My Christmas Eve Gift to You   added 4 years ago
  By: Showtime  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Categories: Identified partner, The Audience / Voyeur, Big Black man, Steady Partner, Romantic Setting/Exotic
Tags: secrets thinking steady lover fantasies pussy big submissive party fingering/ wet dirty slut voyeur cream cum sweat
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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We’re at your parents’ kitchen table. It’s Christmas Eve.  The table’s only big enough for 5 people, but there are 7 of us squeezed around it… close: your mom, your dad, your sister, your sister’s boyfriend, your brother, me and you. Basically shoulder to shoulder.  I smell your musk and and am instantly aroused. God, how I love your scent.  I picture me throwing you down onto the table and spreading you wide.  Crawling on top of that Big Black Cock and fucking you right in front of everyone.


Your mom’s laugh brings me back to reality.  Did she hear what I was thinking? Did I say or do anything to incriminate myself? Oh God, I hope not.  Got to act like nothing happened.  Must not let onto how much of a slut I really am.  See, I’m a good girl to most. But not to you...


To you, I’m you’re whore.


Here to do whatever you demand of me.


You grab my knee under the table and begin to massage it.  Slowly.  Deliberately.  Gradually working your hand up my sumptious thigh.  Squeezing, rubbing, scratching.  Digging your fingers into my flesh.  It hurts and feels so good all at once.  God, I want you to touch me there.  Too feel that heat I’m producing between my legs. I look over at your chisled boyish grin.  You knew what I was daydreaming about a minute ago.  Saw it on it my face.  And you want it, too. Want to press your strongness inside of me and split me open.  I breathe slowly, attempting to slow down my racing heartbeat. But nothing’s going to stop this train.  Your hand’s found my clit and there is no turning back.


You flick and glide….flick and glide…flick and glide… that throbbing Head of skin of mine.  Feel the rhythm to my pulse, the beating of my soul. We are one.  Your hand and my moist pussy. Moving together, hitting sharp accents and stinging blue notes, in an ocean of my juices. Riding the waves until my back arches and a sharp chord of ecstasy is struck, vibrating up my spine.


I’ve reached the promise land.  There’s a puddle of cream in my panties.  Thick and warm.  I hope no one at the table can smell me, but part of Me doesn’t care.  I like this game we’re playing.  I’m ready to be your bitch who cums 2-3 more times at the kitchen table with your family.  I’m an actress.  I’ll hide my enjoyment, and act like I’m intensely listening to your dad’s story. When really I’m juicing at you stroking me.


God, I love this game. 


Next spot: your parents’ bed.  1 hour before we know they’re coming home…..



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