she did a little more story number 2   added 4 years ago
  By: peeker910  Age: 50  Country: United States

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Already posted how ex wife linda discovered that flashing panties was fun. Little did i know it would escalate to the point it did.we had gotten comfortable with her wearing short skirts and sexy panties to clubs and "accidentally"  allowing up skirt peeks, it was a turn on for her and seeing her turned got me going too. we had rules of course, she would never actually have sex with anyone else,but harmless fun was OK. Linda was very sexual and taboo situations got her juices flowing, one night she had let a guy see her panties from across the room, and he came over and asked me if it was OK to dance with my wife, i said sure if she wants to, Linda got up and we both noticed that he was a few inched shorted than her. she liked taller guys like me ,but being the nice person she was she walked onto the dance floor, they danced close and i saw her snuggle closer to him as they danced. he escorted her back to the table and i could see she was soon as he left she explained her new discovery, when they started dancing she could feel he was getting an erection, and since he was shorter, she could feel it pressing very close to her clit through her skirt, that's when she snuggled closer, she said she managed to get the bulge to rub the exact right spot.....they were fully clothed and as usual, i loved the idea that she was so turned on.... we had great sex right in the parking lot of the club........ to be continued

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