen and I even got double dipped while sucking cock! Greedily I licked cum out of Jen’s pussy every chance I got and each of the guys even try sucking cock and getting fucked as well. Next time we plan on bringing strap on’s so we can have even more fun.

My favorite so far is get banged either in the ass or my pussy while the guy is getting his ass reamed as well! There is nothing like the feeling of a big cock in my ass being shoved deeper by a thrust from behind, and if you’ve never tasted cum inside a freshly fucked pussy you don’t know what you’re missing!

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