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My boyfriend kept pushing me to have a threesome.  He kept saying that he really really wanted to see me making out with another woman and licking another woman's pussy while he fucked me. I had never had a threesome before and was a little excited and a little apprehensive about doing this but I wanted to make his fantasy come true for him.


I had gone out with a bunch of people from work and was slightly drunk when I mentioned my boyfriend's fantasy to a female co-worker.  She told me that she would be interested in having a threesome with us.


We made the arrangements and met one night at a hotel.  


After a few drinks he asked us to get undressed and get up on the bed.We did that and laid down next to each other.  He told me to start making out with her and we started kissing.  I admit that I kind of liked kissing her.  Next I started playing with her titties, rubbing them, tugging on the nipples, licking and sucking them. She told me she wanted to taste my pussy, so I moved around so my pussy was hovering over her mouth while I continued to play with her beautiful perky titties.  She wrapped her arms around my thighs and pulled my pussy down to her mouth and proceed to alternate licking up and down my pussy lips and inserting her tongue deep inside my pussy.  


I have to admit I was really getting turned on by this and decided I wanted to return the favor.  I moved down so that my mouth was above her pussy and breathed in her scent.  I reached up and pulled the hood back from her clit and breathed lightly on it causing her to moan and lift her hips toward my mouth.  I lightly touched the tip of my tongue to her clit and she moaned again louder this time and lifted her hips higher, trying to get more contact from my mouth all the while tongue fucking my pussy and making my juices drip out of my pussy all over her face.


I wrapped my hands under her thighs and lifted her hips up so I could bury my mouth in her pussy, licking all around her pussy lips, licking from top to bottom and back up again.  I slowly slid the tip of my tongue into her pussy and flicked it around lightly, trying to tickle the inside of her pussy lips.  I licked my finger and then slid one inside her pussy probing around, pushing against the walls of her pussy.  She groaned and said, "yes, more, give me more, do it like this" and then she shoved three fingers inside my pussy and started to fuck my roughly with her hand.  I inserted more fingers and started to do the same for her still licking up and down her pussy. After several minutes of this I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and sucked the juices off and then inserted them to get more.  I pulled my fingers back out again and inserted one and then two into her ass, sliding them back and forth a couple of times.


I have to admit, I think we had both forgotten about my boyfriend while we were working each others pussies.  I hadn't even thought about him after getting on the bed with her.  I felt him behind me suddenly when he grabbed my hips roughly and slammed his rock hard dick into my pussy.  He started pounding my pussy hard and fast.  Pulling out a couple of times to slap my ass before shoving his dick back in my pussy.  One of them stuck a couple of fingers in my ass and I could still feel her licking my clit as he fucked my pussy. 


It felt SOOO good having her suck my clit while he was fucking my pussy hard!  I started to finger fuck her ass quickly while inserting the fingers of my other hand into her pussy and leaned forward to suck her clit all the way into my mouth and flick my tongue back and forth over it.  She started to thrash and moan and she kept bucking her hips up to my mouth and grinding her pussy into my mouth and I could tell she was about to cum.  I could not believe that I was actually going to make a woman cum and drink the juices out of her pussy!


My boyfriend pulled his cock out of my pussy spread my ass cheeks apart, spit on my asshole and shoved his cock deep into my ass.  This left her full access to my pussy again, but she was almost at the point of cuming so she was holding onto my thighs for dear life at that moment.  The next moment she was screaming "oh god, ahhh, ahhhh, uhhhh, oh, oh, oh, I'm cuming, oh fuck, I'm going to cum all over your face, taste my pussy bitch, drink all my pussy juices!"  As she was yelling this I heard my boyfriend saying, "oh fuck, oh fuck, that is so fucking sexy, cum all over her bitch!" and started slamming into me harder than he ever has before.  She came in great squirting spurts, getting her juices all over my face, in my mouth and all over my hair.  


"Oh baby, you can lick some pussy REAL good!" she gasped as her thigh and stomach muscles finally quit spasming.  Then she said,  "Your turn,' and starting finger fucking me faster and faster while sucking on my clit.  I started moaning and grinding my pussy into her mouth as my boyfriend said "oh fuck, I'm cuming, you guys are making me cum!' and I could feel him shooting his wad into my ass as I was grinding my pussy into her face.  Just at that same moment I felt my muscles tightening and knew I was about to cum too! I came hard, sitting down hard on her face and rocking back and forth as my orgasm ripped thru me.


We all lay there for several minutes recuperating and then started getting up and getting ready to go.  She left first and he and I laid there for a little while.  He held me tightly and thanked me for fulfilling his fantasy. He said he had never been turned on that much before and asked if I had liked it.


Oh boy had I!


I liked it so much, that little does my boyfriend know, but at least twice a week now, my co-worker and I go to "lunch" together, only thing we ever end up eating though, is each other.  

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