linda does yet more,number three   added 4 years ago
  By: peeker910  Age: 50  Country: United States

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To see the whole story look for numbers , this is three in the series of how my ex and i progressed in our game playing.. she had discovered that if she danced with a guy who was shorter than her and got close enough to give him an erection, she could feel it very close to the "spot' through her clothes, she loved that and began to tease short guys with that in mind, we found quite a few.after those encounters we always had great sex and i would ask her if there was anything else she fantasized about. she was always open and we would plan on seeing if we could make it happen if it was a new adventure. gentle taboo things were always a huge turn on for her, and by reflection me. she said she thought it would be awesome if a stranger sat with us and copped a feel under the table and up her skirt, while i pretended not to notice. Well, if that turned her on i was all for it, as long as she didn't actually have sex with someone else. we had agreed on that long before starting our games.the problem was that we lived in a smallish town and neither of us wanted anyone we had fun with to see us again, it was all about strangers. so we decided to drive to nearby towns on weekends when we escalated our playing. i must admit that our trying to get her felt up , discreetly was harder than we thought it was going to be but when it happened it was awesome. our rules included the fact that if a guy ever mentioned getting her alone or her sneaking out when i wasn't looking etc, she would cut off whatever was going on. we went to a town a little over fifty miles away for labor day weekend, checked into a hotel with a nice bar and started the plan into motion. she wore a short skirt, and lacy panties, we sat at a table near the corner and she began casually letting any guy who looked out way get a peek up the skirt, soon enough a guy asked her to dance and she did. she stopped and came back in the middle of the song and said he had asked her if it was possible for her to get away while we were in town, so she Said no and walked away, as per our plan, that or something similar happened a couple of times and we had run out of possible participants. we went to the room, got the telephone directory and made a list of hotels with lounges attached. we spent several hours repeating the flashing, dancing etc.finally going back to the room, a little frustrated. next night was Saturday and lots more people in the lounge. again she flashed a little several guys had asked her to dance and tried to hit on her on the dance floor,. then finally everything fell into place. a nice young guy asked her to dance, and when they came back to the table she asked if he would like to join us for a drink( she was letting me know that it was OK) later she said, that when they got on the dance floor, he mentioned that he noticed her legs and they were beautiful, she asked how much he had seen and he shyly admitted he got a glimpse of her panties, and loved that. she said wow, i didn't realize i was showing that much but glad you liked it. well when he sat down she started the carefully thought out routine, while i simply chatted and looked around she put her hand on his knee under the table and squeezed it. hoping he would get the idea, he did, he gently put his hand on her knee then moved it up a little, she smiled at him and separated her legs to give him access, he took advantage of the opportunity and eventually reached her panties, ,managed to get his hand inside and fingered her to orgasm right there, she tried to hide it ,but i knew what was happening, ..... as usual we had fabulous sex that night and began planning our next adventure.....

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