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As June woke up that Thursday, she had no idea that this would be a day to remember. It starter normally enough, she awoke took her shower, enjoyed a gentle orgasm ,thanks to the shower massager, ate breakfast and started the short walk to work. On the way she reflected on her morning sex ritual. It felt good, she had a release but it wasn’t really explosive as it must have been when men and women still had sex on a regular basis. That had changed in the 2070’s when several easily transmitted diseases were blamed for thousands of deaths worldwide.  It was now considered too risky, the good news was that companies had developed more sophisticated masterbation machines and what were called intimate companion animals. June couldn’t afford any of those options  and relied on old faithful, the name she had given  her shower massager.
  The morning was uneventful and soon enough it was lunchtime. June took her ready heat pouch with her soup and sandwich to the park near her office to eat. She also kept  a small vibrator in her purse . She would make sure no one was around, insert the vibrator under her clothes and enjoy it as she  ate. It wasn’t that she was oversexed, the truth is that she never got a truly satisfying  orgasm. Today she left the vibrator alone as she saw an elderly gentleman walking a pet across the field and was afraid of him seeing what she was doing.
    As the old man got close she realized that he wasn’t leading a dog as she had thought , it was something she had never seen before, except in the wideboard ads along the walkway.  The extremely cute monkey like animal was about 3 feet tall, walking upright like a man on a leash. It was fully clothed almost like a child but this was no human. It was unmistakably Simian , with big eyes and very large thick lips. The old man asked if he could sit on the bench and she smiled and said sure. The stranger introduced his pet as Sidney and said  he is a primate form companion animal. Though he didn’t say the words she knew he meant intimate companion animal, she had never seen one in person, but she had watched videos on the computer network and was always hugely aroused  by them.
  About ten years earlier a group of scientists  had genetically engineered .The online description said that all the pets had been engineered to live on protein found in  what were called human love fluids,  a mans ejaculate or a woman’s  natural lubricant. The scientists had given these friendly beasts a large tongue that more closely resembled a tentacle. Though contained in the mouth normally it could extent to more than 7 inches and pulse with warmth about ten degrees warmer that human body temperature. The tip of the tongue has a suction cup much like that of an octopus. The tongue was very sophisticated in that it also absorbed the protein  on contact and was thereby fed as it moved in and out of his mistress. 
 At first a few claimed it was animal abuse, but most agreed that the animal got food in return for the wonderful orgasms, so those voices soon died down. 
June said she had heard of these but never saw one. The man stammered a little but she reassured him that she knew what the animals were created for, she just wondered why he was walking the valuable animal in a public park. The old man said  that  Sidney belonged to his ex wife and hurriedly explained that he also had a “special” pet geared to male needs at home. He asked if she would like a demonstration. Fascinated by now June tried to sound casual as she said yes, truth be told she was already beginning to self lubricate as she imagined  what  the process was. The   old man took out a small container of a gel like substance that  he called food, and got some on his finger and offered to  Sidney, immediately Sidney used the   lips and  took the finger into his mouth and gently sucked the food in. H then e smeared some of the gel   between his thumb and forefinger, held very much in the general shape of a vigina, this time Sidney stuck out his tongue. The tip caressed the crotch of the man’s hand applying gentle suction then pushed the tongue rhythmically between the thumb and began to move in and out. The old man stopped  then and said sorry that was a little too graphic. Hope it didn’t offend you, June said not at all, I have never seen one of these  before, thanks for showing me. Do you walk him often? 
   He seemed deep in thought as though pondering if he wanted to say more or not, finally sighing and saying .Yes most days, my wife died three months ago ,  and though we were both of advanced years  the wife was still able to get aroused and enjoy our little friend.. When she died I couldn’t bear the thought of getting ride of Sidney, even he is worth many thousands of dollars, he is a friend. I get the gel from the pet store and he lives mostly on that. Then I got the idea to walk in the park and see if I could find a donor. Most days ,no luck but occasionally I will meet someone who knows what he is and seem interested. If that happens I try to steer the conversation to his needs and ,rarely but sometimes a lady will ask if I would consider renting him out for a while. I wouldn’t do that but, offer to let her enjoy his special skills. The first success was a broke college girl who came right out and asked me to let her try him. Sidney fed good that day. Now when ever I come here I look for someone and  see if I can strike up a conversation.
 Well that conversation had taken effect on July, she could feel the moisture between her legs, threatening to soak her panties. Sidney also noticed the scent and had edged closer, she hadn’t even noticed that the pet had placed a hand on her knee and was stroking her leg a little. The old man noticed and said ,Sidney behave yourself. July said he’s ok no harm, maybe more quickly then she meant to. As she said that Sidney had leaned forward and what could only be described as a kiss on her knee. July involuntarily let her legs separate slightly, as she and the old man kept chatting. After all she was fully covered by the loose skirt, which now covered her knees and Sidney’s head. The  man said looks like you have a new friend, Sidney really likes you and there’s no one around, he left that last bit like a question in the air. July was embarrassed at the feelings she was having, thinking about running and at the same time wanting to experience Sidney’s talents. He had kneeled in front of her and worked his way midway up her inner thigh with that long tongue/tentacle. That turned out to be  close enough because without him moving any more she felt the tip touch her panties, search for the spot then apply gently suction the her clit right through the panties. The old man knew what was hidden by the skirt and asked if he should make Sidney stop. July looked around and said no it’s ok as long as no one sees. By now she had scooted to the edge of the bench and her legs were far enough apart to allow full access, yet still covered by her skirt, she felt that marvelous tongue work its way into the leg opening of her panties and directly contact her clit, that was electric and she nearly had an orgasm then and there. When the juices really began to flow she discovered Sidney’s other ability, the tongue could move into her as far as was comfortable then retract, while soaking up her fluids, as she get more aroused he somehow new how fast or slow to go at every moment. Now it was moving fully into her then back to the very lips and back in again, soon she had one of those explosive orgasms she had wanted for so long. As he finished cleaning her private area ,Sidney withdrew his tongue then moved back to the old man. Surprisingly she didn’t feel ashamed of what had happened, as July thought about that the man got up and said, enjoyed talking to you, how often do you come here for lunch, she said most every day about the same time, the man smiled and said great maybe we will see you here tomorrow, July smiled and silently said to herself, you can count on it

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