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Categories: Prostitutes, S-M / Domination / submissive, The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: humiliation Public
Location: A Public place
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

I've recently started seeing a really interesting girl, Karen, who is so relaxed and un-judgemental. I don't need to beg her for sex, she has a high sex drive and likes to talk openly about what she likes. She's also very keen to make sure that she satisfies me fully.

I initially met Karen when she was an escort that I used a while back. We got on really well and eventually started meeting socially. Because I've known from the outset that she does some escort work, I don't get jealous as I understand her outlook about it. Although the money comes in handy for her, she loves sex and her attitude is...

"Why not earn money doing something that I love?!?"

"Besides....I don't love them darling.....I love you!!"

It's amazing!! Because she's been so honest from day 1, I don't need to try and avoid the "previous partners" chat. It's irrelevant!!

One evening, after a particularly vigorous fuck when I'd pounded her good and hard, I shot my load all over her neat little strip of jet black pubes and tanned flat stomach. After, we indulged in some post coital chat. We got around to discussing sexual fantasies.  Karen blew my mind with hers. Many of them seemed to involve either being overpowered and fucked into next week "against her will"; or, being brought to a screaming orgasm whilst being watched and filmed by a group of people.

This really turned me on, and gave me fresh sexual food for thought. The idea of being made hard and shooting my load for an audience really got me stirring. The mental image of this being filmed and put on the internet for strangers to watch, turned me on even more!

Karen is so much fun to be with!!

Some weeks later, Karen organised a fancy dress party for my birthday in our local pub, the Pear & Partridge. She hired the upstairs room for invited guests only.

I thought it was a bit strange, but she didn't invite any family.....just social friends and regulars from the pub. She also hired 2 of the girls from the bar downstairs for the evening to serve the drinks.

It was a great night, I went as a Roman emperor, complete with toga and sandals. Karen went as Catwoman.....yes.....with the black leather body suit and mask.  Very sexy!!

At about midnight, most people had left and we were down to about 30 close friends and pub regulars.  Although I'd drank quite a lot, for some reason, I was feeling really horny. I whispered to Karen that I wanted to cum in her arse when we got home.  "Easy tiger!" She replied.....

"I need you to have your birthday present first!!"

"What is it?" I asked.

Her eyes lit up as she looked across the room to the doorway.


"It's just arrived sweetheart!" she sang as she beckoned to the doorway. Standing in the doorway was a tall, pale looking woman. She had long auburn hair and, although not stunning, was attractive.  I was a little worried as I know how liberal Karen is.

"I hope she's not a stripper Karen!"

Karen just smiled.

"Seriously Karen........I have a mental block about this sort of thing!"

"I'll be so embarrassed that I'll be hung like a squirrel monkey if there's any rude stuff!"

"I wouldn't worry if I were you my darling......." She replied.

"I've laced your drinks with 2 Viagra!!"

I was partly mortified and partly intrigued as I had no idea what was going to happen. I felt sure that there would just be a bit of horseplay, maybe the stripper would just get her tits out and rub them in my face for a bit?!?

A few photos would be taken and I'd laugh it off at the next social gathering.

The tall girl at the door spotted Karen next to me and smiled broadly. She strode over to us and gleefully greeted Karen with a kiss on both cheeks. She then looked at me. Still speaking to Karen...

"Is this the birthday boy?!?" (In an Eastern European accent);

"Nice toga!"

Karen laughed.

"Yes Monica, this is Michael" she replied.

Karen then leaned towards me, kissed me on the cheek and whispered...

"Happy birthday sexy.....don't enjoy it too much.....You're going to fuck me very hard when we get home!!"

Karen stood up, whispered something in Monica's ear and then wandered off to join a group of friends.

People had noticed Monica and were beginning to look in our direction.

I was trembling with a mixture of concern as well as excitement.

What would my friends think?!

What would the girls in the room think?

What about the 2 girls behind the bar?!?

Monica sat down and interrupted my thinking.

"Don't worry Michael", as she tried to reassure me with her sexy accent.

"It's just a bit of fun for your birthday......just relax and enjoy the show"

"Phew!" I thought, she'll just mess about a bit....for a laugh, and then bugger off.

Then, she stood up and clapped her hands to get everyone's attention.


"Oh God!" I groaned.

"Hello.....hello everyone......my name is Monica and I've come to sing happy birthday for Michael!"

A few people cheered and clapped.  She stood up and hauled me to my feet too. She began to sing Happy Birthday and gestured to the remaining guests to join in. They did....enthusiastically!

When they finished, there was the traditional cheers and applause. Then a male voice shouted "get your tits out!"

I assumed that was directed at Monica and not me!!

Monica paused for a moment, shrugged her shoulders, and then, without warning...let her dress fall to the floor. She was stood, in a room full of people, stark naked!!

The room fell silent for a moment and then a large cheer filled the air. A couple of the women in the room didn't seem too impressed, whilst a few single guys frantically fumbled for their phones to get photographic evidence.  What an amazing body Monica had!

She must be 6ft in her heels. Although she had auburn hair, her eyes were brown, as were her nipples.

Amazingly, in this day and age, she had a mound of thick dark pubes. The bikini line was neatly attended to, in order to leave a sexy bush of hair.

I was gobsmacked. I glanced across at Karen who winked at me and then shouted..

"Give him his present Monica!!"

Once Monica had stopped posing for photos, whilst embracing me happily but respectfully, she whispered...

"Just play along Michael......don't worry!!"

I was slightly apprehensive but Monica seemed trustworthy.

From this point, although Monica was speaking to me, she raised her voice so that everyone in the room could hear. Including the 2 barmaids who were now staring across in amazement.

"I have a gift for you Michael, but it is a surprise, so please hold out your hands and close your eyes!" Monica called out.

I hesitated as I wasn't sure what the surprise was.

"Trust me" she whispered re-assuringly.

After a moment, I reluctantly raised my arms and half closed my eyes.

"Close all of your eyes" Monica sang.

What the hell?!? I thought.....what's the worst that can happen in a public place?!?


I held out my hands, palms up, as I was expecting Monica to put a gift into them.  Instead, she clapped a set of handcuffs around my wrists with lightening speed.  I opened my eyes in panic and started begging Monica to stop what she was doing.  The crowd of onlookers cheered, including the barmaids....and Karen.

I shouted across to Karen...

"Karen! Pleeeeease stop her!"

I was really worried about what was going to happen. I prayed that Monica wouldn't try and get my acorn out for people to laugh at!!

For the next few moments, Monica danced around me singing a strange song in a foreign language that I think she was making up as she went along.  When she finished, everyone clapped and cheered.

"Thank God!" I thought......not too embarrassing!

"Can I get out of these restraints now?!?" I gestured to Monica....trying to laugh along with the crowd.

"Of course!" she replied. She beckoned to a large tough looking man standing at the back of the room.

"That's Henrik....my....err.....protector.....He has the keys"

When Karen has a new client, she always has a guy wait outside in the car, just in case she has any trouble. Once they become regulars, it isn't necessary.

Henrik walked over, in a surly fashion and reached inside his jacket pocket for the key.

Karen and a few friends (mostly female?!?) booed profusely.

I raised my handcuffed arms toward Henrik to speed up the unlocking and, hence, put an end to my mild humiliation.  Henrik quickly looped some chord up between my arms and then back into his pocket.

He then took both ends of the chord out of his pocket and handed them to Monica.

A cheer eminated from the room as I, again, filled with dread.  Monica looked at the chord for a moment, and then turned to the room of people.

"Shall I let him go?" She cried out.

"Yes!" I shouted....

"No!" The group replied.

"You naughty boy!" Karen called out and laughed mischievously. Karen and Monica winked at eachother.  As I panicked, I rambled hysterically at Monica.

"Please don't do anything else Monica!"

"Whatever Karen's paid you.....I'll double it if you stop now!!


Monica just smiled cheekily.

"I'll treble it!! Name your price.......Just pleeeeeease stop!!"

"I'll never live this down!"

Monica thought for a moment and then leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"Karen said you'd say that.....she's already made sure that you'll get your birthday present!"

"Oh God!" I groaned to myself......what the hell is Monica going to do?!?

My biggest worry, for some strange reason, was what the bar maids are going to see?!?!?

With Henrik's help, Monica threw the chord up and over a ceiling pole and then pulled on it so that my arms were raised up. She secured it, not too tightly, but sufficiently so that I was helpless.

Cheers from the group rang out again.

My toga raised up with my arms and Monica exclaimed sarcastically....

"Oh dear Michael.....your toga has got caught!!"

"Henrik.....you know what I need!"

With this, Henrik brought out a large black bag, he rumaged around inside, and then produced a large pair of scissors.

"No!" I shouted......."There's a £40 deposit on this outfit!"

I looked across at Karen for help, but quickly realised that I wouldn't get any.  Monica ignored my pleas and, in a flash, cut the toga clean off me, leaving me in my underpants and sandals.

Everyone cheered and clapped.  It wasn't until this point, that I realized that the Viagra Karen had slipped into my drinks, was working. I was clearly semi-hard for all to see!

Monica gazed at the bulge for a moment and then gestured to Henrik. He produced a small camcorder from the bag and started filming.....

"You're going to be all over the internet Michael....you'll be famous!!

Henrik then produced a leather gag from the bag. I was helpless now & just sighed as Monica put it in my mouth & fastened it tight.

Monica then pointed at my pants with the scissors...

"Shall I?!?" She asked the audience.

A unanimous "Yes" rang out. Wives, girlfriends and the barmaids all seemed to reply in the affirmative.

"Get your cock out for the girls!!" Karen cried.

By now Henrik was filming my groin area. Without further hesitation, Monica cut my pants off and my cock sprung out.


Suddenly, I felt very liberated and very horny. I knew a lot of people were watching, and I was being filmed, but Monica's big firm tits and dark matt of thick pubes started to make my bell end throb. What with that body and 2 Viagra, I was rock solid!

Was I really going to shoot my load in public?!?!

Everyone was cheering, loudest of all, Karen.

"Don't forget baby......I want that pumping in and out of me later!!"

Another cheer...

This seemed to turn me on even more.

Monica produced a cock ring and slid it half way down my shaft. She then began to caress my bell end with her fingers whilst people filmed it with their phones and took pictures. Henrik continued to film.

I didn't care anymore, as long as I didn't cum, I could retain some dignity.

For the next several minutes, Monica caressed only the top half of my cock and it became increasingly difficult not to cum.

At that moment I glanced across the room to see the 2 barmaids grinning broadly at me.

Then, as all the phones, & Henrik, were busy filming my public humiliation, I shot my load powerfully into the air. Several spurts of hot white cum sprayed onto the floor & Monica's hand.

I vaguely heard a huge cheer & round of applause through the haze of pleasure.

As my rock hard member twitched it's last residue out, I thought that at least my ordeal was almost over.  I looked at Monica expectantly hoping that she'd finish the show quickly. She smiled softly back at me, shook her head & began caressing my aching bell end even more


"The night is young!" She exclaimed.

I lost no stiffness in my cock, she just continued as if nothing had happened.  She stared me in the eyes & wanked my knob for a couple of minutes.

Then, Karen shouted....."Make him cum on your pubes Monica, he loves that!"

Everyone cheered and one workmate, Phil, started a chant.

"Shoot your load! Shoot your load! Shoot your load!"

Over and over again.

With her height, Monica somehow managed to get her pussy into a position where she could tease her lips with my knob. For a couple of moments, my bulging knob was circling her increasingly wet hole. Finally, she slipped my end into her open pussy and I thrust my full length deep into her.

She gasped.

At this point, we both stared at eachother knowingly.

"I know what you want to do Michael" She spluttered.

I thought for a second and just followed my instinct.

"I want to spray all over your thick glistening pubes!" I thought.

By now, everyone in the room, including the barmaids, were stood right over us either filming what was happening, or just enjoying the show.

Karen whispered in my ear....

"Just thrust in no more than an inch and she'll squirt in 10 seconds flat!"

No shit?!?

I teased just the opening of her hot wet hairy minge and almost instantly, I felt a gush of warmth and wet engulf my genitals.

Monica screamed with pleasure.....you can't fake that!!


I repeated this a number of times as Monica groaned and cried out with pleasure more and more.

I was no longer even aware of my surroundings....all I wanted to watch was Monica's beautiful tits bouncing in all directions, and that beautiful mound of thick, dark, increasingly wet pubes.

Finally, I could resist no more, and pulled my cock out of Monica's sopping wet hole. Karen, grabbed my cock as I began to pump spunk all over Monica's pubes and stomach. Another 4 shots sprayed over Monica as Henrik filmed every last drop. As did a number of other people.

Once I'd finally finished, everyone cheered and clapped. Phil shouted out..

"Where's the fire?!?"

Everyone laughed.

Due to the Viagra, I didn't lose my erection, and promptly thrust it deep inside Monica again. She groaned with weary pleasure.

Karen shouted "Fuck her again!" and a rumble of approval rang around the room.

"Free my hands!" I squealed excitedly.

Henrik tossed the keys to the handcuffs to Karen and she gladly obliged.  Once my hands were free, I leant over Monica and gave her a passionate kiss.  I then guided her from the table she was lying on, to the sofa and made it clear I wanted to fuck her from behind.

Once she was on all fours, she leant up for a moment and kissed me again. She then took the position as I slid my still rock hard cock deep inside her. Then right out, then deep inside again. Over and over again.

This continued for about 10 minutes. Viagra increases the means to fuck, but it was still very soon after blowing my stack for the second time!

During the 10 minutes, I think everyone in the room got a good long close up of my cock thrusting in and out of Monica as she screamed with pleasure.

I think she came 3 times, my thighs were dripping!

Finally, I pulled out, quickly turned Monica over on her back and then shot a small thick load over her very sticky hairy mound.

Another cheer rang out and a round of applause!

Karen panned over the sight of me straddling Monica with her lying spread eagle with droplets of my spunk glistening in her pubes.

"Happy birthday my darling!" Karen almost sang....

"Now say goodnight to the nice people.......we're going to get a lift home from Phil & Mandy.......you stark naked as you don't have any clothes left!"


"And when we get home.....we're going to get our money's worth of that Viagra".

The evening at the Pear & Partridge ended with a cheer and a flurry of camera flashes.

Very sexy public humiliation!!




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