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Location: A Public place
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My girlfriend and I love to be watched when we´re really horny... We recently went to a swingers-club for the first time when we were travelling abroad and it was great! First let me describe ourselves for you...

I´m 30, an average height white guy with light-brown hair, strongly build (yet not too muscular), a tattoo on my back and blue-grey eyes. Jo (my girlfriend) is a 25-year old thin ebony beauty of 1m65 with long, dark hair, beautiful legs, a nice, round handfull of breasts and always with a shaved pussy. We live in Brazil, south of Rio... 

She´s really cute but normally quite shy so it was a nice surprise when she told me she´d like to go and see what´s what in such a club. We didn´t swing that day but we did have great sex in front of everybody. I´m getting hard just remembring it! 

It was naked couples-day so everybody had to strip completely upon entering the club. We were by far the youngest (and I have to say cutest) couple in the club that day...

First we drank something at the bar and just watched around to get in the mood. A little bit further there were 2 couples having loud and yummy sex so we decided to go stand next to their bed to have a closer look. I could see in Jo´s eyes that it was turning her on tremendously. One guy was lying on his back with some woman riding him hard. She was just in front of us and was obviously enjoying being watched. Each time she shoved forward, taking the cock deep inside her pussy her tits jumped up at us with pointy nipples provocatively staring at us.

My girlfriend was standing right in front of me and I could feel my cock rising and pushing hard to her buttocks. I started massaging her tits as she put a hand on my cock and started to gently stroke it. I moved my other hand down to her pussy and started to move my fingers over her slit. She was really wet and it wasn´t long before I had several fingers deep into her pussy.

One of the guys that was fucking some blond on the bed started staring at Jo´s pussy while slowly penetrating the blond. I knew he was imagining putting his big dick slowly and deep into my girlfriend, feeling her from the inside and from the feeling of Jo´s pussy that got even wetter and started mking fuck-movements I wasn´t the only one to get turned on a lot by this. I gently pushed Jo until right in front of the bed at a mer 30 centimeter from the guys head and opened wide her vagina-lips so he wouldn´t miss a thing. Jo was almost shaking with anticipation as I continued to rub her clit with my index. 

After a while the couple´s movements became wilder and wilder until the guy cried out ¨Yeah! Take all my hot seed deep into your pussy!¨
I stopped fingering Jo as I felt she wasabout to squirt right int this guy´s face and we went to have another beer to calm down a bit... After all this was just foreplay still!

Very swiftly we went to one of the matrasses... First I laid her down on the matrass and started playing with her nipples, caressing her belly and kissing and softly biting her neck (she Loves that). Then I gently started caressing her pussy which was still soaking wet. More and more people gathered around to watch so she pushed me on my back on the matrass and took my cock in her hand licking it playfully. She was on her knees with her ass and open pussy sticking in the air, right in front of some guys watching and jerking of while she sucked me harder and harder... 

Have you ever fucked in front of an audience? It´s such a thrill! I hope next time we can take it a step further and join in with some other couples... Or just with an audience... It´s pretty fucking hot as well!

Anyway, she started rubbing her pussy for all these people (now there were a couple of women watching too) and of course one of the guys couldn´t help but touching her pussy. She quickly dropped it and went to lay on her back as I gave the guy a warning look. Looksies but no touchies... Not today anyway... 
She opened wide her legs and started fingering, eyes shut, in front of this audience. I dropped next to her and started slitting my tong over and into her pussy. It tasted great!
I opened her legs even wider and started to rub the tip of my cock over her pussy. I knew all guys were watching my cock and imagining it ws their owns... So I slowly slided the to of it into her, again and again, deeper and deeper, harder and harder until we were frenetically fucking. I don´t remember all the poses we did but we loved being watched so we made damn sure they wouldn´t miss a dop of it! Next to me a woman had lifted one leg on the bed and I stared right into her pussy as she was masturbating. Mmmmm.  
Finally, as I was about to cum inside her I slowed the pace, savouring every touch of her wet pussy.
She turned around on my cock so she was facing the audience with my cock even deeper inside her and slowly moved up and down until I couldn´t take it no more. With every eye watching my cock sliding in her pussy I exploded 3 huge squirts of cum into her. I could feel my cock pulsing load after load into her delicious vagina, something that obviously didn´t go un-noticed by some of the guys because several of them started cuming as well. 
That was probably when Jo let go of the last bit of self-control she had and she just pushed her pussy over my mouth wildly screaming as she was rubbing it. Bits of sperm slided down my throat and over my face as I lay there. After a mere 30 seconds she pushed her whole pusy deep over my lips and I could feel the hot, sticky squirt oozing down my tong and into me. Wow!

Next time for sure I want to take it a step further but I´m not sure how Jo can overcome her shyness (I know she´ll absolutely love it once she´s doing it but the thing is t get her there). Any suggestions on this, people?

Right, hope you liked it! Wet naughty kisses!

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