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I just came in my fiance's pussy.  As soon as my cock went limp, the pulsing of her pussy muscles pushed my dick out and my seed was running down her clit.  Her ass sticking straight in the air, both of her holes looked delicious, especially her cream filled pie.

I have never enjoyed my fiance's stuffed pussy or swapped my load with her.  I've tried my cum only a handful of times after masturbating, even a few times pulling my legs back so my cock is over my face so I could blow it on my face.

Now you would maybe think that I am bi or do some really kinky stuff. Again, I have only done that a couple times and only because if I blew it on my stomach, I wouldn't have tasted my juice.  When I first started masturbating, I cleaned it up by eating it all from my finger.  My girlfriend at the time lived far away and we would have phone sex and I would tell her how I taste and she told me likewise.  But that was ten years ago.  I haven't swallowed a load in a few.  And I am still curious to try it again.

Well my fiance and I cleaned up and went to sleep.  We woke the next day, got ready and went to work.  I was actually traveling out of town for work to do some fieldwork at a clients, and one of the coworkers I was going with I had never worked with before.  I saw him occasionally around the office.  He had that extravert personality and smile that everyone got along with.  From the grapevine, he was single and never really looking to be tied down.  At least not this young, middle 20's.

Well after getting to know the guy at the clients and a long day of work. We left to check in to our hotel. The hotel had its own restaurant and bar so we got our key cards, dropped our stuff off in our own separate rooms and met at the restaurant and bar.

We talked for a while getting to know each other and talk how guys do with other guys after some liquor.  Eventually we started commenting on some of the females around and we started talking about our past sexual experiences.  I was starting to feel a rush in my pants.

We paid our bill and walked to the elevator to get to our room. It was 9:00.  I had a great buzz going on. We kept making jokes in the elevator to our floor.  When the elevator door opened, he invited me down to have some more drinks in his room, on the other side of the floor. I told him I was going to call my fiance first and then I'd be down.

After a half hour talk with my girl, I took off down the hall, still in my suit slacks but shirt untucked and tie left lying on my bed.  I got to his room and knocked, he did the same thing with his attire and invited me in with a full glass in his hand.  I took a drink and it was a stiff drink, vodka and grape juice on rocks.  He had only a king bed, which was the normal situation for these over night jobs.

He motioned to take a seat on the bed and we'd find something to watch on tv.  We finished our drinks and had poured a second and that being nearly gone, so was our conversation.  We had flipped through channels a dozen times and found nothing and I was getting ready to leave, with a good buzz, nearly drunk.  He then said, "Want to order a porn?"

I had never watched porn with another guy before, and being that I had barely knew the guy, what's the big deal.  We don't have much to judge each other from.  So I agreed.  He poured a third glass for each of us and found a good gang bang porn with two men and a woman.

We had mentioned we had never been in a threesome before but it would be fun.  It wasn't a bi threesome either.  Just some good old DP.  I could see a bulge forming in his suit slacks.  He slid his hands and cupped them over his cock.  He didn't see me looking.  His eyes fixed to the TV.  My cock was starting to pulse.  I could feel it under my hands as I covered it and to slightly push down on it to give it the attention it needed. I was getting horny from this movie and not being able to whip my hard cock out and stroke it.  I noticed out of the corner of my eye he had caught me pushing down on my cock and my feet tensed out.  He then started stroking his cock through his slacks and I looked down at him.  I could see it had to be good size. And inch or two bigger than mine.

"Is it okay if I do this?" He asked. I said, "Yeah, I don't mind.". It was actually turning me on.  I was curiously horny to see it.  I don't know what had come over me and maybe I was reading into it and he was signaling something and I would maybe just go for it.  I started stroking mine a little as well and he finally unzipped his slacks and put his hand down his pants to stroke some more.  He said, "I know this might sound gay but, I love watching a girl get filled with two dicks.". I agreed enthusiastically.  I knew what he meant.  To fill a girl with cock is hot. Gets both the anal and the pussy fucking in one seen.  Not watching dick.  But I wanted to see his.  I had never been with a guy in any manner before.

I unzipped and pulled my pants down below my balls and stroked my coke through my Calvin Klein short boxer briefs.  It felt so good.  He looked over and gave me a smile.  "So we are going there, huh?". He said.  I didn't know what that meant but he took his pants off and to much of my surprise, he was wearing Calvin Klein bikini briefs for men.  He also took off his shirt and I could see a very well fit body and legs. You could tell he tanned and kept up on grooming.  A nice six pack and a firm chest. I look much the same way but not as tan.

My mouth was beginning to water as I watched him stroke his firm cock through his bikini briefs, and on occasion, his cock head would come out from the band.  It looked delicious.  I began gripping my member tighter and my mushroom tip starting coming out too.  I turned back to the TV and the woman had two cocks in front of her, both of the heads touching as she tongued them.  Our breathing in the room got heavier.

I closed my eyes and his cock came into my imagination.  It was right in my face.  I began to want it more and more.  I looked back over at him and he had now pulled his entire cock out.  It was a thick eight inches.  I took the initiative and just stripped down.  He smiled at me. And then licked his lips. I could see he wanted mine too.  I got back on the bed a little closer to him this time.  He scooted closer and now we were a half an arms length apart.  He slid his bikini briefs off and used them to stoke his cock.  His attention was still mostly on the TV but he still would look down at me often.  We were stroking slowly, at times we'd let go and run our balls through our fingers.

That's when things changed.  He reached over and began to rub my thigh.  My cock jumped with pleasure.  I could see he had to tame his cock with a good squeeze too.  We looked at each others dicks, not saying a word, still stoking our own.  He inched his hand towards my cock.  I started to rub his nice six pack with my left hand and then rub his right forearm lightly as he played with my testicles.  His hand was soft. And he knew exactly how to play with my bearings.  I asked him, "What are we doing?". He replied, "I've never done this before but your dick looked so good.  It's been a couple weeks since I have been with a girl.". I said to him, "Your hand feels amazing.". He smiled while staring at my cock.  The then licked his palm and began to stroke my cock with his right hand.  He grabbed my left hand. From his chest and placed it on his dick.  I grabbed it firmly.

It felt so good to have a grip on him.  He drooled over his own cock and said lube will feel better.  I let out a laugh.  His throbbing made my veins in my own cock pulse harder.  I could tell he was trying to milk me.  Up and down, slowly and firmly.  His eyes were fixed on my cum hole.  As a drip came out, he moved between my legs and put his face into groin. Licking between my legs, then he sucked on my swollen nuts, and lastly took me in his mouth and sucked like a vacuum, he wanted my seed.  He then looked at me and said, "Cum, your cum actually tastes good.  The tingling feeling is arousing.". I then asked him if had tried his own or someone else's before and he said, "Never."


He then put his mouth back around my cock. Moving up and down.  Sometimes faster, then he would slow it down and suck harder.  Occasionally he would stop stroking me and place a hand on each of my hips and deep throat my cock.  He knew what he was doing.  He had a cock of his own and knew how he would like it.  When he needed a breath he would release my dick and a strand of saliva and pre cum would connect my cock head and his mouth.  It made me want to come in his dirty mouth so bad.

When he put his moth back around my shaft he tightened his grip and sped up the stroking.  "Cum in my mouth," he said as he would come up after some cock sucking and that's when I felt something on my butthole.  My chocolate starfish was already soaking from his saliva running down my taint. He stuck only his index finger in about an inch.  I was like a little tight school girl.  I let him continue and showed him I like it with my gasp and moan. He continued the sucking and he began to finger my ass deeper and deeper until he had the whole finger in.

I loved the feeling and I thought to myself what a dick would feel like.  I told him breathlessly, "put another finger in.". I reached to my ass cheeks and pulled them apart and he slid in another finger alongside the one fingering my butthole. He never stop sucking either. He would moan deeply.  I felt so good and I could feel my cumhole leaking.  He then stroked as fast as he could and I erupted in his mouth.  He never stopped sucking or working his finger on my prostate.  I came for what seemed like ten minutes.


He swallowed every drop.  Not an drip came from his mouth.  I could see the porn was still going and the woman was getting double penetrated, one in her pussy and one in her ass.  I looked at him now sitting back on his feet.  He was still rock hard.  It need its attention.  I had a reward for his pleasing blowjob.  I loved those fingers in my ass and I wondered what his cock would feel like.  So I got on all fours and licked the tip of his dick.  It jumped like I startled it.  I then ran my tongue down the shaft and then grabbed it with my right hand, stroking it, and sucked on his balls.  The feeling of a dick and balls in my face was very arousing.  I could feel his heat radiating.  I licked back up to the tip and gave him a good sucking for a couple minutes, fast and slow, sometime with my teeth barely dragging up and down the shaft.  He started rubbing my back with this hands.  Up and down they went closer getting to my ass.  He then grabbed my ass, pulled the cheeks apart.  I could feel my asshole open up a little.  He then let go with his left hand, sucked his finger and reached as far as he could up my ass with it.  I knew he wanted to know what it was like to feel the warmth of my rectum around his pole.


I figured I had his cock nice and lubed up but to make sure, I got up, went to the vanity and grabbed some of the hotel lotion and walked back to the bed.  I poured like half the bottle into my hand and rubbed it all over my starfish.  As I was rubbing it in and around the puckered hole, I was sucking him off again.  I wanted it to go in so smooth, his cock has some good girth to it, much more than two fingers.  I turned around and he got the idea.


He grabbed the lotion poured some and rubbed it on his dick and then pressed the head up to my hole.  It was tight still.  Its virginity was about to be stretched to its limit.  I was watching this girl get banged on the porno.  She now had two dicks up her ass.  I tried to relax my ass and he slowly pushed.  I could feel the head just inside.  He pulled back and it popped right out.  He did this a few times.  Then he pushed it back in, spit down on my hole and pushed some more in.  He would pull out some but not all the way.  It hurt incredibly bad but I just kept breathing deep.  I pushed back against him and then when I exhaled, my ass loosened up and he slid all the way in.  He let out a moan, it was so tight around his dick.  I could feel every inch of him.  He rubbed my sides and I started to fuck back against him, still on all fours.  We went slow but then he grabbed my hips and started to thrust harder and faster.  It felt so good, the pressure against my prostate and I could feel the cum building in my cock again.


He kept going hard and fast.  I was just like that little slut in the porno.  I pulled away so his cock came out and I grabbed my cheeks apart so he could see my asshole opening up for him.  I turned around and laid him on his back. I grabbed his ass covered dick and stroked it. I even licked the tip and then I straddled him and slid his cock back in me.  I rode him like a good ass fucking slut.  I also wanted him to stroke me off again.  I rode slowly then fast and then slowly and then eventually got on my feet crouching down like my fiance does when she was a good pounding.  He got the idea and just started thrusting up into me.  I could tell he was about to cum and I was too.  He was stroking me in tandem and I could feel the warmth of his cum in my asshole, it felt so deep, but amazing at the same time.  I rode it until it slipped out.  My cum ended up on his chest.  He told me to get on all fours again, keeping my ass in the air.  I could feel my rectum trying to squeeze his cum out and my cream pie was beginning to leak.  He bent down, put his face in between my ass cheeks and licked my starfish clean.  He even sucked on it to try to get it all out.  My cum was still on his chest so when he was done, I laid him back down and licked it off him.  The tingling was a nice finishing touch.


I then kissed him.  The first time I had kissed a man.  He then mentioned we should probably get cleaned up.  I thought that would be a great idea.  He grabbed my cock again and said he wants to know what my cock feels like in his ass.  I felt life grow back into my cock and I said the water and soap in the shower may make some good lube.


I wonder if my fiance would ever get me a butt plug or fuck me with a dildo?

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