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Categories: The Fetishists, Force/Rape, S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex
Tags: fingering humiliation Drunk sleeping Anal
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

About 2 years ago my wife got very very drunk and was out sparko for the best part of 9 hours. I got her to the bed, took off her clothes etc.. and made sure she was ok. 


In the morning i was joking around and said how i should of fucked the living daylights out of her - to which she replied... i would of killed you etc etc


Fast forward 2 years - it's Christmas and my wife has just demolished a couple of bottles of wine and she's decided it's time to call it a day. She's not in a bad way like last time, just drunk


About 20 mins later i'm on way to bed also - and my wife is already asleep


The next 20 minutes were fucking fantastic


Deciding she looks all vulnerable lying there, i decide to slowly slip my hand into her knickers - she always sleeps with her back to me so this is quite handy as i'm only interested in one port when i've had a few :)


Her breathing never changes as a slip my hand slowly past the waistband and following the crack of her arse i'm parting her cheeks within 20 or so seconds. 20 or so seconds more and i'm fingering her anus - and the fact that it's pulsing is really getting me going.


I must say at this point that my wife is what i call an arse bandit - she loves it in there and can take it bareback, no lube and climaxes anally without any clitoral stimulation.


I don't want her to wake up so i remove my hand to lube middle finger with spit - if she was awake i wouldn't bother as the friction of a dry finger is better for someone that has been reamed almost weekly for the past 8 years :) but in this instance, i have a big ambition of cracking on for quite a while and her waking up would fuck it all up.


Getting the hand back in without rubbing off the spit was tricky, but into the anus we go and the finger is quickly up to the second knuckle. in and out... in and out... and i cannot believe how loose and relaxed her ring is. I'm having a ball right now and decide that i'm going to go for the lot here


So out comes the hand again - more spit, this time on 2 fingers (index and middle) and in i go again - the two fingers just fall into her arsehole and quite incredibly, she hasn't made a murmur at this stage with her breathing staying pretty consistent.


I'm now fingering her pretty roughly - i'm bending my fingers upwards and really feeling around inside her arse. Her anus is now seriously loose btw - i've fingered this arse a helluva lot of times and it has never felt like that. No fucking resistance whatsoever.


For some reason, i've now decided to go for the pussy, so i'm out of her arse and trying to part her legs so i can get to her box. I've basically found the back of her pussy and pulled myself into it from there - and guess what... she's as wet as fuck.


3 fingers in there for about 30 seconds or so, and i'm now looking for her clit which i locate, but then think, nah, it'll be treble sensitive, i'm going back to the arse again - i'm enjoying this too much for her to wake up...


So back into the arse it was - and i just can't stress how loose her anus is. Two fingers straight away lubed with pussy juice - but not much


The next bit i regret...


After a couple more minutes of finger reaming, for some stupid reason i decide to call it quits... have a wank and go to sleep


All i can say is, yes i should've fucked that ass, but i'm still not too sure how she would've reacted had she woken up to being boned in the backside


Man i would recommend this - it is so erotic and if you are big fan of your girls body like i am, to have a free go is just too good. Had to share this...it is just the start of a long journey of 'sleep sex' for my wife, the question is, do i ever tell her... or just keep it as our little secret ;)


Will update and try and get some film or pics of this - she's going out with a mate this Friday so am planning on going for the big one on Friday night. Plan is... cum in her ass and just wait for the reaction in the morning...


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