"Newspaper Centerfold" A Newspaper Fetish Fantasy   added 4 years ago
  By: paperman83  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Categories: The Fetishists
Tags: Wrapped Cuffed newspaper fetish
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

No other newspaper could replace its aroma.  The feel of this particular newspaper as you place it over your face and apply the clear tape.  All you can see is words on a page, adding to the ecstasy it sends rushing through your body with every slow deep inhale.  You’re in the moment with your head wrapped tight like a dum-dum sucker.  Now, you must use your sense of feel, while you slowly undress yourself. Your breathing gets harder.  The bed is laid out with soft sheets and feathered pillows with silk cases.  You’ve spread out newspapers over the sheets for full under-body contact.  You lay down on top of the newspapers.  A pile is placed next to you for easy picking.  You grab a full sheet and open it up, before placing it over your naked chest.  Within moments, your nipples harden under the contact with the newspaper.  You place your fingers on top of the newspaper, lightly gliding them across the page.  You can feel your gentle touch through the paper.  Your cock starts to harden.  You continue to rub the newspaper into your nipples, till you begin to grope your chest with the newspaper.  Your other hand brushes its way down like a paint brush over a dry canvas.  Your fingers slowly making their way down to your passionate center.  You imagine yourself as naked art at the centerfold, waiting to be taken advantage of by some intelligent and attractive sweetheart with glasses, who is heavily into reading all types of material.  For this one, she would need an open mind, willing to be adventurous and experimental.  And this activity should prove to be very interesting.  Very pleasurable.

She enters the room, wearing a white silk nightie, exposing her firm breasts.  She also sported red laced panties.  And to complete the attire, she wears her wire framed reading glasses like a naughty librarian after hours.  Her hair is pinned up and she’s ready to play.  She walks over to the bed, slowly and silently.  You can sense her in the room and the intimacy is growing between you and her.  You are left to imagine the beauty with her soft skin parting the air, while she moves through the room.  She grabs a few full sheets of newspaper and rips a hole in the center of them.  Then she places your hard cock through the hole of the newspapers and pulls them down like a saddle.  She gracefully drops her panties to the floor and makes her way onto the bed.  You feel her placing a leg around your waist.  The newspaper crinkling below the both of you.  She looks up at the headboard to see a pair of handcuffs.  Then she grabs you by the wrists and places your hands above your head, cuffing you to the metal tubing.  She leans forward to touch your face, running her fingers across the newspaper at the side of your face.  And ending with a finger across your lips.  Leaning closer and locking her lips onto the newspaper covering your lips and gives you a newspaper kiss.  She leans back and raises herself up, onto your rock hard cock.  Lowering herself down your shaft, till her pussy lips have touched the newspaper surrounding your waist.  And like a saddle on a horse, she slowly rides your long hard cock. 

Her pussy tingles, every time her lips make contact with the newspaper.  Soon, she grabs the newspaper wrapped around your head and slightly rips it open.  You can see her now, sitting on top of your hard cock, riding you ever so gracefully.  She pulls her nightie back, revealing more of her naked body.  She reaches for the business section lying next to you and begins to read the page.  The image of her reading stock figures makes her look even more sexy.  You watch her through the ripped newspaper over your face.  Her head is turned to the side with the newspaper.  A sophisticated bookworm enlightened by the content of a crisp clean newspaper.  She moans to your cock filling up into her wet pussy.  Her soft blue eyes keeping strong attention to reading, mixed with sexual pleasure.  This fantasy is also hers.  She’s read many erotic novels, while touching herself pleasurably.  Imagining herself as the damsel in stories of sexual mischief.  Now she plays the part of a strong woman.  You are competing for attention and your opponent is a bunch of words on a large piece of paper.  The pages slowly swaying around.

Her motions start to pick up.  She arches her back, while her pussy dives deep into you.  Her jaw drops half way, while the tip of her tongue greets her lips, lustfully.  She turns her head and her eyes lock on to your newspaper covered body.  She unlocks the handcuffs from your wrists, before places the business page to her breasts.  You place you hands to the paper and cup her breasts with it.  Her arms fall to her side and she grabs another sheet of the newspaper.  Placing it upon her ass and groping her cheeks with it.  She lets out a long moan, while reaching her climax.  Your cock is ready to burst, as it pulsates.  You feel the urge to cum soon, but she won’t allow you to, till she has showered your cock with her cum.  Her body paces up and she starts to moan louder.  Her pussy thrusts hard into you.  Finally, she cums all over your cock, giving you permission to unload as well.  You squeeze out one quick thrust, until finally your cock unloads into her.  Your semen drips from her pussy onto the newspaper covering your lap.  The fantasy has been fulfilled as she lowers herself down to rest upon your newspaper chest. 

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