My BIGGEST Fantasy   added 3 years ago
  By: NaughtyBoyAndGF01  Age: 38  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, The Audience / Voyeur, Other men, Cuckolded, Transvestites, Force/Rape
Tags: girlfriend affair humiliate tights cum
Location: My House
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

My BIGGEST fantasy is (I can write a longer version out if anyone wants to read it). Basically my girlfriend is 40 (but still looks in her early thirties) 34b, slim and petite with long brown hair, i am 35, tall and slim with short brown hair. She wasnt too into kinky stuff when we first met, but over time we have talked and she has come to like my fantasies quite a lot.

The one that turns us on most and the one we are thinking of doing is, she either meets a guy on a night out or online and arrange a night for her to meet up with him. I am made to wear pink frilly knickers and matching bra, black tights, a short black mini skirt, silky vest top and a white blouse, together with some really slutty make up, a long brown wig and some jewelry. She ties me to a chair in the bedroom and goes to have a shower and then comes and gets dressed infront of me. She wears a black bra, black french knickers, stockings, suspenders and a really sexy short black dress, you could almost see her stocking tops when she leant forward. She did her make up and and was telling me how wet she is thinking about fucking his big cock (he text her a pic among the flirty/sexy texts in the days before). She did her make up and sprayed some perfume and put her coat and shoes on, kissed me and said "see ya" and run out of the door. I was hard as anything, thinking of what she would be doing.

About two hours later, i heard the door open and my girlfriends voice talking to a male. They came in the bedroom and he looked at me and smirked at me. He grabbed my gf and started to kiss her full on the lips, she kissed him back and their tounges wrestled back and fourth from each others mouth. They fell on the bed and their hands were all over each other as they kissed passionately. Then my GF whispered something to him and he laughed and said, why not. He got up and walked towards me. He told me to be a good girl or he would kick my ass infront of my GF. He then untied me, so i was free. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him so his face was centimeters from mine. He was looking straight into my eyes and said "I'm going to fuck your girlfriend, but i need it hard first......on your knees, slut".

Over then course of the night, i was made to suck his cock, lick her cunt (even as they fucked), swallowed his cum and watched them fuck. My favourite part was when i was made to lay on the bed as my GF layed onto of me while he fucked her hard. I was sent out of the room so they could fuck in private and they made me sleep in the other room, but called me in every so often to suck cock or lick her. She will go on to have an affair with him, staying at his once or twice a week and going away for a week. I dont know why, but i really enjoy the thought that she may fall in love with him andeven leave me for him (only for a couple of weeks or so). I also really like being humiliated and called names. I would love to be treated like a big slaggy cum slut (I dont get my cock out as i like to imagine that i am a woman and can only do what a woman can do). She had an affair with a guy from work for about 6 months and i used to love hearing about it while i wore her tights. Once she even brought a couple of the condoms they used home and poured them into my mouth, forcing me to drink the cum .

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