Hotwife True Story - Hot Summer Night   added 4 years ago
  By: Hotwife  Age: 53  Country: United States

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Location: A bed
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Humiliating

I was sitting the the bed room and could here the guys next door talking like they were in the room and my hot wife Cindi  walked in and said to me what sexy out fit would you like me to were . I said put some thing hot and sexy on. I new the guys next door could here me. To my serprise Cindi said what? So I loudy said ut some thing slutty on to show off your hot slutty pussy and tits ! she grabed some things from the dresser an went in the other room.
When she walked out I could here 5 or 6 of the guys next door jumping over the fence in to our back yard, it was dark out blinds open with all the lights on in the bed room. Cindi walk back in wearing only a red G-string and started to dance around  rubbing her rock hard nipples. one hand moved to her hot wet sutty pussy. Rubbing her pussy and tits and the same time dancing for me and all the guys from next door (Little did she know)! She looked so hot playing with here self. I then pull out some toys for her to play with and put them on the bed. She was still dancing and things were getting pretty hot , then some one out side made a noise and she flipped out and made me close the blinds.
 She again started to dance finngering her self from time to time. She then move over to the window and pulled the blinds up just passed her sweet tits. looked at me and said I need some air it hot. Dancing with her sweet ass to me and rubbing her perky 38C tits for all to see thru the window.
She then went in to the the next room for some thing. When she was gone I went and opened the blinds so the guys out side could get a better veiw of Cindi and sat back down. Cindi walked back in and said why is the blinds open with a smile,I said because it's hot out to night . Cindi grabed some thime more from the dresser and walk back out of our bed room . When she was gone again I pulled  the blinds up all the way and pulled back the draps for the guys out side to see much better, I then gave them a wave hi and went an sat back on the bed.
Cindi walk back in the room with a short black dress on with high heels and her hair up in a pony tail (but did not look at me at all - Only at the window! She started dancing again an droped the dress fast to the floor. She had on a 1/2 bra with her nipples hard as rocks and black fish net stockings. Her pussy lips were swollin an wet. (sill not looking at me at all). She started to play with her tits rubbing her nipples and slowly moved her left hand to her hot wet pussy rubbing & fingering her self for me and the guys out side to see, my dick was so hard it was about to blow any time. she walked to the bed that is right in front of the window and got on it dancing an playing all the time with her self. Then she bent over and picked up the 12 inch long 3 1/2 inch wide dildo with ball that I for got was on the bed. This time she looked at me and smiled an move pass me on the bed closer to the window. She then opened her leggs with that big dildo in two hand now. She put it in an said loud as hell look at me I'm a hot slut and I like to be fucked hard Look Look at me! She fucked her self so hard in front of the window for about a half hour . It was so fuckin' hot to see my hot wife being a slut for all to see. she must have cum becuse she fell to the bed with the biggest smile in the hole world on her face. Her pussy sill looked like in need a cock in it so I waved on the guys out side to come on in. Only one sec. went by and their was the door bell ringing from the back door.

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