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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Oral Sex, The Fetishists
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Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Master/slave
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Nature: Agressive

Hi my name is Tommy! I'm 19, This a story about me taking this girl name Kathy out on our first date and trying to get her to go to bed with me. And in the end her 42 year old Stepmother fucks me

This story is told by Tommy


I had met this girl Kathy at work, A very sweet shy girl with a great body, It took a few weeks on trying to get her to go out with me. Then one day I luck out and she accepted, I was thrill! I was determine to get this hot little thing in bed with me the very first date, We went to dinner and a movie, She was very sweet and open, And I was trying to make my best moves on her to get her hot, As the night pass on I couldn't even get to first base with her, She seem even reluctant to kiss me. Then she then said "Its getting late Tommy, Its time for you to take me home" We got to her front door and I try to make my move for a good night kiss at least.


As i leaned in to kiss her good night, She back away and said wait here! And she went inside the house, Just then the door swung open and out stepped this woman! (Kathy was standing behind her) This woman must have been at least six foot 3 inches tall with heels! Kathy said "This is my step mom carol" Now I'm not no little guy, But this woman tower over me, She was build like a brick shit house, Huge size tits that were held up by a red halter top. Very tight short pants that look like she was pour into them. Her ass was a big round booty. She had long blond hair, And her face was made up like a hooker. her Stepmother stood there with her arms cross, And said "kathy tell this boy what my rule is"  Then kathy said "Stepmommy has a rule that no boy shall kiss me until Mommy kisses him first, She wants too see if your a good kisser" I stood there dumb founded and gulp!, And then slowly shook my head "okay whatever" Then her Stepmom Yelled out "Get the hell in the house Kathy"


She turn to me and said. "Okay you little twerp lets see if you'll a good kisser" She push me down onto the porch swing and sat on my lap, She swung her arms around my neck and said "Now kiss Me good night" She open her glossey red lipstick lips and came in for the kiss, Her lips press deep onto mine, And forced my lips open, It was a long lingering kiss, Then flat out started making out with me. She kissed me about an hour.


Then finally she broke the kiss! Our lips came apart with a wet smack. She got off my lap and said "It was a so so kiss, That we would have to try again on another date" She call Kathy out and Kathy looked at me and started to laugh!  and said "mama really kissed you good!  Oh look at all the lipstick on your lips" I just stood there in a daze with my lips smear with her bright red lipstick,  Then the Stepmother said, "Kathy you can give him a quick peck on the cheek, no lips! "He's not good enough for that, Just yet".

As I was driving home the only thing I could remember about the date was her Stepmother kissing me. When i got home my room mate look at me and said "Yo bro that must of been some date?" I said " How would know bobby?" He said laughing "Look in the mirror pal" I still had the red lipstick smeared on my lips, I called Kathy about a week later to get her Stepmother off my mind, Maybe her Stepmother would leave alone this time.

So I made a date with Kathy and I was to pick her up at her house! I knock on the door and her Stepmom came to the door. She was wearing a tight yellow top and wearing just a pair of blue lace panties. Her hair was up in curlers and wearing no make up, Just pencil in eyebrows. She said " Come on in! You good for nothing kisser! Sit down on the couch, Kathy will be down in two hours or when and if i call her"

She came over to me, and said "You know you disappointed me last week boy! Your going to need a lot of practice to learn more how to kiss a woman if you'll ever want to kiss my daughter, 'Starting tonight before each date with Kathy you will begin having two hour kissing lessons with me! Do you understand" I said "Yes ma'am" She grin at me and said "Good boy! Now let's get started" She came over to me and sat on my lap and said "Wait! before we get started I must have my lips coated with lipstick" She reach over to the coffee table and got a tube of lipstick.She pop the top off and turn up a bright glossy pink, She slowly and carefully put it on her lips, it took about 15 minutes and finally she was done. Big bright glossy lipstick lips were ready to kiss me. She wrap her arms around me and once again our lips met.

So there i was with her Stepmother making out on the sofa. While my girl friend was in her bedroom getting ready to go on a date with me. Talk about weird, I mean when we went out for our date i was fucking horny as hell from her Stepmother kissing me. My cock was rock hard and i had pre cum in my pants. And Kathy thought nothing of it.

So after six weeks of her Stepmothers kissing lessons. I finally got her Stepmothers approval and was aloud to kiss kathy. After a few dates and kissing kathy! I was fucking horny as hell to fuck kathy. When i confronted Kathy with the idea, She said "We have to check with Stepmommy first". My mouth drop open!, Oh my God! Not that, The next day the phone rang and it was the Stepmother, She said "Hello boy, Now I hear you want to stick your cock in my daugthers cunt. Well than you know the rules, (Stepmother must be first!!") "Will see how good you are at fucking me, So meet me at the five star model tonight at 11pm I'll be in room number 6.

I got there about 11pm, I felt alittle weird meeting a woman at a motel for sex. she answer the door, She was wearing a black garter belt, jet black stockings with the seams running in the back, four inch high heels, no panties and no bra. Her huge tits were pointing straight out at me with one inch nipples as hard as rocks, Her blond hair was in long soft curls, and she had an outrageous make up job. With high arch eyebrows, five different shades of eye-shadow, heavy black eye-liner, false eyelashes, pink blush, and a thick layer of deep purple lipstick, My cock started to rise.

I was pretty good in bed and could make the ladies scream for more, I was going to show this bitch that I can be a stud in bed with her daughter. She pulled me close to her and we started kissing, A half an hour later of hot necking. She order me in a tough voice "Off with your clothes twerp and get in that bed" My cock was so hard it could break a brick by then, and it was dripping pre cum already.

She climb into bed with me and went right down on my throbbing cock with those thick purple lipstick lips, Up and down she went taking me all the way down her throat. Those huge 38dd's melon size tits of hers were bouncing up and down, she was tonguing me in my pee hole fast then slow, As she continue to suck my cock she would twist her body around me and getting on top of me, Her big ass and her wet smelly musky pussy was right in my face at times. I was going out of my mind!. I was trying my best to show her I could take her! But she was just too much for me, And then in just short ten minute's one, two, three long sucks and my body stiffen and I let out a scream and exploded my full load down her throat. It was all over.

She gulp my sperm right down like nothing. Mmmm "She moan, Yummy"Then she started laughing her ass off and then barked, "We have a long way to go making you into a man" So the sex lessons continue every week,She was having me do all kinds of sex with her that I never did before! Like cunt eating ( Which by the way when this bitch had me eat her cunt out the fist time it was gross, It sunk and it tasted sour, She forced me to keep going untill i got used to it and now i savor it) Also i learn how to 69, and fuck in every position I never even heard of, After two months i was lasting a little bit longer each time after training me in cocks rings and fucking her up the ass doggy style, Well after six months of fucking lessons she still wasn't satisfy with me. I still was not lasting long enough for her. So the lessons continue, We were fucking now two,three times a week. She has me on Viagra and horny goat weed.

I don't have much time for my girl friend anymore and we were seeing less of each other I never had time for her! That With her Stepmother fucking me all of the time. Its been 7 months now! And the sex with her just keeps getting more and more wild, We fuck in sex swings, have water sex, She loves to be seen while fucking out in public. Well not right in the open. Just enough like in the park,Or under the Boardwalk, Where someone just might happen by. She now dresses me in full makeup and womens clothing and fucks me in the ass with a dildo! She says "That this will teach me to be more submissive with her daughter and a woman needs to be in control of her man at all times.

Now its been over a year. Kathy has now since moved away. Carol keeps telling me her daughter will be coming back one day. But untill she does my lessons will have to continue. She said "Because Stepmother has to be first, Now! Get into bed you little twerp and eat my cunt out".

The end.

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