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I was sitting on the couch at my friend Billy's apartment.

The coffee table was littered with bottles and shot glasses.

My friend Sharron was on the love seat with Eric, one of Billy's friends.

Eric had his fly open, and his dick out. Sharron was eagerly sucking it, while Billy and another guy, Kris, cheered her on.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Billy shouted.

Kris poured shots and passed them around. Sharron accepted hers, gulped it down, then went back to Eric's cock.

'Yeah!" Kris yelled.

Sharron and I were skipping school so we could party at Billy's

We were way too young to buy alcohol, but Billy and his friends weren't

I was feeling the effects of the liquor too. I took my shot. made a face,then grinned.

"Go! go! go!" they chanted.

I heard a groan. I looked over at Sharron and Eric, as Sharron started to make gagging noises.

"Ohhh!" They shouted in unison.

Sharron had come dripping down her face. She grinned as the guys clapped their hands.

Sharron ran to the bathroom to wash her face.

Sharron sat down next to me and poured us a mixed drink.

Music was blarring. The guys shouted over eachother.

"That girl sucks a mean dick!" Eric announced.

"Wooooh! Kris answered.

I poured another drink for me and Sharron.

"Hey.." Billy said. "Are you two best friends?"

" Hell yeah!" I answered

"This is my girrrl!" Sharron agreed.

" Well I think you two should share a best friend kiss." He suggested.

" Yeahhh!" Kris agreed.

We looked at eachother, smiling. We shared a brief kiss on the lips.

"Boooo!" Kris disagreed.

"What the fuck was that?" Billy asked.

" What do you want us to do..Tongue?" Sharron yelled.

"Tongue!" Kris repeated.

I turned towards Sharron, licking my lips.

Our mouths met, opening and closing as our tongues explored eachother. We made sucking noises with our saliva. Sharron moaned a little.

'Alright!!" Someone,probably Kris, shouted.

We made out while more alcohol was prepared.

"I think these guys are trying to get us drunk,Sharron." I said

"I AM drunk!" She hollered.

"Hey,Sharron!" Billy called out. "Do you think Jessica is sexy?"

" She's a sexy bitch!" Sharron answered.

" Jessica..?"

" I think Sharron is Hot!. Nice tits, great ass.." I answered

It wasn't long before they convinced us to put on a show for them....

( 10 minutes later)


Sharron wiggled her shorts off, and scooted to the edge of the couch. She leaned back on her hands for support.

I rubbed my hand up and down her thighs, playfully.

Sharron pulled her her panties upward, wedging them into her pussy. Her lips hanging out. She tugged on them, rubbing her clit. Her hips pumping slowly

I pushed a couple fingers into her, her wetness lubricating my fingers.

"Ooohh" She purred. lifting her ass a bit.

" Does that feel good?" I asked her.

" Mmmm, yeah... I like it." She answered.

The guys watched quietly.

" Oh, damn,,,uh uh!" Sharron moaned, bucking her hips as I quicked my rubbing.

I twisted my fingers in and out of her.

" Take off your shirt!" Billy requested.

Sharron pulled her shirt and bra off. She rubbed her chest, tweaking her nipples.

I pushed her knees apart, nibbling and licking her inner thighs. She pressed the back of my head towards her pussy, I french kissed her wet snatch, earning I delightful moan from Sharron.

I stood up, wiping my mouth.

I stripped off my clothes. I straddled Sharrons lap and Kissed her passionately. She massaged my pussy as we kissed.

( 5 minutes later)

Sharron and I sat together, naked, on the couch, sipping drinks.

'" I would like to propose a toast.." Billy announced, passing out shots. " To Jessica and Sharron, two of the hottest best friends ever!"

We all cheered. We downed our shots.


( 20 minutes later)


Sharron was on her knees, slobbering on Billy's cock. He stood proudly, one hand planted on the back of her head.

Kris fingered my pussy, eagerly. I twisted my erect nipples watching Sharron. I rocked my hips, enjoying Kris's fingers.

" You gonna suck me like that?" Kris asked.

" Sure...I'll suck your cock. I answered. seductively.

" Fuck, yeah!" He said, tugging at his pants.

I kneeled on the couch and leaned over Kris's lap, my ass raised up.

" Ahhh, yeahhh.." He sighed as I wrapped my lips around his cock.

The room was filled with the sounds of wet lips smacking and groans.

" Well,hello..." I heard Eric say from behind me.

He squeezed my ass. I almost lost my breathe when He slipped a couple of fingers into my pussy and wiggled his fingers around.

I stroked Kris's wet cock with a tight grip as I sucked his balls into my mouth.

"Oh, shit, girl,,,Yeah suck them balls.." Kris groaned.

Eric dug his fingers deep into my wet hole, causing me to moan, my lips vibrating on Kris's balls.

"What are you waiting for? " I asked, looking back at Eric.

" Ahhh AHHH!!" I cried out, raising my mouth off of Kris's cock.

Eric didn't ease his cock into me, he shoved it in hard and started to thrust powerfully

I went back to sucking.

Eric slapped my ass as he pumped. He used the thumb of his free hand and pushed it in to my asshole. My legs shook.

( 5 minutes later)

" Ohhhhhhhhhhgggnn!" I groaned deeply. Eric pushed his cock into my tight ass.

" Ffuuuuckk!" Eric said, as my asshole gripped tight around his dick.

My asshole burned and tingled ass Eric furiously fucked it.

'Yeah, fuck it hard!" I cried out.

Eric suddenly grunted and I felt hot goo fill my ass.

I heard Sharron making a high pitched squeal as Billy fucked her doggystyle. His balls slapping rythmically against her.

" Yeah, Bitch, take it, Billy growled through clenched teeth.

Kris jumped up and moved behind me.

"I want some of this." He said.

He picked up where Eric left off, pumping my asshole.

He jammed his fingers into my pussy while he jammed his cock into my ass.

"I'm coming! I cried out.

Eric pumped harder as I came. Then I felt the heat again as he filled my ass with his semen.

( 1 hour later)

Sharron and I gathered our things, preparing to leave.

" Come by any time..." Billy said grinning.









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