Wife Seduced While Out With Girlfriends   added 4 years ago
  By: fatcat47  Age: 68  Country: United States

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Enter your story here... My tall, blonde wife goes out with her girlfriends for "girls nite out".  While at a club, a tall, well-built Black man makes eye contact with my wife.  At first she averts his gaze thinking it was just coincidental, but intrigue, she looks over again and this time is not mistaken--he's looking right at her.  My wife feels a little uncomfortable, but also a bit excited as she feels famiiar stirrings in her pussy.

One of her girlfriends also notices the man and says, "Wow, check out that hunk of man!"

About that time the Black stranger comes directly over to the table where my wife and her friends are and asks my wife to dance with him.  She begins to say "no", but undaunted, he simply takes her by the hand and leads her out onto the dance floor.

When the music to a fast-dance ends, my wife turns expecting to be lead back to her table and the safety of her friends, but the Black man takes her by the arm, turns her around and pulls her close to him for the slow dance now playing.

As they dance, he nibbles on her neck and turns her around so that he has her back to him.  He then reaches up under her little black dress and strokes her pussy through her panties.  My wife's breathing becomes deeper and she is getting excited by his touch.  Although she initially tried to pull his powerful hands away, her arms dangle listlessly at her sides.

His touch is taking a toll on her resistance and as the first orgasm comes over her, her knees buckle. 

Her head is still spinning as he leads her over to a booth in one of the darker corners of the club.

Emboldened by his success, he begins making out with my wife with deep kisses.  He orders my wife to pull her panties down as a sign of her willingness to go further...she does!

He continues to minister to her pussy and kiss her deep, then tells her to untie her halter top and reveal her ample breast.  Again, she does as she is told.

She is so turned on at this point, she has reached the point of no return, so that when he pulls out his huge black cock, she goes down on him without anything being said.

As her head bobs up and down in his lap, his cock grows in her mouth until he lets out a moan and unloads his cum in her wanting mouth.

Having had his way with her, he now has her straddle him and fucks her right there in the club.  She rides him, humping him faster and faster until they both moan and orgasm together. When he's done with her, he just walks away leaving her breathless with cum spilling out of her pussy there in the booth.

To Be Continued...

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