intruder at da backdoor   added 4 years ago
  By: nicole27  Age: 31  Country: United States

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Categories: Force/Rape, Oral Sex
Tags: erotic and pulse inavating
Location: An office
Roleplay: Doctor/Nurse/Patient
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

 I was at my desk about to finish up my paperwork and head home for the night. I heard a noise near the back door of my office i thought it was my dog that i had lost. So i went to unlock the door to let him  in and as i opened the door a man in all black entered grabbed me by my throat slung me onto my desk ripped my top off and slapped my face but the slap was damn near erotic but i fought forcefully as he ripped my skirt off from the bottom. But still he hadnt said a word, silent as a mouse. He then began to rip my panties off as they got halfway to my knees i slapped him forceful he then spoke oh i know what u want, he began to spread my legs apart placed his hand in my pussy with the softess touch he then began to stroke my back until my spine caved in. At that point i was lost for words. He soared his tongue down my inner thigh as i screamed for help he placed his hand over my mouth and begun to lick vigoursly up and down around and around i began to scream even louder as his tongue got me to my peak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to be continued

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