how my wife became an exibitionist   added 4 years ago
  By: peeker910  Age: 50  Country: United States

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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: stranger with sex panties flashing
Location: A Bar
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later
.Linda and i were at a club a few years ago and discovered that flashing turns her on. we were enjoying the band and a fave song of hers came on, she took to the dance floor alone and danced, twirling around to the music. she was wearing a short flared skirt and it came up to her waist as she spun and i could clearly see her sexy little panties, a turn on for sure, but i was a little concerned that others could also see. when she came to the table i told her she had just showed her panties to everyone who happened to look her way. for a second or two she seemed shocked, then got a puzzled look leaned over and with obvious arousal in her voice, asked," do you think they were turned on by seeing my panties"..... later when we were having very hot sex we talked about it a little more, knowing that she was turned on by the idea, i decided that there was no harm. that was the beginning of a lot of adventures,we would shop and plan her wardrobe with the idea, that she would flash"accidentally" if anyone looked her way. she began to develop different innocent ways of accomplishing the flash, a fave was to place her purse on the floor, then if someone looked her way, she would reach down to get the purse, allowing her legs to seperate enough to give a full upskirt view...... those times led to a lot more, will eventually talk about all of those wonderful fun times

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