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Enter your story here..When I was 12 I started getting noticed by boys.  I had two older brothers 14 and 15 and they were my protectors.  One evening my two brothers and I were watching an X-rated movie on tv and I was really getting turned on and my brothers saw this and started making dirty comments.  Then one reached over and grabbed a breast and the other grabbed the other breast.  I was shocked and thrilled at the same time, my nipples grew hard as I started to breathe faster and faster.  I looked donw at my brothers crotches and saw that they both had boners. 
The older brother leaned over and kissed me on the mouth and then stuck his tongue in my mouth.  Then the other brother pulled me to him and he also kissed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth.  After doing this for several minutes they told me to stand up, turn around and face them and take my clothes off.  I was breathing so fast I did'nt know what to do so I did as they asked.  Whe i was completely naked one brother put my arms behind my back and the other brother took hold of both nipples and kissed my mouth again and then started kissing all up and down my body.  Then they switched sides, after this they had me go down on my knees and suck on their penises, I did both of them 3 times each.  They did'nt fuck me because they said I was thier sister and it wouild'nt be right.  By the time I was 14 my brothers and I had set up a business where they would find two guys (but not to big or old) and invite them for $50 each to have fun with me except no fucking, oral sex was ok.  Later this fee when to $75 and then $100 each.  Each brother got 20% each and I got to keep 60%.  They would find the guys and provide protection and I was the product.  My two brothers still messed with me from time to time.  I remained a virgin until I was 17 when the two customers turned out to be two young women and so my brothers did'nt think I needed any protection.  I was left alone all night long with these two women who had brought some strap on dildoes and so I was penetrated over and over again

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