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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, Oral Sex, Anal Sex
Tags: brother slave sex
Location: My House
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

you have a few guys and their girlfriends over to watch the big game. We get into a friendly argument on who would win and end up betting that if you lose you will be my slave for a day and if i lose i will be yours. well as you can figure i lose the bet, in fact my team get beat very badly.

you decide the debt will be paid immediatly and command me to go get in my holloween toga so i will look the part as well. as the night progresses i am ordered to bring drinks and snacks and once you command me to crawl to you as you sit in your chair. everyone is having a good time and even i am getting a little tipsy. when you decide i now need to be trained in teh proper ways of a slave and pull out a raging hard on and tell me to suck you off. i start to deny you and remimd you that you are my brother but this does notthing and you take my head with one hand and shove your cock in my mouth with the other and start to fuck my mouth telling me  you are going to treat me like the little slut i am.

this seems to have an effect on everyone and soon everyones clothes come off and the party breaks into an all out orgy. after you cum in my mouth you order me to swallow it all and spy one of the girls layng on her back spread wide open while one of the guys neels above her mouth sliding himself down her throat. you command me to go eat her pussy which i do redily.

the sight of your little sister licking a pussy is too much for you and you instead have me straddle your cock and lower myself while one of your buddies comes ofer and you command me to suck him off. after fucking me for a while you announce to me you are going to cum so you quicklly roll me off and on to all fours and shove yourself into my ass and fill me with your seed.

for the rest of the weekend i willingly stared your personaly slave and fucked everyone at the party including the girls. my favaorive part was licking tthe cum out of one of the girls pussy  (yummy), and letting everyone in there cum inside me at least once. i even had my first double penetration while sucking a cock.

but be warned, if i win next time, even if i have to wear mom's strap on, you WILL be the one getting a good fucking!

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