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Categories: Oral Sex, Force/Rape, S-M / Domination / submissive
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Nikki's Dad was skeptical about my request.

"So, you want to bind me to a chair?" He asked.

"Yeah... I really, really want to...! " I begged.

I told him I wanted him to be restrained while I suck his dick. I knew he'd give in.

"You are bad! Fine...Let's do it." He gave in.

I squealed with delight.

I was on my knees with a mouthful of Jims dick when I heard the door open. I knew it was Nikki. It was part of the plan.

"Daddy? Jessi?" She sounded shocked.

Jim was speechless, he even tried to stand up.

"Whats going on?" She asked.

" Hey...Nikki, Whats it look like?" I shrugged.

" Uh, Jessica, you want to untie me please?" He asked.

Nikki slowly turned to face her father. She looked down at him. His hard on was gone.

"What happened, daddy?" She asked innocently.

'Honey... We'll talk about this. Go on and untie me, now..."

She ignored him. She instead, grabbed his softened penis in her hand.

"Nikki!, " He shouted. '"Thats enough, now. Let me loose!"

Nikki ignored him, still. Instead she placed her hands on his knees and bent over. I knelt down behind her and licked her from behind.

" Mmmm...thats nice, Jessi...lick it good, baby. You like my best friend sucking your cock,huh? Your dirty little secret."

"Honey... This has gone far enough..." Jim tried to reason.

' Do you love me ,daddy?" Nikki asked.

"Of course, honey... Untie me, please."

"Uhhhh, fuck....' She groaned. " My cunt is on fire...

I licked her some more.

"Want ME to suck it for you, too, daddy?" She purred.

"No, I don't, Nikki.No..." He answered.

" Oh? It looks like you do... It's growing, daddy....Uhhh,uh uh uh." She moaned as I ate her ass.

' This is wrong...Stop this. Damn it, Nikki!"

"Look, Jessi, My daddy is getting hard. See?" She asked me.

I looked at his semi-erection.

"Yeah...I do!" I answered. " Shouldn't we let him go now?" I asked.

"We will...But I want to see how hard it gets..."

"Why...?" I asked, as if i didn't know.

" Because if he gets a full stiffy, I'm going to suck on it." She replied.

''No way!," I said.

Nikki looked at her restrained father.

" Daddy..." She said quietly,seductively. "Daddy... Your cock is rising...see? It's almost there...And when it's full... I'm going,suck, suck it...."

'Stop..."Jim whispered.

Nikki giggled. "Look, Jess.."

Jim was hard. His cock stretched up at her..

I watched, fascinated, as Nikki opened her mouth. She lowered her head down into her fathers lap. Stopping just above his stiff prick.

''Is my breath warm...daddy? Can you feel it?'

"Nikki, please..." Jim pleaded in a hoarse whisper.

" Please? Okay, No more teasing."

Jim seemed to think she was going to free him, he looked relieved.

Then, Nikki grabbed his cock and opened her mouth again. "Aaahhhh...."She started to sound out.

Jim closed his eyes and turned his head upward. Nikki Knelt between her fathers spread legs, and sucked his cock. her head twisted from side to her head bobbed up and down his shaft. jim tried to ignore it, but it was a battle he was swiftly losing.

Nikki looked up at her dad and stroked him and said, " Feels good, huh, daddy? isn't my mouth hot and wet?"

She continued to suck him. He finally groaned, with the pleasure of his daughters wet mouth on his prick.

'Yes, daddy, enjoy it. It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Ye...yes.." He finally admited.

" I know..." She said. Then she untied him without another word.

Jim sat there in disbelief. He slowly stood up, Cock still hard.


"Oh, Dadd -dee! Dad -dee!" Nikki was screaming.

Jim had grabbed her suddenly, by her arms, and spun her around. He forced her to bend over and he rammed his cock in to her.

'Is this what you want, honey? You want to feel daddy fuck you? "

"Yes! I want it!" She cried out.

She squirmed and wiggled under his viscious pounding, but he never slowed. He steadily pumped into her pussy, until he pulled out and made her swallow it."

Jim slammed the door as he left.

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