Old Flame Part 1   added 4 years ago
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Categories: Oral Sex, Group Sex / Threesome, The Audience / Voyeur
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We had been together for a couple of years in the past.  He had been my first, and he had taught me so many, many things.  I was thankful he had been my first.  There were so many different things he had tried with me, that I was pretty open to try just about anything.


I had had lovers since him, but none of them were as open and creative as he had been.  Had one of those others been my first, my sex life would have been much more boring! But then again, I guess I wouldn't have known any better!


We'd run into each other recently, and had exchanged numbers. We'd gone out for drinks a couple of times and he had been pressing me to come over to his new place.


I had been putting it off, not sure if I was ready.  I had been in a bad relationship for several years.  The only good thing that came out of it had been my daughter.  But I had been alone and celibate for quite awhile now and wasn't sure I would be able to "keep up with him".


Tonight was the night I had decided to find out.  Through the years, I had used memories of things we had done together to help pleasure myself, or even to help get through sex when I was with an unimaginative lover.


I would lay there as he was pumping away, thinking he was god's gift, and that he was hitting all the right spots while I was bored out of my mind.  I would think back to one of our escapades, relive it, and soon I would be moaning and squirming around, stoking my lovers ego.


I had missed having sex with him, but I admit I was a little scared, but a lot excited! I was hoping I hadn't misread his invitation, but, just in case, I wore my new sexy demi bra and lace thong.


He had given me his address and as I plugged it into my GPS, I told my daughter to have fun at her sleep over and headed out.


I wasn't sure where this address was, but I can tell you this, it was WAY out in the boonies. When I got there, I saw that it was an isolated property with no other neighbors in sight.


 I got out of my car and walked toward the house, hoping I had the right address.  It was a warm evening, and there was the smell of newly cut grass in the air.  As I walked onto the porch, the front door opened and he walked out.

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