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I sat there in a daze for a minute before shaking my head no.


My head was already swimming and I didn't need any more help from alcohol.


He went down the hall and came back a couple of minutes later with his hands behind his back.


"Do you trust me?" he asked. I looked at him for a moment and then nodded. "Stand up" he said.


I stood and he walked to me and told me to turn around.  I turned around and he reached around me and placed a blindfold over my eyes.  He stepped up against me, his dick at attention against my lower back and fondled both my breasts, nuzzling my neck at the same time.  His hands lowered to the button of my pants and he undid them slowly, slowly lowering them past my thighs, down past my knees and down around my ankles.  At this point, I felt his breath on my ass right before he slid his tongue along the string of my thong, licking it from top to bottom and making me shiver in reaction. He then stood up, stepped beside me, taking my hand and pulled me along behind him.


I walked hesitantly with my hand out in front of me, afraid I would run into something with the blindfold on.  "Trust me" he said, "I won't let you get hurt."  We stopped for a minute and I heard a door open and felt cool air against my skin as he again drew me forward.


"Where are we going?" I asked him.


"Shh," he said, "I'll ask you again, do you trust me?"




"Then trust me." I felt weird walking outside in my bra and thong but remembered there was no one around to see.  We walked across some grass and then stopped again.  I heard another door slide open and remembered seeing a barn like structure behind the house.  We walked thru the door and he slid it closed behind us.  He walked me forward a few steps and then told me to step up.  I stepped up onto a platform a few steps and then he let go of my hand. For some reason it felt like there were people watching me.


"Hello? Hello?"  No answer.  "Hello? Is there anyone here?"


"Trust" he repeated.


I stood there trying to determine where he was, and what he was doing. I felt his hands at my ankle fastening a buckle to it.  He then fastened one to my other ankle.  Next he put a belt around my waist and buckled that.  Then both my wrists, and lastly he placed buckles around both of my thighs and I felt him walk away and I was alone.  I knew if I said anything, all he would say was "trust", and oddly enough I did trust him, so I stood there and waited to see what would happen next.  I heard a small motor start and I started to feel myself being lifted by my waist.  It was slow, but next thing I knew I was on my toes and then hanging in mid air. I slowly tilted forward until I could tell I was parallel with the floor.  Next my arms slowly began to be pulled out until they both were even with my shoulders.  My legs, which had been parallel with my body now slowly began to be spread wide, farther and farther until it was almost painful and then it stopped.


I was suspended above the floor arms and legs spread wide, totally open and exposed to him in every way.  I felt his hands on my calves and he ran them up the length of my legs until he reached my lace thong and in one sharp move he yanked the thong, ripping it off of me, my bra followed.  Now I was completely naked, blindfolded and suspended spread eagle and exposed, totally at his mercy.


I know I should have been afraid, but I wasn't, I was excited and incredibly aroused.  I suddenly smelled something familiar and in the same instant, I felt something warm and sticky being lowly poured down the length of my back starting at my neck and slowly sliding down my spine to pool in the small of my back.


I felt his finger slowly swirl at the small of my back and then he was sliding his finger into my mouth.  Umm, chocolate.  He was pouring warm melted chocolate onto my back.  He slid his hands into the chocolate and sensually started rubbing the chocolate all over my back.  Chocolate was running down my sides and started to drip off my nipples, which were fully at attention.  Now I smell honey and feel him slowly pouring that onto my back on top of the chocolate.  I feel him slowly rolling something cool and hard against the skin of my back, slowly sliding it up and down along my spine.


I feel him pouring honey, or is it chocolate, across my ass and I feel it start to drip down the crack of my ass and I feel some running into my pussy.  I am trying to figure out what he is sliding up and down my back.  I feel his finger at my lips again and open my mouth to suck the chocolate honey mixture off his fingers.  He inserts one, then two, and then three fingers into my mouth, making me open wider to accept his fingers.  His fingers tease my lips and I open my mouth wider and strain to reach his fingers when the unexpected happens.  Something other than his fingers is slid into my mouth.  I pull back in surprise but he holds the back of my neck to hold my head still and slides it into my mouth so it's just touching the back of my throat and then I feel him buckling it at the back of my head.  He has gagged me! He inserted a rubber penis in my mouth and buckled it in place!

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