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I had just started seeing someone new. His name is donnie hes an actor and rapper and oh so beautiful. We had been seeing each other for over a year i made friends with the wives of his friends. Theres Kim she had been married to joey since the dawn of time she was the normal one in the group. Then there was evelynn she had been married to jordan for 7 years she is the lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets shes always talking about her sex life with jordan and there was patti. Her and danny had just recently gotten back together. they orignally divorced in 1999 but he asked her to marry her again it was romatic and sweet. patti is the nympho of the group. Patti would talk about breaking headboards with danny doing almost every sex act known to man. and there was me the quiet shy girl who hasent done it in a whille. Today the girls and i got together for lunch and we all got to talking about the loves of our lives. "So last night danny and i did it for at least 5 hours" patti says. "im surprised i was able to meet up with u girls today cause i was going to be glued to that bed with danny for the rest of the day" As patti continued talking, i sat there nervous wanting to admit to the girls that i never had sex with donnie yet. "are you ok girl?" kim asked. "Yeah im fine why do u ask?" i said. "Normally you would be talking with us thats why im asking" she replied. "OK FINE ILL ADMIT IT DONNIE AND I HAVENT HAD SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!" I said. All the girls at the table were shocked espically patti seeing as she was the sex crazed skank of the group. "you guys have been together for a year and a half and yall aint fucked yet?????" Evelynn said curriously. "Yeah. I mean we both have been busy" i said. "you should never be to busy for sex" patti said. "heres an idea the guys are gonna be at the studio recording tomower why dont you swing for a little action from your man." Evelynn said."hell i go with you" I sat there excited but nervous. "what should i wear?" I said. "a short slutty dress do u have any to wear?" Kim said. "yeah i got a few to wear" i said.

It was the next day i was going to the studio with evelynn to go see my donnie.............

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