Old Flame Part 2   added 4 years ago
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Categories: Oral Sex, Anonymity, Group Sex / Threesome, The Audience / Voyeur, Identified partner
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"Hey you made it, have any trouble finding the place?"


"Not at all.  Boy, you sure picked an out of the way place to live!"


"I like my privacy.  Come on it and have a drink."


We went inside and he offered me a seat on the couch while he went into the kitchen.


"What would you like to drink?"


"Surprise me," I said.  I leaned over and looked at the Ipod he had playing on his docking station to see what song was playing.


He brought me back a Heinken and a shot glass full to the brim.




"Of course!" he laughed.


He sat down on the couch next to my handed my both drinks and picked up his cigarette.


"So, tell me, how are things going with you? What's new in your life?"


Over the course of the next hour we caught up with each other, listened to music and had some more to drink.


He got up to freshen our drinks and this time when he came back, he sat down right beside me on the couch, picked up my hand and placed it on the bulge at the crotch of his pants.


"Finally!," I thought.


He held my hand there as he placed his other hand at the back of my neck pulling me towards him and kissing my deeply, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth.  He moved my hand back and forth on his dick, reaching down to undo the buttons on his pants, allowing his big black dick to spring out and greet me.


"I've missed your pussy," he said into my mouth, reaching under my shirt and fondling my breast.  "GOD," he moaned, "your tits have gotten so much bigger than they used to be."  He pushed my shirt up and pulled it off over my head.


The edge of my bra ended just below my nipples, and by this time, both my nipples were as hard as rocks and aching for him to suck on them.


"Let me look at these," he said.  "Your nipples are so much bigger too." He palmed both of my breasts and used his thumbs to rub my nipples making them even harder than they had already been.


He lowered his head finally, licking and sucking on a nipple, then switching to give attention to the other one, making me moan and making my pussy juices flood my pants.


He slid his hand down the front of my pants and slowly slid one of his fingers inside me. "Oh, your pussy is soooo wet" he murmured, rubbing my clit with the juices from my pussy.


Suddenly, he stopped kissing me, pulled his hand out of my pants and stood up.  "Want another drink?" he asked calmly, tucking his dick back into his pants and walking towards the kitchen.

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