Pooh play in bed   added 4 years ago
  By: richard6447  Age: 68  Country: United States

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Categories: Masturbation, Other men, The Fetishists, Anal Sex
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I saw a Craigslist ad from a guy wanting to try scat.  I guess by definition that is "eating it", but I just wanted to see it and touch it, finger it and play with it.  Soon after we were undressed, the man I had met for this allowed me access to his bottom hole.  I was excited as he pushed down on himself inside and his bottom hole bulged, again and again, as he slowly increased his pressure on himself and I watched as his anus opened.  He pushed down on himself enough for his pooh to crown in his opening and I saw its texture, kind of lumpy, but firm and formed, clumped together.  Watching in fascination I was terribly arroused watching the end of his poop beginning to come out of his hole.  I put my fingers out to touch it and feel it as it slid farther and farther out of him.  When it fell free onto a paper towel there to catch it, I fingered his dirty anus afterward.  And then it was my turn!

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