The Candy Shop -a story of a rich teen and a young candy shop owner-   added 4 years ago
  By: Jacepk  Age: 27  Country: United States

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My name is Alex and I am a twenty five year old who owns a candy shop some of which was stale candy. A candy shop at the age of twenty five. I was given loads of money and I decided hey what the hell. I like candy and so do other people. So this story starts out with a simple day of closing shop except a young girl with pretty blonde hair and blue eyes with a nice sized B cup breast size simple skirt and a t-shirt with a print of a a teddy bear with his mouth bloody and razor sharp teeth, walks in. She must have been around twenty years of age about 5’10 or so. I look at her as she sifts around looking at all the candy. She SEEMED quite innocent. Little did I know what the night was about to be quite a unique time.



“Alex’s the name and welcome to my candy shop hon”. She looks directly into my eyes and gives me a sort of interesting look almost like a grin with a glare. She speaks and it was the most wonderful and erotic voice. She asks me to grab a “special” candy from the back and I do just that I go to back. I have a screen back there I doubt she’d try to steal anything. I get to the back to look for the specific candy. The back room was pretty simple it had plenty of other candy that I change from time to time. It had a desk in the middle as well. I look at the screen and shes not anywhere to be found. I turn my back to look for the candy when a hand reaches out and holds my mouth shut. I go black…



I wake up tied to my table in the middle of my candy shop the lights dimmed  directly on me and the shop rather closed now. I wiggle about and realize I’m completely tied down. She leans over me and smiles innocently a candy necklace some redvines and some other miscellaneous candy adorned her body. I couldn’t do very much in this position. I thrust-ed forward to get free but  clearly I wasn’t going anywhere. She takes a pair of scissors and cuts my clothing off. I watch as she stands tall in front of me.  She stood tall enough so I could see she wasn’t wearing any underwear under her skirt. She pulled on one of the candy necklaces and spit half of it out. She pulled the other piece back and let it fly with a very hard thud to my chest. I yelped as it left a red mark. “oww that hurts!”she glares at me and opens her mouth “SHUT UP.” was all she said. She takes a bunch of marsh mellows and stuffs my mouth with them. She leans over me and tapes my mouth shut. I mumble a little. She slaps my chest with a very old red vines. I cry out and whine. She speaks up her words very sharp as she tells me what a bad owner I was. She apparently had been in a couple of times and wasn’t pleased at all with what I was selling. Now that I think about it I remember a young girl with a man servant? Yes that’s right a man servant. He was around my age too. I feel her soft hands run along my chest with a candy paint brush. The whole time her face had a very innocent look on it. She wrote on my chest “WHORE, BITCH, CUNT, MINE” over and over my body. She leaned down every once in a while to lick up the mistakes of how she wrote on my body. Clearly she was very meticulous and for some reason it turned me on. She noticed this immediately and pulled out one of those long sour straw candys, a blue one in fact. I shuddered wondering where that would be going. I soon found out where that was going and I did not like it one bit.



I screamed through the marsh mellow gag. I screamed as she roughly and not easily shoved it down my urethral tube. I whined and cried but she didn’t stop. It was soon all the way down there. I saw just a tiny tip of it poking out. She grabbed tweezers and grabbed the little bit of tip and pulled it out and then put it back in. My cock hard as a rock and now sore as all get up. I writhed about and screamed as much as I could. She pulled a lever and the table shot my into a up right position. I felt the candy in my urethra twist a little and I cried some more. She produced a modified rock candy flail. I saw in her eyes she was here on business as well as some pleasure for herself of course. She swooshed it above her head and right into my crotch. I cried out yet again and she let it crack against my thighs. I passed out… -more to cum :3-

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